Jean Lads

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A homebrew faction of Orks that rank each other depending on two things, the size of said Ork and the amount of denim the Ork wears on a daily basis. The bigger you are, the more room there is for denim, the more highly ranked you are, the longer you're got to live, the bigger you're going to get.

The idea came when 'The Don of Denim' Smoky Graz came off his Warbike whilst going insanely fast toward a force of Imperial Guard. It took him a while but he finally realised that the reason his arms were shredded but his legs were fine was because of his swanky new trousers, which he had purchased from a shady, purple Ork that claimed they were totally legit and not stolen. He shared his newfound knowledge with the rest of the Bikers, who told the rest of the Boys and eventually everyone belived that Graz's new trousers were entirely impervious to all damage. In true Orky fashion, the next battle the warband went into, Graz was extremely cocky and it only boosted his confidence when his trousers took a Lasgun shot without damage, without his Warbike, he picked up a piece of scrap metal to cover his top half and onlookers watched as his trousers tanked more and more insane damage, from Bolters to Heavy Bolters to Hotshot Lasguns. Of course it was only a matter of time before the Orks won the battle, and the damage was done. After the battle was finished, the Orks renamed themselves 'Jean lads' and no Ork was ever seen without the mystical material, even Deff Dreds were clad waist-down with the stuff.

While the denim dosen't do jack shit anymore, since all the Orks in the warband were trusting in Graz's jeans and practically supercharged them, it does keep them looking swanky.

(Pictures to come soon)