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Khayon in the cobalt blue of the Thousand Sons.

"You have lost so much lore that I can barely comprehend where your ignorance ends and your innocence begins."

– Iskandar Khayon, on the Inquisition

Iskandar Khayon is the Lord Vigilator of the Black Legion and one of the founding members. Formerly a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, who know him as Khayon the Black due to his change of allegiance and perceived betrayal of his brothers, he is a member of the Ezekarion (Abaddon's inner circle). The Black Legion calls him the Kingbreaker, as he apparently kicked Magnus' lazy ass to make him comply with Abaddon's plans. He has a multitude of other names and titles, most of which (he claims) are falsely attributed to him.

He's the narrator and main character of the novel Talon of Horus.


A Prospero native, Khayon experienced tragedy at an early age when his sister Itzara was attacked by a nasty psychic brain parasite which destroyed much of her brain tissue. After it became clear that she would never function again, he decided (in an attempt to keep some of her still alive) to hand her over to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who were trying to create an advanced Machine Spirit. She survived the procedure, but due to the amount of secondary brains and mechanical attachments that were grafted onto her, she lost all of her sense of individuality, becoming the Anamnesis, one of the most advanced machine-spirits ever created. She was installed in the Thousand Sons cruiser Tlaloc.

Khayon served honorably in the Great Crusade. Unlike a lot of major Chaos characters, he wasn't really a notable in his legion, being a competent sorcerer and commander but otherwise just another run-of-the-mill legionary. As of the limited edition book 'The Abyssal Edge', part of the 'Sons of the Emperor' anthology, it is revealed that he was one of the Khenetai Blades, the Order of the Jackal, during the Crusade. He managed to escape the Burning of Prospero, killing a Space Wolf champion by literally dismantling him at the molecular level and taking his axe, Saern. He was not, however, one of the Thousand Sons that Magnus took with him to the Planet of Sorcerers, and remained in the wreckage of Prospero until he was rescued by Lheorvine Ukris, a World Eaters captain. The two became allies and (occasional) friends. Luckily he didn't meet the other World Eaters force that Khârn led to Prospero, which ended up hunting down some returned Thousand Sons and killing all but one.

He was at the Siege of Terra, where he acquired a serious grudge against the Emperor's Children for leaving their positions during the attack on the Imperial Palace and murderfucking Terran civilians instead.


He eventually made his way to Sortiarius when Ahriman was in the process of enacting the Rubric, but (obviously) failed to stop him. He's understandably still cross about this, as the Rubric turned his oldest friend into an automaton. After the disaster, he fled in the Tlaloc along with a few allies and some Rubricae, forming the Kha'Sherhan warband. Over the next few centuries, he roamed the Eye of Terror, working for various factions and acquiring an awesome collection of old Mechanicus battle robots. Because of the tiny size of his warband, he used these robots to prevent boarders from taking the Tlaloc. It was during this time as well that he began binding daemons, using a deck of tarot cards to bind and summon them when necessary. It is unrecorded whether he ever traded with other sorcerers for rare cards or if he fought and defeated his opponents by challenging them to a children's card game, complete with his cards manipulating reality to represent themselves. The most potent of these was the Ragged Knight, an ancient Bloodthirster born from the wanton bloodshed of the Massacre at Béziers.

Founding the Black Legion[edit]

When the former Justaerin Falkus Kibre sent out a call for aid with finding the Vengeful Spirit, Khayon responded (secretly hoping that if he found the vessel, he could install the Anamnesis as its machine-spirit and claim it as his own). He, Kibre, and Lheorvine eventually found the vessel (and Abaddon) deep in the Eye of Terror. The news that Fabius Bile was trying to clone Horus finally got Abaddon off his ass. The Vengeful Spirit, now with the Anamnesis as its machine-spirit, headed for Harmony, where Khayon psychically threw the now-abandoned Tlaloc at the planet, destroying the main Emperor's Children stronghold. During the confrontation with Bile aboard the latter's cruiser, he fought the clone-Horus alongside the rest of Abaddon's forces.

His exploits after the founding of the Black Legion aren't known exactly, and the line between falsehoods and facts is somewhat blurry (as Khayon himself notes.) Immediately after the Legion's founding, he became Abaddon's go-to assassin. When he was sent after Thagus Daravek, however, he ran into difficulties, leading to a feud with the Lord of Hosts. After his fifth run at the final boss failed, Abbadon sent him to the former tomb of Horus, where a Black Templar strike-cruiser had crashed. Khayon found plenty of dead Templars and was confused by all the new gear. So he Ate the brains and gained its knowledge to learn of all the new stuff happening back in reality. When rescuing a Lady Inquisitor she told them how the Imperium turned to shit with its new Religion. Much Rage, Lulz and Manly Tears were had. Hearing about Abbadon and his desire for Drach'nyen, Khayon didn't trust the messenger. But Abby was tempted by the idea of EPIC NEW GEAR and launched the first Black Crusade. Which Daravek also wanted to do and followed. Which brought Khayon and Daravek to fightan again. It turned out that Daravek had captured the remains of Khayon's familiar (which had part of his soul bound through it) and used it to subvert Khayon whenever they were close. Khayon was not amused and finished his job. He was present during the Seventh Black Crusade, where the Black Legion destroyed most of the Blood Angels.

