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Small Book.pngThe following article is a /tg/ related story or fanfic. Should you continue, expect to find tl;dr and an occasional amount of awesome.

James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III (you can call him Jim) is a character created by a writefag known as Everything man. Jim first appeared in the Roll and Tell monster girl thread. Described to be incredibly strong and borderline insane, Jim exiled himself from the rest of the human world and built himself a surprisingly luxurious lodge in the middle of the Neutral zone, which is inhabited by nothing but monsters. Jim quickly became popular with fa/tg/uys who were reading stories within the thread due to his happy go lucky nature, his quirky personality, and the ridiculous actions he performs to defend himself.

The story[edit]

Let me tell you a story, about a man that lives on the southern borders of the kingdom. He was a strange fellow, but he wasn't always so strange. His name was Jim, or at least that's what he wanted people to call him. Now the thing with Jim was, even as a boy Jim was very tolerant of monsters, even curious. This led to mistrust around the village he resided in: children threw stones and mocked him, and adults would curse and scare him off if he got too close. At the age of 18, Jim kind of went off the deep end; he was seen waltzing through the streets at night, singing to himself and laughing a little too hard at his own jokes. The villagers (being southern kingdom and all) formed a mob and attempted to lynch poor Jim, believing that he was possessed or some wacko shit. Fortunately for Jim, he was out collecting rocks for no actual reason, but when he came home, he noticed that, well, his hut was on fire. And in the dead of night, Jim fled with nothing but the clothes on his back. Jim should be about 30 now, and resides deep within the neutral lands, a land considered forsaken to humans. Why you may ask? Because the neutral zone is populated entirely by monsters.

It was early morning, the sun just breaking over the horizon. The beams of light shone against a rather gorgeous looking lodge, almost too neat-looking to be in the neutral zone. The sound of birds chirping filled the air. Suddenly the door of the lodge swung open, and out came ol' Jim, humming to himself and dancing out the door. "Good morning world!" he yelled out loud, standing still for a moment, like he was awaiting a "good morning Jim!". "Aww, still a little shy I see!" he yelled out again. With that he continued to dance out into the forests, chuckling at his own joke. He continued his stroll outside, giving no attention to the outside world. Jim spun around once at the tune of his own humming, kicking past leaves and bushes as he went off in a random direction, seeking excitement. Without even noticing, he ran face first into something. It felt like skin and was very solidly built. He opened his eyes, only to be greeted by a Minotaurus, a large grin plastered on her face. "Can I help you?" asked Jim in the kindest voice he could muster. The tall monster leaned over, her large breasts bouncing with the motion. She snorted, "I'm bored, human... How are you going to entertain me?" She licked her lips, but Jim seemed not to be afraid, or even interested at her question. Instead he grabbed her by the horns. "Oh wow!" he yelled out. "Are these real?"

"H-hey!" The Minotaurus didn't really know what to do; no one had ever touched her willingly before. Jim twisted her around, trying his best to pull the horns off her head, until he realized that they were real. "You know, I've never seen a Minotaurus around these parts before; are you new? Would you like to come over for a cup of tea?" The horned woman reached up and grabbed him by the hands, pulling away from his grip. "Stop it!" she yelled out, falling backwards. Jim crouched down, grabbing her hoof and lifting it up, unnoticeably revealing her genitalia. "Do your legs taste like beef?" he asked before she clamped down, freeing her leg from his grip. She scurried backwards, her back slamming against a tree. "W-what's the matter with you?" she asked, gasping frantically. Jim smiled and shrugged, "I'm just a curious person, that's all. Now calm down before you hyperventilate."

The Minotaurus managed to calm herself down. She gazed upon the surprisingly well-groomed man. He was wearing clothing you would see in a village, a red top and blue trousers. Jim gazed back, a look of curiosity on his face. "Do you have a name?" he asked excitedly. She gulped and nodded, saying, "Mara... My name is Mara." Jim jumped forward, startling her. "HELLO MARA!" he yelled out, as if he was addressing a crowd. "My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III, but you can call me Jim!" Mara couldn't help but giggle at his introduction. Jim pushed his hand forward. Mara grabbed onto it as Jim helped her to her feet. As soon as she stood up, he began to shake her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mara!" He grinned at her before his expression turned to shock. "Oh my! Where are my manners!? Would you like to come in for tea?" Jim presented a lodge standing behind him, made of rather fine oak. She hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Alright..."

Jim's lodge was rather amazing. Two stories tall, including a living area and a kitchen, a bathroom with actual plumbing, and a fireplace to keep the place warm at night. Mara had to duck to get through the door. She was awestruck at how tidy the place was. Jim marched ahead. "Do you like it?" he asked, obviously proud of himself. "I built it myself; took me forty seven and a half tries!" Mara sat down at the kitchen table as Jim lit the stove with a match. "I hope you don't mind, I only have caramel tea." She nodded, having never actually had tea before. "You live out here?" she asked out of curiosity. "How did you get most of this stuff?" Jim placed the pot onto the stove, thinking to himself. "HMMM! Well, I built the house, of course. The stove was originally a rather plump baron's stove; I managed to make off with it when he got a new one. I stole the pots from a rather nasty elderly woman ... And I make the the tea myself!" As the water boiled, Jim quickly presented two cups, placing them onto the table. After pouring the hot water, he dipped two tea bags in each cup. He looked at her and smiled. "Two for double the flavor." Mara watched him first as he took a sip from his cup, raising his pinky for comedic effect. She did the same, taking a sip and raising her pinky, causing Jim to chuckle heartily. The tea was also a surprise, tasting like actual caramel. "Oh wow!" she exclaimed in surprise. "How did you make this?" Jim grinned and took another sip. "Family recipe ... Or should I say Jim recipe."

Mara stayed at Jim's lodge for well over five hours, telling him story after story, which he absorbed, clinging on to every word. Mara looked out the window and frowned. "I guess I should get going before it gets too late." Jim had a disappointed look on his face for a quick moment, before his trademark smile returned. "Alright then! Let me show you the door." Mara looked back at the lodge, waving back at Jim with a warm smile. "Y'all come back now, y'hear!" he yelled out in a stereotypical southern kingdom accent before walking back to his lodge, giggling at his joke once more while repeating the word "y'all" in between laughter. Mara turned her back to the strange man's residence, intending to come back before the month was done.

As I said before, Jim is a strange man. But even his lack of sanity could protect him from the monsters in the neutral zone. And luckily for Jim, he was also stronger than an ox.

