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Jaela Daran (also known as the Lolipope, or Jaelbait) is the highest-level cleric and pontiff-in-training for the order of the Silver Flame in the Eberron campaign setting. She is humble, modest, dresses in grey or black muted clothes, walks barefoot, and keeps her hair short (a lock of her hair is prematurely silver, a mark of the Silver Flame). She's pretty much an expy for the pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

She is also eleven years old. With 21 Charisma.

Delicious flat chest, delicious chocolate skin, delicious bare feet, the authority of a holy empire, she plays to many a fa/tg/uy's fetishes. WotC writers working on Eberron splatbooks will protest "no no! she's not like that at all!" Suuuuuuuure, just like Elminster isn't Ed Greenwood's self-insert character when he's simultaneously fucking his albino adopted daughter and the goddess of magic and rad-boobs.

She assumed power when she was six years old. Jaela helped guide Thrane through the peace talks after The Last War and has developed into a caring and forceful leader despite her young age. It isn’t unusual for a Keeper so young to be selected, but it hasn’t happened since the nation denied its king and became a theocracy. She also has a one-of-a-kind pet rancor (the fluff calls it a dragonhound, but let's face it it's a fucking six-legged rancor) named Skarajoven who acts cuddly and plays fetch like a golden retriever, that is unless it senses a threat to the Keeper of the Flame at which point the VTEC kicks in and it kills the shit out of whatever looked at Jaela funny, which is not at all like a golden retriever.

Note that she's about six times as powerful within the confines of the Silver Flame's Vatican-equivalent than she is outside (18th level vs 3rd in the 3.5e book). Make of that what you will, potential pope-nappers.