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During a period of /tg/ wanting to get shit done, a fa/tg/uy asked why there weren't enough Monster horror B-movie based RPGs. A day later /tg/ began a thread to create it's own and prove it can still get shit done.


It Came From Somewhere Else is a B-movie Monster based Roleplaying game where the players are the hapless bastards being brutally murdered by some kind of relentless evil.

Basic Mechanics[edit]

The game works on a simple system. Characters have five statistics, Fight, Shoot, Survival, SCIENCE and Life Expectency which range from 1 to 5. At appropriate times the caracter rolls D6 and adds the relevant stat (fighting for fighting, etc), with a result of 7 or more being successful.

If a character is in a life periling situation they roll the appropriate check (fight to avoid being beaten in a fight, shoot to avoid being shot, survival for miscellaneous, etc). If they fail, they then roll a Life Expectency check. If that check fails their Life Expectency drops permanently by one. If their Life Expectency ever reaches 0 they die in a horrible, horrible way.


Characters are made up of statistics (the above mentioned Fight, Shoot, Survival, SCIENCE and Life Expectency), Traits (up to 2 bonus traits that give appropriate benefits in game) and possibly Secrets. Secrets are rolled randomly by the GM (called the Director) and give either bonus' or penalties to the characters as well as a base +1 Life Expectency. Secrets may be revealed at any time, but in revealing them the character loses the +1 Life Expectency, and some of the negative secrets have conditions where the secret will be revealed. Some secrets have additional goals, which reward the character for accomplishing them (such as "MONSTER", where you are secretly the monster and receive a reward for revealing this at such a time as to cause maximum disruption).


Monsters can either be designed by the Director or determined randomly. Being determined randomly means rolling four times. The first time determines the overall monster type (E.G. Undead, Human, Bug, etc). The second roll is on that specific monster's sub-type chart which determines its specific type (E.G. A Bug could be a spider, ant, scorpion, etc).

The third and fourth rolls are on the Monster Trait chart, which gives the monster bonus' and helps define why it is a monster. For example, the Man-eating trait gives penalties to the players ability to Fight them, but gives them a chance to escape when the monster is devouring a poor unfortunate bastard it has killed. Similarly the Horde trait makes the individual monsters weaker, but gives them a much higher resiliance as there are so many of them.

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