It was the night of the very same day Mara left. After having another cup of tea, eating dinner, and throwing rocks out his window for sport, Jim decided it was time for bed. Dressed up in his pajamas, which were strangely enough the same color as his normal clothing, Jim stretched and poked his head out the window. With a big smile on his face he yelled out, "Good night world!". He waited for a response which, of course, never came. "Ah, I'll get you next time!" he called.

Later that night, Jim was fast asleep, sleeping on his back so he could quickly rise to greet the world in the morning. The night was dead silent, except for the creaking noise of Jim's bedroom door opening. Sneaking into the room on four legs came a werewolf, the moonlight reflecting off her dark blue hair. The wolf crawled up onto Jim's bed, pinning him down by his arms. She pushed her face towards his until it was mere inches away, letting out a soft growl, hoping to alert him of her presence and causing him to panic ... Nothing. She stopped growling and sniffed him to make sure he was still alive. And then suddenly, Jim's eyes opened wide and his head jutted forward. "BOO!"

The werewolf screamed and flung herself backwards, falling off the bed and onto the ground. Jim sat up, laughing happily and slapping his knee. "Oh brother, I can't believe that worked!" The werewolf jumped to her feet, growling. "STOP LAUGHING HUMAN, IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Jim laughed once more before resting his head in his hands. "Are you kidding me? You should have seen the look on your face!" She pouted at his comments. "That's it, you just made your fate even worse!" Everyone knows what a werewolf does to a human male she captures, but Jim found her words generally hilarious. She took a battle stance. "Prepare to defend yourself!" With that, Jim stopped laughing, his face mustering a dead serious look. "Alright ..." he said as he pushed his blanket to the side. Before Jim actually got up, he began to do push ups on the ground with the lower part of his body resting on the bed. She looked at him in confusion. "What are you doing?" she asked. Pretending to work up a sweat, Jim replied, "Getting ready for the epic battle awaiting me!" After pushing up ten or fifteen times Jim jumped to his feet, his smile returning to his face. "ALRIGHT! LET'S WRESTLE!"

The werewolf lunged forward, her claws out and teeth bared, ready to smash the human to the ground, when suddenly ... She was stopped? She looked up to find that Jim had halted her advance with one hand against her head, his grin never leaving his face. She attempted to push forward, but failed. In frustration she waved her arms in his general direction, but hit nothing. Jim pushed her back to her original position, hopping up and down. "Come on, I know you can do better!" The wolf gritted her teeth before lunging at him from all fours. A victorious smile came across her face as her shoulder made contact with his stomach. Believing that she had knocked the wind out of him, she attempted to pull back ... Only for her head to be locked in place. She began to yell in shock as Jim lifted her from the ground, her legs up in the air. Roaring the words "JIM SUPER POWER PLEX!" he dropped backwards. The wolf closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, expecting to be smashed into the hard wooden floor, only to bounce up once. Jim had purposely aimed for his own bed. He began to strut around the room. "AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!! WHAT AN AMAZING MATCH!" She looked at him in confusion. What was wrong with this man?

Jim stopped strutting around and assumed another battle position. "IS THE DARING WOLF OF WRATH READY FOR ROUND TWO WITH JIM THE DARING!?" She looked at him and couldn't help but giggle. She had never met a man that was so ... strange ... Jim took the laughter as a signal and casually returned to his normal posture, a bright smile across his face as usual. "So, what brings you to my humble abode?" he asked with a posh accent. She looked to the ground. "I guess I was looking for an easy target ... and since you technically defeated me in battle ... then I must call you master ... What do you wish for me to do?" Jim's face molded from a happy one to an angry and stern one. He approached her, grunting and snorting. She closed her eyes, expecting the worst. After a few moments she noticed that the room had gone quiet. Opening one eye slowly, she saw Jim, only a few inches away from her face. "What's your name?" he asked curiously.

"I ... I don't have a name." Jim stood away, rubbing his chin in thought. "Hmmmm. Well you can't NOT have a name, that's silly." He continued to ponder. "I think I'll call you ... JIM! ... Wait, no. I'm Jim ..." He examined her for a moment, and noticed that her fur was a dark blue. "How about ... Blue?" She gazed at him before repeating the name. "Blue ...". He crouched down to even the height again. With a smile, he asked, "Do you like it?" She smiled and nodded, "Yeah ... I like it."

"Well, Blue, I'm Jim!" he said, taking her hand and shaking it. He looked outside. Dawn was still far away. "Well, Blue. Would you care to stay the night? It wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me to send you on your way at this time of night!" Blue looked at him, confused. He obviously didn't understand the idea of owning another living being. Blue nodded in agreement. "Great!" he said with a clap of his hands. "You can sleep in my bed, and I'll ... sleep on the floor!" A moment after he finished his sentence, he stretched out on the floor. She looked down at him in more confusion. "Uhm ... okay," she said, a smile appearing on her face.

"Good night, Jim." "Good night, Blue."

In the morning, Jim sent Blue on her way, giving her a pack of jerky for the way. With a hug she went on her way, waving back at him as she left. "Come by and visit any time!" yelled out Jim with a open smile. And as she faded from his vision, Jim stretched. "Well, I better go get some vegetables!" Jim made his way behind his lodge, where a moderately sized garden sat in wait. As he picked carrots from his field, he noticed two long ears peeking out from inside the field. Jim let out a whistle. The ears rose to reveal the face of a young wererabbit, eating away at his carrots. "What're you doing back there?" he yelled in his best impression of a old grouch. She eeped and began hopping into the woods. Jim stared, confused, for a moment, before an excited smile spread across his face. "TAG? I LOVE TAG!" And with that, he threw his bucket into the air and chased after her.

The wererabbit turned her head back as she ran, and to her shock and surprise, Jim was right behind her, hopping over logs, stumps, and bushes to keep up with her. "I'm gonna gitcha!" he yelled out with a laugh. The rabbit's heart began to pump furiously. She was scared out of her mind. What was this man going to do to her? Rape her? Torture her? Kill her? Distracted by her thoughts, her leg got caught on something, sending her flying to the ground. She tried frantically to free her leg from the snare. But it was too late. The man was standing over her, a large grin on his face. She closed her eyes, thinking of a plead for her life in her head. But before she could even speak, she felt his finger touch her nose. "Tag!" he yelled cheerily. "You're it!" And with that, he was off back towards his house. She looked at him, bewildered at first, before her face turned to one of determination. Freeing herself from the snare, she rose to her feet again. "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" she yelled out as she hopped after him. She quickly gained on Jim, his laughs filling the air. "YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET ME!" he yelled out as he ran ahead of her. The rabbit let out a frustrated yell before leaping forward, wrapping her arms around Jim's waist, sending them both flying back into his fields. They slid across the ground, Jim face first. She sat up. "Oh my, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt yo-" Before she could even finish her apology, Jim rose from the ground, his face covered in dirt. He laughed cheerfully. "Holy cow! You must have really wanted to catch me!" She looked at him in disbelief. She couldn't believe that he wasn't hurt, but his laughter caught on and she covered her mouth, giggling with him.

