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Jackals don't look like that.

Jackalweres are one of the two most prominent examples of "antherion" (therianthropes with the base form of an intelligent animal) in Dungeons & Dragons, with the other being the wolfwere - in fact, the wolfwere has actually fallen away in popularity over the years, whilst the jackalwere has only grown increasingly prominent over the editions.

Jackalweres are evil-aligned and for some reason have the ability to put people to sleep with their gaze. Jackalweres are pathological liers, with saying truths causing them subtle winces of pain, allowing Wisdom characters to pick up if the party is dealing with a Jackalwere.

The origin of Jackalweres and what gods they are associated with changes depending on the edition. In 4th edition, Jackalweres were a tribe of jackal people who were given the ability to shapeshift by the Primal Spirit The Dark Sister to help them get revenge on humanity, and they are sometimes found in cults of Asmodeus and Zehir. In 5th edition, they were once ordinary Jackal that were changed by Graz'zt to act as minions for his Lamias.

The jackalwere's "lycanthrope" counterpart, the werejackal, is an obscure monster native to the Demiplane of Dread.

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