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Couatl eating its own tail
Aliases The Eternal Serpent
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Overgod / Dead God / Greater God
Pantheon Core
Portfolio Parenthood, Fate, Goodness
Domains Air, Good, Law
Home Plane Uroboros (Celestia)
Worshippers Couatls

Jazirian is the deity of Couatls in several D&D cosmologies. His history is somewhat sketchy; never being a major player in divine politics, but with some crediting Jazirian as being the source of all goodness, one of the creators of the multiverse, being the twin brother of Asmodeus (before he became a Baatezu) and is opposed to other serpentine deities Merrshaulk and Ssharstrune, fighting him over the love of their mutual sister, Shekinester. Jazirian's gender is a bit spotty: certain sources refer to Jazirian as being a hermaphrodite or sexless and use neutral pronouns while other sources refer to Jazirian as being either male or female.


It is said that at the beginning of time, there were only a handful of uber-beings, including Ao, the Lady of Pain and the World Serpent.

Of the group, the World Serpent is the only overpower who actually seems to do anything, dividing himself into separate aspects in order to get stuff done. The two aspects of Law: Jazirian and Ahriman were initially bound to each other; Jazirian was a feathered and winged serpent, while Ahriman was scaled and forked of tongue. They bit down onto each other's tails and together began to create Law in the chaos. The first thing that they created was the Unity of Rings: everything keeps happening over and over again, and things tend to end where they began. This place, the first ring, became known as the Outlands. When it was defined the other planes fell in around it, thus creating the Outer Planes. Thus, together with their immense power they built the multiverse out of the formless primordial Chaos, if not crafting the actual planes and worlds themselves.

However, being exact opposites of moral alignment (aside from, you know, both being lawful), they argued about where should the centre of the multiverse be. Jazirian figured Celestia would be best, while Ahriman figured Baator would be best. In travelling in two separate directions, the pair literally tore themselves apart at the tails. With Jazirian's blood forming the first Couatls, while Ahriman's blood formed the first Baatezu.

Jazirian did settle in Celestia to nurse his wounds, taking residence in the gateway between the 4th and 5th layers where none can pass upwards without his say so.

Jazirian and other siblings[edit]

So the thing about his sister... Jazirian and another fragment of the World Serpent called Ssharstrune who was the divine embodiment of avarice and possessiveness, both courted the Naga Goddess Shekinester who was the embodiment of curiosity and knowledge and who was another fragment of the World Serpent and therefore their mutual sister.

Shekinester eventually chose Jazirian as a mate, probably because his portfolio included "Parenthood" and "Good", which undoubtedly would have made him a better father. So the pair gave rise to the demigod Parrafaire the god of riddles and mazes.

Ssaharstrune, like any jealous obsessive stalker type, was royally pissed and tried attacking the pair. Unfortunately for him, Shekinester was imbued with the power of a Greater Deity and wasn't prepared to deal with that shit, and ended up swallowing Ssharstrune whole, assuming his portfolio and turning her into a deity of many contradictory aspects.


Jazirian doesn't actually have "worshippers" per se. Acting similarly to Bahamut, he is typically an exemplar for Goodness and Law. Though Jazirian does not accept Clerics or answer prayers directly, Couatls pay their respects to Jazirian, and receive their divine spellcasting abilities through him. It is theorized that the way the Rainbow Servant prestige class works is by drawing divine power directly from Jazirian just like how the couatls do it, despite neither being clerics in the traditional sense of the word.

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