Jim brushed himself off. He pushed his hand forward, which the rabbit grabbed with a smile as she helped him onto his feet. Jim shook her hand with his usual grin. "What's your name?" he asked the blushing rabbit girl. "Um ... I'm Carrie ..." she said with a smile. Jim gave her a bow. "Hello Carrie! My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III, but you can call me Jim." She giggled and shook his hand again. "Nice to meet you, Jimmy." Jim froze in place and then scratched his chin. "Jimmy ... Yeah! I like that! You can call me Jimmy if you want!" The two spent the morning sitting in Jim's garden, eating carrots and listening to Carrie tell stories, in which Jim was of course interested. Carrie looked into the sky and frowned. "It's almost noon, I bet mother wants me back for lunch." Jim smiled and nodded. "Well, it was nice meeting you Carrie! I hope you come back to visit." Carrie grinned and bowed. "Of course I will!" Jim stayed to wave her off as she hopped into the woods. He sighed and stretched. "Been meeting a lot of new friends recently!"

It was the afternoon now. Jim was taking his usual stroll through the fields near his house, humming a song to himself. But then something felt odd ... He was walking forward, but going up. He looked down to see that his feet had left the ground, and then looked up to see that he was being carried off by a harpy. He snapped his fingers lightly. "Excuse me?" "Hm?" was her only response as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What are you doing?" Jim asked. "I'm taking you to my nest." "Why?" "To mate with you, of course!" "Mate?" he said with a chuckle. "Darling, I know I'm attractive, but we just met. I haven't even bought you dinner!" He laughed, of course, at his own joke as the harpy looked at him in confusion. "Now would you kindly put me down?" "Nope, sorry, no can do." "Alright!" Jim said cheerfully. And with that, Jim reached up and pushed his fingers between her toes. "H-hey, what are you doing?" she asked in shock. Jim began to tickle the inside of her bird-like feet. She began to laugh maniacally. "S-stop it, that tickles!" And before she knew it, she let go, sending Jim falling into the pond in the middle of the field. She gasped and swooped down, landing at the edge of the pond. Jim came splashing out, laughing cheerfully. "Thank God for this pond! I needed a swim anyway!" The harpy looked at him in awe as he walked away. "Well, miss harpy lady!" he said with a grin. "Better luck next time!" And with that, Jim turned around, and walked home.

Jim let out a yawn. An odd noise from downstairs had woken him up. He sat up in bed and scratched his head, clearly not in a hurry to go downstairs. After managing to trudge down the stairs, he turned the corner into the kitchen. The noise seemed to be coming from there. He was greeted by the sight of a rather petite woman's behind, sticking out of his cupboard, a mouse tail waving in the air. Jim, being the curious fellow that he was, approached the snacking creature. With a firm grip, he grabbed its tail with one hand. It squeaked and leaped back. The mouse-girl took a battle stance and drew her knife, expecting a battle. Jim simply smiled. "Hi! What's your name?"

The mouse lunged forward with her knife, slicing downwards, aiming for Jim's chest. He leaped out of the way, reeling backwards. "Wohohohoho! Was it something I said?" he asked with a chuckle. The mouse squeaked in frustration and lunged her knife forward. Her entire movement stopped. She looked up, believing that the knife had made its mark, only to be greeted by the sight of her trusty blade being trapped between two of Jim's fingers. "Now, now," he said with a giggle. "Girls like you shouldn't be playing with knives." The large mouse attempted to retract the steel from between Jim's fingers. But it was no use; Jim pushed his wrist back, pulling the knife out of her grip and throwing it across the room. She took a few steps back, her hands up front to shield herself from the human. She spoke nervously. "L-Look, I was just hungry, that's all ... P-please just let me go and I'll n-never come back ..." Jim's eyes widened in curiosity. He looked at her and then at his kitchen before he smiled again. "Would you like something to eat?"

The mouse sat at the table of the now lantern-lit kitchen. She dangled her feet from the chair and looked down at the ground as Jim hummed and made something at the stove. After a while, Jim presented her a plate of pancakes and a cup of his famous caramel tea. She stared at the meal for a quick second. She never had a hot meal presented to her before. Happily, she lifted her knife and fork, and began to dive into the pancakes. Jim laughed at her eagerness. "So! Do you have a name?" The large mouse managed to gulp down a rather large mouthful before nodding. "Miya. My name is Miya." Jim nodded. "Hello, Miya! My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III! But you can call me Jim." Miya smiled brightly, revealing the large clumps of pancake stuck in her teeth. After the meal, Miya fell asleep at the table, curled up in her arms. Jim snorted once and yawned. "I think I'll follow you on that ..." With that, he picked her up and moved her onto his living room's arm chair, unrolling the blanket at the foot and tucking her in with it. Yawning once more, he blew out the lanterns, and went back upstairs to sleep.

As per usual, Jim woke up early in the morning. After dressing himself in his normal red and blue clothing, he proceeded down the stairs, noticing that Miya was long gone, and that nothing was actually stolen (or, at least, nothing Jim actually cared about). Jim sighed, disappointed that she hadn't said goodbye. But that feeling quickly went away when he realized it was another bright and sunny day outside. With a quick chomp on some bread, Jim ran out the door and off in a random direction. After a bit of running, Jim screeched to a halt when he realized the forest had suddenly changed from its normal northern oak to tropical rain forest. The air was wet and heavy, and just being in that general area made him sweat. Jim took a step back and examined his surroundings before the silence was suddenly broken. "HALT, INTRUDER!" Jim froze for a second before stepping forward. He was the only person there, and didn't know anybody named "Intruder". "I SAID STOP!" With that, an Amazon leaped from the woods. "Not one more step, intruder!" Jim looked at her in confusion, then looked around to see if there was anyone else there. "You must be mistaken, my dear. My name isn't Intruder, it's Jim." She jumped forward, pointing her sword at Jim's face. "One more word out of you, human, and I'll cut your tongue ou-" Before the Amazon could finish her threat, Jim made a "Num!" noise and bit down on her sword.

