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A crook emblazoned with a sun.
Aliases The Blessing and the Bounty.
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Azlanti
Portfolio Agriculture, Community and Hard Work
Domains Animals, Glory, Goodness and the Sun.
Home Plane Nirvana
Worshippers Chefs, Farmers, Village elders/headsmen, labourers.
Favoured Weapon Scythe
"What does not benefit the Hive, does not benefit the bee."
– Marcus Aurelius
Jaidi portrait.jpg

Jaidi is the Azlant god of Agriculture, hard work, and community. Encouraging her followers to put the needs of the group before themselves and to harvest the fruits of their labour through hard work. She's also worshipped by traders and chefs because of the work they do for the communities they inhabit.

Before Earthfall, Jaidi was one of the most widely worshipped Azlanti gods, her holy symbol appearing on many ancient temple ruins and structures from old Azlant. Post-Earthfall, those few followers of her that remained did their best to restore the ruined continent but ultimately failed, however their determination and will to live on inspired their followers to survive the age of darkness that followed. Few people worship Jaidi in the present, with small communities worshipping her along with their own pantheons, possibly in time-corrupted forms.

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