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In the Land of 4chan there exists the Isle of /tg/. A small island home to a Steampunky culture inhabitted by a respectable number of men with mighty beards and fierce cat like women. The Isle is the 10th largest in terms of Land size. Populated hundreds of years ago by the first explorers from /b/ it has been subject to much conflict. Mainly from the eternal plague upon the land that is the Yiffy forest. Where the furry remenants of the last fire campaign hide in its murky depths. The Isle's natural neighbours are the Island of /co/, the /k/onfederation, /an/, and /ck/. The territory that is now /tg/ is ruled by an Imperialistic government and is known for it's tactical and militaristic Superiority which is second only to the /k/onfederation.


The Isle of /tg/ is a natural fortress covered by mountains, lakes and rivers. Over the millenia the inhabitants of the isle have build elaborate mines, tunnels and defense systems that cannot be spotted except by those with the sharpest of eyes. The most significant feature on the Isle is the immense towering form of Hive Warhammer, a metropolis nestled in a gorgeous valley. The island's one active volcano Mt.Nerdrage has been known to erupt on several occasions which is the prime reason many of it's inhabitants seek refuge in the mountains. Being an island /tg/ also has several ports located at each of the 4 points on the Isle, this allows access to the many surrounding islands and it's respective inhabitants.

/tg/ is often plagued by raids from the Yiffmen, a race of sexual deviants long since cast out of society for their hideous mutations. All efforts to exterminate this pestilence have proven ineffective as the abominations always infest another part of the island.

Wildlife and populace[edit]

- Dragons can be seen flying over the land from time to time (sentient and quite arrogant)

- Assorted wildlife ie: deer, squirels, rats, birds, Ect.

- various Fae folk ie: faeries, elves, orkz, Erinyes, ponies?, Ect.

- Yiffmen (Anthromorphic hated deviants of society)

- Humans.... duh


- CliffRacers!

Political Position[edit]

/tg/, /x/ and the /k/onfederation are currently waging war against the Mainland or /b/roland. It is a war for independence with the /k/onfederacy taking the brunt of the attack with /tg/

Despite /tg/'s Military prowess, it is more or less the Canada of Planet 4chan. Its multicultural society has been a refuge for many of the other island's inhabitants, giving it a wide and diverse population.

/tg/ has strong trade routes with /co/, /k/, /x/, /a/ and /ck/

the Southern alliance of /tg/ Isle, /ck/, /co/ and the /k/onfederation wage an ongoing war for independence against the /b/anelands. The front has been driven into /r9k/ strait with no end to the fighting in sight.

Military Strengths[edit]

/tg/ is most known for it's elaborate defensive strategies. The most impressive being the concealment and use of ambush tactics utilizing immense siege machines. Where /tg/ cannot win in a mobile war they will often shift gears and wage a war of attrition. Utilizing fierce bombardments, hit and run tactics and holding the opposing force in place while slowly grinding down their morale, manpower and supplies.

Apart from /tg/'s stratagem strengths, recent technology borrowed from /m/ has allowed /tg/ to build large and terrifying legions of 'battlemechs' and Titans. Every pilot heavily customizes their own machine, no two are the same. /tg/'s forged goods are exquisite, with every man or woman on the island easily claiming the title of Artisan, making it one of the main suppliers for metals and most certainly armanaments.