"H-hey! What are you doing!?" The Amazon tried with all her might to either push the blade down his throat or yank it out of his mouth, but it wouldn't budge. With his teeth biting down on the steel, Jim began to jut his jaw upwards with his head. CRRAAACCK!! The blade split in half, sending the Amazon flying to the ground. Jim spat out the large slab of steel in his mouth, a triumphant grin plastered on his face. The Amazon pushed her hair away from her eyes and charged forward, fists ready to pound the human's face in. Jim chuckled and moved casually to the left, sticking his foot out. The Amazon gulped as she tripped over his foot, sending her stumbling onto the ground. With one more grunt of frustration, she stood back up, ready for Jim's attacks, but Jim simply walked passed her. "Mother always told me never to hit a girl," he said lightly as he began to hum. The Amazon looked at him in awe, before becoming intrigued. Silently, she followed behind him.

Jim looked around himself every now and then, always thinking that he was being followed, but brushed it aside and continued his happy stroll. It wasn't until he smelt something very pleasant that he stopped in place. He took a long inhale. Whatever it was, it smelled incredibly sweet and welcoming. After a little concentration, Jim realized it was coming from a large green plant sprouting from the west side of the clearing. He approached it and began to examine it. Its leaves seemed to be enclosing something inside. He took another step closer, wondering if he could use the plant for food. Then Jim felt something wrap around his legs. Looking down, he noticed two vines ensnaring his ankles, holding him in place. The plant suddenly opened, grabbing onto Jim and swallowing him inside. After a few moments of silence, struggling could be heard from inside. It sounded like a woman ... Jim's hands pierced the cracks of the plant's cage, prying them apart slowly until they gave out and slammed into the ground. As he stepped out, the vines ensnared him again, but he simply lifted his feet and tore away from their grip. Out of the plant tumbled a woman. Her skin was pink and her long green hair covered her breasts. "I ... How!?" she asked in disbelief. A human escaping from her man-trap with almost no effort? "Sorry, lady," he said with a grin. "You're going to have to be sneakier than that to catch me!" He waltzed off with a chuckle. "Oh, but you're welcome to stop by at my lodge for tea sometime! I would love the company!" he yelled back before continuing his waltz, humming his usual tune.

Jim's trek home led him past a batch of caves he hadn't noticed before, and, of course, Jim being Jim, he wanted to know what was inside. He stood outside the caves, his arms at his sides, examining the caves from the outside. After a few moments he could hear the sound of faint giggling coming from the cave. As it got louder, the source of the sound made itself clear. Four rather mature orcs came bumbling from the cave, staring at Jim and licking their lips. "A man!" one yelled out. "I haven't had one of those in a long time!" The four approached him, swinging their hammers left and right. Jim smiled and shrugged. "Ladies, please! Do not fight over me!" Jim called. The orcs laughed. "Who said we're gonna fight over you! Nup-nup, knock him out cold!" The orc farthest to the right nodded and charged forward, her large hammer held high over her head. Jim's smile turned into a confident grin as he crouched down, the hammer about to drop on his head. "JIM PUNCH!" he yelled out as he threw his fist forward, making contact with the hammer. The blades of grass under Jim swayed away as the two forces met. The orc looked at Jim in confusion for a moment, before a cracking sound was heard. She squealed in shock as her hammer shattered into pieces. She gulped and stepped away from Jim. Jim stood back up to his normal height and smiled, shaking his hand to get the shock out of it. The orcs stepped back, murmuring to one another before running back to their caves. With a victorious stretch, Jim continued his trek.

It was nightfall when Jim finally made it back to his house. He let out a yawn as he waltzed through his front door. "I think it's time to head in early," he said to himself as he marched upstairs, quickly getting into his pajamas. After making his bed, he opened his bedroom window. "Good night world!" he yelled out cheerfully. Of course, there was no reply. Smiling, he closed his window. "I'll get you next time..." Stretching once more, Jim curled himself up in his bed, and drifted off to sleep. His bedroom door creaked open again, the intruder crawling into his room on all fours. She leaned over his bed. The moonlight revealed that it was Blue. She looked at Jim and then looked behind herself. Carefully she tiptoed over to the door she had opened and slowly creaked it closed, then tiptoed back to Jim's bed. Slowly and quietly raising the covers, Blue crawled into the bed and laid next to Jim. She looked at his sleeping face and smiled. "Good night, Jim," she whispered before closing her eyes. "Good night, Blue," he murmured back.

Jim's eyes slowly opened as the sun beamed into his room. He sat up and yawned loudly, scratching his head in the process. Jim took time examining his room. He could have sworn he had heard Blue last night ... Oh well! As soon as he finished dressing in his usual outfit, he jumped at the sound of loud and frantic knocking coming from the door downstairs. He opened the door to be greeted by two pairs of rabbit ears. Tilting his head downwards, he was greeted by a frightened Carrie. Tears were streaming down her face, and she was holding a makeshift club. "Uh, hey Carrie! What's wrong?" "Poachers! Poachers took my momma!" Jim shook himself out of his drowsy state, her words making him alert. "W-what? Which way did they go!?" Carrie pointed to the east. And with a nod, Jim sprinted off in that direction, with Carrie hopping behind him.

