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Germey Crawdad is the co-designer and managing editor of D&D products at Wizards of the Coast. He was the lead designer of the Player's Handbook for 5th edition, is the gang's resident dull rules nerd on his twitter account (which have ended many heated discussions between players and DMs), and has largely taken over after Mike Mearls got shifted onto other projects.

Crawford shatters stereotypes by being simultaneously gay and also one of the most boring, dull, colorless people you have ever heard of. You know, like Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99? This has unfortunately bled into many 2020 Unearthed Arcana articles, which revolved around taking exciting, interesting ideas (like the Revived rogue), and making them bland and mediocre (like the Phantom rogue), or taking interesting core ideas (like the Noble Genie patron), and making them unnecessarily complicated (like the later Genie patron). Still, his take on the Psionic classes has been better received than the first, and he doesn't seem to share Mearls's obsession with clumping together completely-unrelated concepts as subclasses, so there's that.