Iyachtu Xvim

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Iyachtu Xvim
Iyachtu Xvim symbol.png
2E: An upright, utterly black human hand with two green eyes glowing on the palm
1E: Two glowing green eyes shining in darkness
Aliases The Cruel Master, The Godson, The Godson of Bane, The Lord of Darkness, The New Darkness, The Son of Bane
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank Dead God (formerly Lesser God, formerly Demigod)
Pantheon Faerûnian
Portfolio Tyranny, hatred
Domains Same as Bane
Home Plane Bastion of Hate (Gehenna)
Worshippers Same as Bane
Favoured Weapon Sword of Souls (Scimitar)

Iyachtu Xvim (pronounced Ee-YAK-too ZVIHM) was the Half-Fiend son of Bane, God of Fear, Hatred and Tyranny in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. When his father fell as part of the Time of Troubles, Xvim temporarily rose to assume his position... after barely over a decade, he was consumed by his father's spirit, who used the annihilation of his son's essence to propel himself back from the grave and into his full godhood again.

Basically, he was 2E's replacement for Bane, and was regarded so poorly that they bumped him off in the switchover to Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.


As a god that barely deserves the title, Xvim has no appearances beyond that of his mortal incarnation; a skeletal-thin cambion, usually running around naked and waving a scimitar.


In 710 DR, Iyachtu Xvim emerged from a portal above the city of Westgate and backed by a large army of tiefling warriors and demons, seized the Westgate throne. Xvim's tyrannical rule was ended in 734 DR when he was driven out by Farnath Ilistar, the rightful heir to the throne.

During the Time of Troubles, the then-demigod Xvim was imprisoned within the depths of Zhentil Keep. Shortly after his father's demise and the end of the Time of Troubles, Iyachtu Xvim was able to make contact with several former banite priests who had fled underground following the events of the Banedeath of 1361 DR.

After a few years of deliberation, the banites decide to recognize Xvim as the rightful heir to Bane and tapping into their faith, he began working to free himself from his prison. In Ches 1369 DR, with the aid of his new acolytes, Xvim broke free of his prison beneath the ruins of Zhentil Keep and was granted his father's portfolios of hatred, strife, and tyranny, elevating him to the status of a Lesser deity.

For little over a decade, Xvim reigned as a minor god, a feeble successor to his fearsome sire. During his existence, Xvim was petty, power-hungry, and ruthless, in some ways like his father. However, he was not nearly as strong, especially in comparison with the other "new" deity in the Faerûnian pantheon, Cyric.

On Midwinter night of 1372 DR, the young god was consumed by a blazing green fire, from which emerged a resurrected Bane. Nearly all former clerics of Xvim (who in turn shifted to his allegiance after the death of his father) re-pledged themselves to the Church of Bane. Xvim is now considered a dead god, and for as long as his father holds on to divinity, he will probably remain as such


Obey or die in pain and utter destruction. Enslave or slay the weak, and be sure that they know their suffering is in Xvim's name and by his will. Cause pain and fearful obedience in others whenever prudent. Be a cruel, heartless tyrant, and Xvim shall be pleased. Slay the priests of other gods whenever you can do so without being identified by others. Capture tyrants and take them to senior clergy members to be delivered unto Xvim. Capture all wizards and bring their magic to the church-or bring them to Xvim's most senior servants so that they can be transformed into creatures who will do service to Xvim as guardians. Spread fear of Xvim over all the lands. Destroy whatever and whoever bars his will and see that word of his power spreads but that no one survives to describe your deeds in detail except mortals who worship him. Destroy all witnesses to secret acts, but leave alive survivors to tell of Xvim's power when spreading casual destruction. There is a delight in destruction-feel it, and indulge in it.