"What a waste of time ..." mumbled a man clad in chain mail, armed with a halberd that was the same height he was. "Three days in the woods and all we get is a stinking wererabbit!" "Quit your bellyaching. Easterling nobles would pay a good price for one of these," snapped back another man, dressed in leather armor with a morion on top of his head. He was armed with a 30-round repeating crossbow, and was apparently the acting commander of the two other men with crossbows. There were exactly ten poachers, all of them armed with either a sword, a halberd, or a crossbow. Carrie's mother was curled up within a cage being carried by two of the men. The poachers' march halted suddenly when the tall man with the halberd stopped walking. "Hold it ..." he ordered as the two men put the cage to the ground. Standing in front of them was Carrie, waving her club as she attempted to look as intimidating as possible. "Well well well," sniggered the man. "What do we have here? Dis li'l poppet here wants to fight us ... Well, sorry for you, little missy, we only have the one cage ..." Receiving a nod, the crossbow captain and his two companions hurried forward. They aimed their crossbows at the poor wererabbit, and opened fire. The three men stood in place, their drums now empty of bolts. The spot that Carrie had been standing in was now covered in dust kicked up from the high-power barrage. Carrie's mother had her eyes covered, afraid to witness her daughter's fate. The leader of the poachers stepped forward, his halberd's end resting in the dirt. He squinted in disbelief as the dust settled. "What ... the ... Hell ..." As the sight of the carnage became more visible, their eyes came to rest upon a normal man standing in front of the wererabbit, surrounded by missed shots. Jim stood between Carrie and the poachers. He grinned as he raised both hands: four bolts were tucked between each pair of fingers. The crossbowmen took a few steps back, murmuring to each other about "some kind of demon ..." The leader cleared his throat. "Oi, you there! I suggest that you and your little friend step aside before we have to do something more drastic!" Jim stood up straight and crossed his arms, pretending to be in deep thought. "Hm ... Nope! I don't think I can do that! Sorry!" He then pointed towards the cage. "But you can let my friend's mother go, before I have to do something drastic!" The leader spit at the ground. "Have it your way ..." He nodded to two of his men, each armed with a sword. "Kill him." The two nodded and drew their blades, each taking one step before charging forward. Like a flash of lightning, Jim sprinted ahead, appearing right in front of the two men, catching them by surprise. Before they could swing their swords, Jim leaped forward, clotheslining both of them by the neck, sending them spiraling to the ground. A third man charged from Jim's side, swinging his sword at Jim's neck. But to no avail. The sword only cut air as Jim ducked under it. "HAHA! TOO SLOW!" Jim yelled out in a posh accent before connecting an uppercut with the man's chin, sending him flying through the air and through a tree. Three more men tried their luck against Jim. Each armed with a halberd, they all stabbed at his stomach at the same time. Before steel could make contact with flesh, Jim was holding all three weapons together with his right hand. Lifting all three men into the air by their weapons, he swung them around, sending each whirling into the air and then into the ground, leaving a large crater. "HAHA! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME MY GOOD CHUMS!" taunted Jim once more. In a last-ditch effort, the few men still able to move, including the crossbowmen, all charged at Jim. He grinned before charging back at them, his right hand balled into a fist and cranked back. "JIM PUUUNCH!" he yelled out as he thrust his fist forward, making contact with the leading man's chest. A shock wave coursed through the air as every man in the vicinity of the attack was sent flying in all directions. All that remained now was the leader. The poacher leader stood frozen in place, his gruff attitude replaced by sheer terror. Jim marched forward, each hand curled into a fist. The leader took a few steps back before falling onto his rear. "L-l-l-look, we didn't really MEAN to take her! It was all a ... uh ... A joke! Yeah! That's it ... And uh ... And we're really really really really sorry and I'm sure we ca-" Before the leader could finish speaking, Jim stood in a crouch, his face a few inches away from the frightened man's. Jim looked at him with a look of sternness and anger. "Look here, buddy," said Jim in a commanding voice. "I don't like poachers. It's not even a real job. I want you to take your buddies, run back to whatever possibly pleasant village you came from, and look into a real profession, like blacksmithing, or baking ..." With a few accepting and scared nods, the poacher scurried backwards before getting to his feet and running into the woods, with his employees limping behind him. "H-hey boss, wait up!" "Don't leave us out here!" With a victorious stretch, Jim turned towards the cage, tearing the top off and helping the captured wererabbit out. "MOMMA!" Carrie hopped towards her mother, falling into an embrace. Her mother smiled and looked back to Jim. "Thank you so much. I don't know what Carrie would do without me." With one last grin, Jim bowed. "No problem ma'am. Just doing what's right." And with that, Jim turned away from the two and made his way back to his lodge. "I think I just earned my breakfast."

It was noon, and already the captain of the monster control regiment was being given a report. He rubbed his eyes in frustration. "Let me get this straight ... You're telling me ... a normal man ... took down you and nine of your men?" "T-that's correct ..." "And ... this must be a spelling mistake ... he punched someone ... through a tree?" "Yes, sir. ... It fell down and everything." The captain gave him one more stare before turning and walking back into the barracks. He was greeted by one of his officers. "What are the reports? Sir?" asked the officer curiously. "Bull shit, that's what ..."

West of Jim's lodge lies a part of the forest that is very dark. It is said by the villagers back in the kingdom that a Elf kingdom lies deep within these woods, and they reside only were the sun truly shines within. Jim has never tried to enter the woods, mainly because he hasn't interested him, but today he was simply strolling around the outside, when he noticed someone emerge from the woods. She was wearing a green, leaf like dress, her hair was long and bright blond with two long ears protruding from each side. Apparently the rumors are true. The elf girl continued her walk almost zoned out to her situation. She didn't stop her march until she realized she was being watched. She turned her head to the side to see Jim standing a few feet away from her, examining her curiously. He smiled and raised one hand. "Hi!". "..Hello." "Whats your name?" The elf looked at him, confused to why a human was walking around in the neutral zone. "Uhm...Eve.." Jim bowed. "Greetings Eve. My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III. But you can call me Jim.". Eve smiled, the man obviously meant no harm. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Jim. But, might I ask...What are you doing out here?" "Out here?" "Yes...In the Neutral zone..." "...I live here.". Eve looked at him in disbelief, her mind trying to comprehend a human living freely in the neutral zone. "Aren't you afraid of being captured by the monsters?" Jim snorted out a laugh. "No, its alright, I can look after myself! But...May I ask you a question?" Eve tilted her head "What is it?" "What are YOU doing out here?" She sighed "If you must know.. Its a oath my family made to a noble family in the Kingdom. The first born daughter of my family must marry the first born son of the noble family." Jim nodded. "Do you want to marry this man?". Eve sighed "No...Not at all...The Duke of Artin is a very evil man, a sadist and very cruel.". Jim stepped forward, alarmed by her words "Well he doesn't sound very noble at all! Surely you can avoid the wedding! Once more Even sighed, now trying hold back tears. "I meet him tonight at a ball. My only hope is if some phantom would just whisk me away...". With not one more word she left Jim standing there. As she left, Jim rubbed his chin. "Phantom, eh?..." Eve stood at one side of the Ball room, trying her best to blend in with the crowed in order to avoid the duke for as long as possible. She could see him from the other side of the dance floor, his eyes cold and unforgiving as he scanned the crowed. He was a bearded man, wearing a suit only a duke could afford and a sword lied sheathed to his side. It didn't take long for his eyes to meet hers, Eve gulped down the lump in her throat before stepping forward to greet her husband to be. The Duke stepped forward, towering over her by a full two inches. "You are Eve, I presume?". He asked in a dark tone. She gulped once more and nodded, feeling his eyes brush over her. "You are not what I'd have hoped for...But you will do..". He reached out with one hand, expecting her to give him hers. Eve looked down, her hand shaking as she too reached forward. "AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". A loud and shrill laughter echoed through the ball room, the party went quiet as the laughing continued, when suddenly the large windowed ceiling shattered. coming down with the glass was a man draped in black, a cape waving behind him, he wore a half mask on his face, just enough to see the crazed look on the left side of his face. "WHAT IS THIS I SEE!?" asked the man loudly. "A DUKE NOT WORTHY OF THIS FINE LADIES HAND!? HE TAKES IT BY FORCE, WHAT HE CANNOT CLAIM BY RIGHT!? SUCH A SHAME. The duke stood forward, towards the masked man. "How dare you! I am the Duke of Artin! You shall show respect peasant!". The masked man stood up. "OH, A PEASANT!? I AM HURT MY DEAR BRUTE, TO BE A PEASANT YOU MUST LIVE IN SERVITUDE OF ONE, I HOWEVER LIVE IN SERVITUDE OF NONE, A FREE MAN WHO WALKS THESE PLAINS, A PHANTOM OF WHOM SHALL TAKE THIS DAME!". It would seem at this point, the "phantom" decided to start rhyming. The Duke snarled and lunged forward, drawing his sword and thrusting at the man's stomach, only to be stopped cold by just two of the phantoms fingers. He pulled the sword out of his hands and jabbed the man in the forehead, knocking him off his feet. The Phantom leaped over the duke and wrapped around Eve, covering her in his cloak. She looked up at the man, at first frightened, until he looked down and grinned a familiar grin. "Don't worry Eve." he whispered. "I'm here to rescue you!". The duke sat up and pointed at the Phantom. "Guards! Seize him!". At his order, thirty guards marched into the room, surrounding the phantom and Eve. One more maniacal laugh was let out before the phantom examined the guards. "SURRENDER, A TERM OF WHICH I DO NOT KNOW, BUT IF YOU SURRENDER NOW I SHALL LET YOU GO!". Each guard let out a confident chuckle before advancing forward. "VERY WELL MY FRIENDS THEN THIS DAME I SHALL TAKE, AND NOW I SHALL MAKE MY DARING ESCAPE!". With these last words the Phantom crouched down before springing upwards into the broken window he came crashing down on. His maniacal laughter filling the air once more.

