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One of the five remaining Conventions of the Technocratic Union from Mage: The Ascension. The Union's dedicated engineers and manufacturing specialists, they also took over the roles of cyber security and abstract mathematics after the Virtual Adepts jumped ship.

Like most of the Technocracy, most of their first edition fluff was varying levels of incoherent nonsense and gratuitous cartoon villainy. When the Technocracy finally became fully playable in late 2e, they were upgraded to idealistic (if weird and overzealous) inventors trying to empower humanity through the power of tools, with the more-sympathetic ones carrying on their heritage as master craftsmen seeking technological solutions.

Still, it's not as if the Skynet-worshipping Yugo-fuckers just went away. Ever since the Convention set up shop on Autochthon's corpse and put Friend Computer unofficially in charge of policy, a growing faction has become increasingly Borg-esque; they are called Autopolitans, and they are the epitome of the negative stereotypes of conformity-enforcing, soul-crushing, xenocidal Technocrats. These guys would go on to on to be the foundation for the world-ending apocalypse their pals among the Void Engineers are currently fighting. Probably.

There is conflict between the two factions, is what we're getting at.

Members of the Technocratic Conventions
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Iteration X
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