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An idiot meets his end.

"Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation."

– Isador Akios in Dawn of War

Isador Akios, a.k.a. The idiot, was a Blood Ravens Librarian who was Gabriel Angelos' closest friend and partner (no homo) in Dawn of War, having become a Space Marine the same time Gabriel did on Cyrene, before Gabe ordered it blown up. He was usually the secondary command unit that the player had in the campaign, and a damn good one. He also turned traitor and got the proper treatment by his old friend.

He is also bald, and has laughable tactical sense, making one question who he learned tactics from.

Isador in Dawn of War I[edit]

Isador arrived in a later deployment to assist Gabriel on the planet Tartarus. It was there that he showed himself like almost every other Space Mehren by asking why they didn't use more meatshields, already detracting a point in his favor. Also, he favored a frontal assault on the Orks in the area, showing thinking unbecoming of a Librarian who, you know, can actually sense the idiocy in such a stupid idea. There he also caught his first glimpse of SIIIIIINDRIIIIII, attempting to resist him like an actual Space Marine.

However, that started changing when they found an altar to Chaos, which he wanted to keep for studying. Despite Gabe's insistence that the artifact be destroyed, he kept it standing to research it, going so far as to even disable his company's METAL BAWKSES to buy him some more time with it. He also declared to Sindri that he would find the thing he sought and use it against the sorcerer. It was pretty clear from here on that he was stepping into Heresy, despite everything Inquisitor Mordecai Toth thought. Sindri's repeated whispers about Gabriel's weakness and Isador's power (both lies) were enough to egg the librarian into breaking off from the Captain and turning against his brothers to grab the Maledictum...which then led to him getting SIIIIIIIINDRIIIIII'd and losing the item. From there it was only a matter of time before he got cornered and capped in the ass by his own pal.

Its character development looks extremely forced, and the fuckstick of a psyker barely showed any spine or creativity in any of his lines.

Sucks to be him, or good riddance, whichever you prefer.

Is He Really Dead?[edit]

Despite having died, his model was still used in every expansion of DOW unchanged, despite the FC changing, putting into question the nature of Isador's death. Is he truly dead? Did he merely fake it and then sneak off-planet with some random folks, only to come back to the Bald Rehvens, each time changing his name to hide his taint? Is Relic just a bunch of lazy fuckwits who are too lazy to make new character models? (The answer is that last one, by the way.)

Isador's Legacy[edit]

Isador was mentioned again in Dawn of War II, as the Bolt Pistol Gabe killed Isador with, and then disposed of, became an available weapon. The set of armor that he would have received after the completion of the Tartarus campaign is available as well.

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Isador meeting his end

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