The captain rubbed his eyes in frustration, he's been doing this a lot lately. "So..He disarmed the Duke with two fingers?" "That is correct." "And then........He uh...He leaped out through the way he came in.." "Yes." "...Which was a few stories high.." "Correct." "....I guess I'll put some one right on it..."

After the whole ball fiasco, Jim led Eve back to her forest and they said their good byes, It was getting late and it was time for bed. It wasn't until half way home that Jim smelt something, something almost rancid. He took the time to smell his arm pits when he realized it. "Pew yew.." he mumbled to himself. "I think its time for a bath..". After filling a few buckets full of water from the near by spring he marched off into his bathroom, filling his bath tub with the hot water. After managing to peel his clothing off his skin he dipped into the water. "Ahhh." he let out a long sigh as he relaxed in the tub, letting the warm water sooth his muscles. But wait...Something didn't feel right...The water was a lot gooier than usual. Looking down he noticed something strange about the water...It was staring back..

Jim froze in place as a head emerged from his tub. It wasn't long until the slime took the shape of a woman's upper body. She pressed herself against Jims bare skin and wrapped her slimy arms around his neck."Hello." she purred with a smile. Jim gave a nervous grin, attempting to remain calm, not to excite the slime. She inched her face closer to his. "Now why would you "Kidnap" me from my resting place?" she asked him, her mischievous smile never leaving her face. "W-W-Well I- I'm sorry, I thought you were water." She giggled before pulling back a bit. "Well I guess you're mine now..". With those words Jim leaped out of the tub, sending the slime splashing backwards before leaping out of the tub and following him. "NO THANK YOU!" he yelled before leaving the bathroom, completely naked.

As Jim ran down the stairs, he noticed something from the corner of his eye, when he turned his head towards the living room he realized his window was wide open, and standing on the back rest of his favorite armchair was the harpy from a few days prior, grinning from ear to ear. "I finally found you!" she yelled, pointing her right wing at Jim. "And you are already naked for the taking!". Jim backed up into the kitchen. "Can this wait? I'm kind of in the middle of something..". As he backed up, his back bumped into something soft and squishy. He gulped and turned his head around his eyes being greeted by a orc, the very same orc who's hammer he crushed with his fist. As he backed away from her now, she advanced, licking her lips. "You owe me a new hammer, and I don't think you have the craftsmanship to make one..". Jim backed towards the door, either he would have to go with one monster, and become a human dildo, or be shared between the three, and still be a human dildo. There wasn't much he could do inside, too cramped, and he didn't want to break his furniture, and of course he couldn't hit any of them, what would his mom say? His only hope was to get outside and think of a plan, He spun around and bolted for the door, slamming it open only to be greeted by a familiar sight.

Mara the Minotaurus stood in shock at Jim's front door, the basket full of fresh apples she managed to pick dropped to the ground, her face red as Jim's naked body stood before her. "J-Jim." "Yes Mara?" "Why...Why are you naked?...An-And sweaty....And naked?" Everyone in the general vicinity froze in place, Jim's eyes jutted left and right before staring back at Mara. "Well Mara, I was trying to take a bath, and my cloths are stinky and sticky so I didn't want to wear them". He then paused for a second before put his hands on his side, a insulted look spread across his face. "And do you have a problem with my sweaty manhood?". Mara managed to take her eyes away from him to examine the three other monsters chasing him. "Are you having troubles here?" "....Yes...". Mara snorted and reached for the side of the door, drawing her large war hammer that she rested there. The three monsters gulped and backed out the window the harpy came in on. Jim looked back at Mara and grinned. "Perhaps I should get some pants now.."

Atir village, Southern kingdom, 20 years ago.

The early morning dew was still heavy in the air. As the peasants began to awake from their sleep, one little boy was already out and about. The boy skipped playfully along the river going through town, humming a tune his father taught him just yesterday. His normal trek down the road was halted unexpectedly when he noticed something odd in the corner of his eye, as he turned his head he was greeted by a strange sight. A woman was sitting at the lake, humming to herself a beautiful tune, she was quite odd, while her upper half was one of a woman,with silver hair and a t-shirt and Suspenders hugging her shoulders. But her lower half was very furry, with hooves instead of feet. The top of her head was also crowned with two horns. Curiously, the boy approached.

The woman turned her head to be greeted by the curious child. She Jutted back, startled by the child who approached her. The little boy grinned, revealing the large gap in his mouth where two front teeth should be. "Hi!" he said happily. The woman smiled warmly "Hello there.". The boy took one more step forward, curious about her unfamiliar features. "Why do you have horns?" he asked, staring at them. "Because I was born this way." she responded. "Why do you have hooves?"

"Because I was born this way." The boy nodded, happy with her answers. "You're really pretty!" The woman smiled again "Thank you.". "Whats your name?" She brushed her hair back "I'm Cynthia.". The boy grinned and beat his chest proudly. "Hello Cynthia! My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III!"