As of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, he managed to infiltrate Imperial space and land on Terra, where he turned himself in to the Inquisition on Abaddon's orders in order to personally tell the Emperor that the Imperium cannot win the war that is coming. Last mention at time of writing has him as a tortured prisoner of the Inquisition on Terra in 'Watchers of the Throne'.

The Truth[edit]

Khayon makes a number of claims in the novels that are dubious, which raises questions about him telling the truth.

Some of his claims include:

  • Claiming to have forced Magnus to kneel before Abaddon. Now, while plenty of the Daemon Primarchs have been fought, defeated, and threatened by normal or elite Astartes, they almost always have a reason for emerging triumphant, be it numbers, some special abilities or special gear. By Khayon's description, it sounds like he engaged and beat Magnus in a duel without any of the above, making his claim ring about as true as the time Ward wrote that his own Mary Sue took on and beat a Daemon Primarch. Hopefully like with Draigo, better writers will step in to fix this.
  • That all the Daemon Primarchs kneeled before Abaddon. Never referenced outside of ADB's work, and the military might needed to take on and win against Daemon-worlds under control of the Primarchs living on them would've been far more than the Black Legion ever would've (or ever could have) possessed. Do remember that not only would they be fighting the other Traitor Marines, but also all of the Daemons living there who are far more powerful on their home turf and effectively immortal (which includes the Daemon Primarchs).
  • Claiming that the Vengeful Spirit is filled with crystal ghosts including one of Sanguinius. This one sounds plausible, and wouldn't be the weirdest thing happening on the ship, but there's a simple problem: if it was true it would be impossible to move around at all. Massive amounts of deaths occur on it from its slaves alone, let alone the battles that have been fought there that the ship would be in a constant state of ejecting crystals just so that anyone could walk down a hallway (which would likely result in working their slaves to death like normal, which would only make the problem worse).
  • That a Dark Eldar can live within the Eye of Terror. Like her Elders, Nefertari supposedly needed to "feed" far more often than usual, frequently deteriorated quickly, and - perhaps the biggest reason she shouldn't be able to survive there - she isn't technically alive. A bullshit claim even if she was feeding on souls like she would in Commoragh just a lot more frequently, and it's about as believable as when the Black-Irish Leper did it.
  • Speaking of his not!Girlfriend, the claim that you can bind someone's flesh to their soul and keep them alive after they've died and are in the midst of being devoured by a Chaos God. If this were true then the Eldar would be using this method all the time instead of stones, the Dark Eldar never would've allowed their psychic abilities to atrophy, and the Thousand Sons would use it to fix the Rubric Marines (either by binding their souls to other bodies, or by binding them to their armour in a way that allows them to say more than three words).

As you can see, most of his claims are a bit WAT until you begin to consider his audience. He is being interrogated by the Inquisition, the most reasonable members of the Imperium when it comes to Chaos. Even if Khayon isn't lying, would the Inquisition believe anything he says anyway? If he's lying to be Abaddon's hype-man he certainly doesn't need to since the Imperium regards Abbadon as the greatest threat anyway.

Khayon might lie to convert someone or trick them to Chaos, but he might be simply delivering the final declaration of The Long War. He could be reciting the history of the Black Legion as he knows it, or he could be full of shit. Whichever is true Khayon himself declares he is telling the truth even when he would rather lie, and we'll likely never find out the truth anyway. It's also possible all of this could eventually be made canon in the other books, but the it'll be yet another case of shitty writing fucking everything up. There may also be the case that we have become so used to Chaos being shitty, petty and in general stupid evil that for once having a Chaos Sorcerer who doesn't act like a saturday morning cartoon villain come as something of unusual, arguably many of the things he did sound over the top, but in Khayon's defense we can say he doesn't approach some of the levels of mary-sueness seen in some imperial characters, in power level terms he and his team got consistently wrecked by a clone of Horus, and it remains to be seen how much effort he got to go through to make Magnus kneel, as nothing in that description says he went to write Magnymagic's name with a marker pen upon his heart.

The Breakdown[edit]

Reasons why Iskandar is cool:

1. Despite having the power and knowledge to become a Warlord in his own right, he stays truly loyal to his lord Abaddon because of his deep belief in the righteousness of The Long War. Where most Chaotic underlings scheme and jockey for dominance, Iskandar still believes in justice, honor, and loyalty, as do many within the Black Legion, and he has been shown to take care of his relatives, friends and minions.