"Holstaurus! There's a Holstaurus down by the lake!". The voices of dozens of angry peasants filled the air, Cynthia's ears perked up at the sound. "I should probably get going.". Before Jim could even respond, she grabbed her bucket of water and ran towards the outskirts of town. Jim turned around to be greeted by a mob of armed villagers. "You! boy, did you see where the beast went?". Jim scratched his head "There was no beast...Just me and Cynthia.". The crowed silenced, muttering to each other. "He knows its name."

"He's not afraid of it?"

"The boy must be possessed.."

The mob glared at Jim for a long while before Jim's mother ran down the hill towards the lake. "Come, Jim." she whispered "Lets go home.."

Southern Kingdom, 18 years ago. Jim was wide awake as soon as the sun showed itself on the horizon, he grinned from ear to ear, it was a exciting day for him, it was his 12th birthday. Jim's village house was very small, with just two beds, a table, and a kitchen oven/stove. His mother was already awake, she smiled her usual warm smile as she moved away from the stove, plopping down a stack of pancakes on a plate beside a cup of her home made caramel tea. "Morning, birthday boy." she said as Jim sat down eagerly. "I know how much you like pancakes, and since it is your birth-". Before she could finish Jim was already digging into the plate. He grinned, revealing the pieces of pancake lodged into his teeth. She laughed softly, "Why don't you go outside and play?". Jim's grin disappeared into one of terror. "Is something wrong?". "N-no momma, nothings wrong.". He gave her a reassuring smile before hopping off his chair and moving outside. The villagers avoided Jim like the plague, moving around him with caution and hissing curses at him. Jim tuned them out, humming the tune his father hummed before he passed away. Jim's humming ended as he felt a rock smash into his skull. He stammered back, feeling the blood running down his face. He looked forward to be greeted by his attackers, six children mercilessly bombarding him with rocks. "GET LOST, DEMON BOY!" one yelled as they continued. In one act of desperation, Jim crawled under a fence and ran as fast as he can into the alleys of the village.

Jim's back smashed into a wall, gasping for air, he looked around the corner to see if he was followed. His heart stopped racing when he realized he was alone. The blood now dried, and his cheeks smudged with crimson and tears. he dried his eyes with his sleeve before walking through the desolate alleys. As he continued his cautious march, he jumped at the sound of scurrying coming from a near by garbage can. He approached it slowly, his heart pumping with fear. A small tail swishing back and forth from the top of the can, Jim cleared his throat. "H-hello?", The tail stopped in place before retreating into the can. Jim stood there for what felt like forever before two mouse like ears peaked up from the can, then a pair of large blue eyes, followed by a petite nose and large buck teeth. The mouse girl examined Jim curiously. "Hi!" She said with a happy tone. "Whats your name?" Jim stuttered, clearing his throat once more "J-Jim...". She leaped out of the can, doing a roll before jumping up straight in front of the injured boy. "Hi Jim! I'm Megen!". Jim's frightened expression slowly turned into his natural grin. She hopped back and forth energetically. "Wanna play?"

It was this day that Jim made his first actual friend. They played the usual games kids would play. Hide and seek, catch with a can, rock-paper-scissors, and what quickly turned into Jim's favorite, tag. The two eventually tired out, dusk began to set upon the alley as the two sat against a wall, Megen resting her head against Jim's shoulder. "I'm pooped." she said tiredly, her eyes closed. The moment didn't last long though, it was then when a crossbow bolt pierced the wall above Megen's head. She squeaked as 3 men came charging down the alley with swords and crossbows. She ran off as fast as possible. In a ditch effort, Jim stood in front of the three men, his arms spread out. "Move it, demon child!" they ordered as one man threw Jim into the wall. Jim's entire body shuddered at the impact, he crawled on the ground, trying with every might to keep up. It wasn't until he heard a loud shriek that his body froze. Tears rolled down his cheek as the three men came around the corner again, one with a bloody sword. They glared at Jim's broken body as they marched passed, showing no sympathy for the broken boy.

Southern Kingdom, 13 years ago. Thunder cracked constantly and heavy rained pummeled the earth. Jim stood over a grave, the name "Maria Jarrington" etched across the tomb stone. A broken look was permanently frozen on Jim's face. No one else came to the funeral, not even the priest bothered to show up. The rain and thunder ceased almost instantly as a eerie quietness filled the air. The sound of hooves trekking across wet mud made itself clear behind Jim. It wasn't long until the corner of his eyes spotted a creature move beside him. It stood there, a woman with a horses lower body, she was garbed in a black hood and wielding a large scythe in both hands. "You poor child.." she whispered in a chilling voice. The creature brushed her hand across Jim's face as he stood there. "The only one to ever love you, lost forever in the sands of time.". The creature stood silently for a few moments, almost like it was mourning before continuing her trek towards the nearby forest. "You do no belong here child, and in time, you will realize this.."

Southern Kingdoms, 12 years ago.

"The Jarrington boy is truly possessed!" bellowed one elderly woman. The entire town gathered together to discuss the fate of Jim. One farmer stood up yelling loud enough for everyone to hear him. "I saw him dancing down the street last night! He was laughing manically and speaking to someone that wasn't there!" "THE DEVIL HAS A GRIP OF HIM!" "HE IS A MONSTER LOVER! A IMPURE STAIN ON THIS VILLAGE!". It wasn't long until torches were lit and the villagers made their way to Jim's small house. With one loud battle cry the men of the mob threw their torches into the hut, sending it up in flames. Lucky for Jim he was in the woods behind his house, collecting rocks for no logical reason. "Uh oh.." he whispered to himself before backing away from the fire. "Hey, whats that?" "ITS HIM! ITS THE DEMON CHILD!". The cries of hatred amplified once more as the villagers began to march towards him, dropping his new found rocks, Jim turned his back to them and began to sprint as fast as he could. It wasn't long before Jim felt a surge of pain jolt into his lower side. But he knew he couldn't stop, as he ran he reached his hand back, feeling the crossbow bolt protruding from the spot that his left kidney is. He looked up ahead, desperate for some means of safety, his eyes widened when he discovered that he was running towards the forest that the neutral zone claim. With one last gulp, he charged into the woods, never looking back.

Jim staggered through the woods, blood pouring mercilessly through the wound he received earlier. He kept his hand over the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding. Laughing to himself as he stumbled around. "Maybe...Maybe pulling the bolt out wasn't such a good idea.". Jim managed to take a few more steps before falling to the ground, coughing as he did so. He looked in the direction that the sun was rising in. Eyes beginning to become heavy he let out one last breath and smile. "I guess that this...this is the end for good ol...Jim." And as his eyes closed. The Darkness took him.