2. He's "evil" by most human reckoning, but his perspectives and morals are consistant enough that he avoids the Cartoon Villain Syndrome that plagues so many depictions of Chaos Astartes. Yeah, he'll throw humans to a torturous death, but he's watched his entire world and almost every mortal on it die in agony. Yeah, he's kind of a lapdog to Abaddon, but you can see his resentment for his broken legion and his disgust at the petty squabbles the legions now war over. He's evil, but you can understand and sympathize with the man.

3. He actually uses tactics. Most sorcerers' approach to combat is to boil someone's insides or throw doombolts. Iskandar gets creative. When he can he'll spend months in advance laying traps, sabotaging minds, weakening infrastructure. It's like the best parts of Raven Guard and Alpha Legion doctrine backed by the psychic might of a sorcerer lord. In this sense he is more of a tactician who also conveniently happens to have access to psychic powers to increase his tactical options over a regular tactician, after a long string of chaos losers it's actually refreshing to see someone from the red team getting shit done for once without the need of plot armor.

4. Using his powers for complex stuff requires serious work while sat in a very uncomfortable pose. He has to sit there the whole time, even in the warp where time can be very dickish. And when it's done he has to recuperate quite a long time in some cases. Unable to even drink water. Makes you wonder how he supposedly took down Magnus.

5. He's an elegan\t g\entleman able to charm a smile out of an inquisitor.

6. That! Bitchin'! Helm!

Reasons why Iskandar is also a Mary Sue:

0. He is always around when the important shit happens, even if he's on the wrong ship.

1. He's a Legionnaire who defeated and humiliated his own Primarch. Off screen.

2. He has a Yu-Gi-Oh style deck of Tarot cards with bound daemons he can summon, which includes greater daemons like Bloodthirsters, and when he's finished he can banish them easily. Yes, a SORCERER has a pet bloodthirster... Maybe he challenged Magnus at Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker?

3. His hetero-lifemate NOT!girlfriend is a Dark Eldar Scourge (read: an edgy elf with angel wings) who can solo whole squads of marines. She, an Eldar, can live with him INSIDE THE EYE OF TERROR just because. He also manages to prevent Slaanesh from eating her by "binding her soul to her flesh". In itself this is stupid because it raises the question of why the Sons don't find a way to restore the Rubric Marines in a similar manner, or why the Eldar as a whole don't do this. No, having your soul go to a god you made isn't the same thing as making your body immortal while permanently stopping a different god from eating you (especially if you accomplish this while they're trying to eat you). It makes the Ynnead gambit entirely pointless. Any crashing sounds you hear are Cegorach and Tzeentch rolling on the floor with laughter as a Chaos Sorcerer has the key to saving the Eldar race. (He does state that it only works as long as she doesn’t know she died, so if all the Eldar start doing it would kind of defeat the point as they’ll most likely find out pretty quickly, although if they were told it was just a psychic surgery then they'd never have a way or reason to know. Or you could modify their minds in the meantime to make them incapable of processing the information that they died)

4. Managed to befriend a daemon. Unlike most familiars who betrayed their masters at Prospero Khayon's stayed loyal and became a teleporting daemon wolf who, again, can solo whole squads of marines, until it was destroyed by Horus' clone.

5. His ship has a chick in a stasis tube serving as a machine spirit, but also controling whole armies of Mechanicus robots, did we mention she is his imouto?

6. He has a super-force sword made from shards of Sanguinius's sword and crystal-ghost that cuts through everything (including a power axe and the terminator armor behind it,) because it's awesome. It even cuts through reality so he can walk through the warp, while in the actual warp anyway. Yes a warp sorcerer living in the warp uses a super-sword to walk through the super warp.

7. He's an elegan\t g\entleman Chaos Space Marine able to charm a smile out of an inquisitor.

8. Being the second-most powerful sorcerer among the Thousand Sons after Ahriman, (and possibly even more powerful seeing as how he supposedly took down Magnus) means he is the most powerful native Prosperine Sorcerer alive.

9. Abaddon lured Khayon to the Vengeful Spirit, possibly all to get Khayon's sister to drive the thing. Khayon, the one Thousand Son not worshipping Tzeentch, is an extra in Abaddon's plan for a naked chick ship-valet. Any crashing you hear is Tzeentch rolling on all the floors laughing, shipgirls anyone?

10. He kills Space Wolves in melee, then when he gets tired just does it by thinking, admittedly he is still a Space Marine and a talented swordsman from the Thousand Sons, so he could kill another space marine feasibly. That or by this point we are clearly seeing the power of anime on this list.

11. He psychically "tugged" his own ship while simultaneously navigating Abaddons dream boat through hell for months straight, only to fling it like a dart out of hell into the planet below and deep impact the entire emperors children legion present (some 20 times the size of the new black legion) in an extinction level event. If true this would put him on the same level as Magnus in terms of psychic power, if he isn't above him. This one is almost assuredly complete horseshit because if it was true, then Abaddon would've had him do the same to Cadia a long, long time ago.

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