Jim crunched his eyebrows as the sun hit his face. He opened his eyes slowly to be greeted by a odd sight. He was lying in a bed made out of hay. The walls where completely dirt and there was only one high up on the farthest wall. "Ah! You're awake.". Jim tried to pin point the voice, a voice he hasn't heard in years. His eyes were greeted to the sight of a smiling Holstaurus, she approached Jim and knelled down beside him. She put her hand on his chest as he tried to sit up. "Try not to move, you'll only hurt yourself.". Jim's eyes widened as he came to the realization. "Cynthia? Cynthia is it you?". The horned woman nodded as she pushed Jim back into the bed. "I'm glad you remember me, James." Jim nodded "Oh uh, call me Jim...Please..". Cynthia smiled "Sure thing, Jim.". Cynthia made her way to the back of the room before coming back with a cup of warm milk. "Drink this, you have been out for three days, it will help you heal faster.". Jim nodded and took the cup, sipping on it. "Oh wow, this is really good! You must have a really healthy dairy cow!". Cynthia coughed and scratched the back of her head. "I uh...I am the dairy cow.". Jim looked at her, then the cup, then her again before gulping down the milk slowly. "I...see...". Cynthia laughed, Jim's obvious disregard for the origins of his beverage seemed to please her. "Humans are told that our milk is poison to them, aren't you?" Jim gulped once more and nodded. "Yeah but...I seem fine, in fact I feel great!". Cynthia nodded. "Its the nutrients, its actually quite the opposite of poison to humans." Jim listened intently as she explained. "The nutrients should work as a natural reinforcement for your muscles and bones." "So..What does that mean?" "Its making you stronger, Jim."

Jim spent two more months with Cynthia. Allowing himself to heal fully. Jim knew he could never go back to the kingdom, so instead, he decided to head deeper into the neutral zone, and find his own place in the world. Jim's adventure lasted two days until he found a rather open area. He sat against a large boulder, pondering on his fate in this new life. He sighed and smiled "I guess I'll find a way..". he pressed his hand and began to stand up, only to slip back on his bottom. He looked in astonishment as he slowly came to realize what truly happened. Sliding off the rock, Jim took one hand and put it under the boulder, lifting it up and down. A smile etched across his face as he slid his other hand under and began to lift the heavy boulder effortlessly. He laughed and danced around as he kept it in the air with one hand and spinning it with another. With a casual toss the boulder smashed into the dirt. He stretched out and put his hands to his side. "Yeah...I think I can make this work.."

Blue shivered as she curled up on the ground. Winter decided to hit early this year, and unfortunately for Blue, she had no place to go. She sneezed, her nose now red with irritation, she closed her eyes hoping to sleep away the cold. "Blue?". Her wolf like ears perked up at the familiar voice, as she opened her eyes she was greeted by the sight of Jim, crouched over, a few stolen coats on his shoulders. "Oh, hey Jim." She said with another sneeze. Jim looked at her curiously. "Don't you have a hut or something?"


"oh..." Jim scratched his chin for a moment before coming to a conclusion. "Why don't you come stay with me for the winter?". Blue pondered on it for a second before another cold breeze spread through her body, she agreed without a second thought.

Blue shivers vanished when she entered Jim's lodge. Even was surprisingly warm even with no heat source. Jim waltzed in right after her, carrying a few logs in his arms for the nearby fire place. She sat down on the rug in the living area as Jim hummed to himself as he filled the fire place with wood. As he reached into his pocket he drew a flint, hitting it against the stone inside the fire pit to make a spark. She sighed happily as the logs were consumed in the blaze. "So Jim." she said curiously. "Why do you live out here?" Jim stopped in place, he looked back at her and smiled. "I don't get along with other humans, lets put it like that." "Why?" Jim paused, remaining still until the proper answer came to him. "Because I was born this way." With that he hopped up from the ground, grinning. "Would you like some tea?"

Blue yawned loudly. The sun has gone down quieting the wildlife outside. She laid on her stomach in front of the fire place, letting her body absorb the heat. Jim sat in his favorite chair, reading a book he managed to snatch from a merchant caravan awhile back. With a stretch, she tilted her head to the side, resting her her cheek on her hands. Jim stood up and made his way to the kitchen for another cup of tea. "So, how do you like it here so far?" he asked her while fondling around in the kitchen. She smiled "I think I could get used to this.". Blue opened her eyes to look out the window, almost as if she wanted to mock the cold. But something caught her vision, her eyes widened it terror for a moment for they went lifeless and drone like. The lunar glow pierced the windows, how could she forget, her featureless expression slowly turned to one of pure blood lust and rage. The moon was full, and the cycle began. Jim turned around with two cups of tea. "Hey Blue, would you like some mor-"

Noise filled the air as Jim was sent flying through his living room window. Sliding across the snow and smashing into a tree behind him. "That's going to hurt in the morning." he muttered as he pushed himself to a knee. Blue was not long to follow him as she leaped over the broken window, her eyes completely void of pupils and her face set in pure hatred. She snarled at him and took a step forward, Jim got back to his feet, putting his hands up in a "Stop" motion. "I didn't know you felt so strongly about tea." remarked Jim as he took a step back. Blue roared a battle cry, leaping at him with her claws up front. Jim ducked, managed to dodge her claws but was quickly and effortlessly kicked in the side, sending him reeling a few feet into the air before smashing into the ground under him. Jim coughed a bit, she was a lot stronger than she usually is. Gaining leverage from his fence for a moment, his skull rattled once more as Blues foot dropped onto the back of his head, sending him through each plank of the fence and into the ground. And with one more roar, Blue cranked her foot back and swung it into Jim's side, once again sending him into the air and smashing into a tree horizontally.

Blue leaped on to Jim's chest, taking the wind out of him. She attempted her claws again but Jim managed to grab a hold of both. It took all of Jim's strength to keep her at bay. "Come on Blue, Snap out of it!" he ordered before pushing her off with his knee, managing to gain some distance from her. Leaping forward once more, Blue began to attack Jim wildly, swinging her claws in ever direction, Jim managed to dodge all but one, which connected with his chest, staining the snow with his blood. Jim stumbled back, touching his wound before looking at the blood on his hand. "Please Blue, snap out of it!"

Jim sighed at the snarling Blue, she leaped at him once more throwing him to the ground. Lunging her head forward she bite down on shoulder, digging her long fangs into his flesh. Jim didn't fight back, he closed his eyes and simply ignored the pain. Not long after, the hateful look in Blue's face disappeared, and the pupils returned to her eyes. Looking at her mark and coming to the horrible realization she unclamped her jaw and pulled her head away. Her eyes began to well with tears when she gazed upon Jim's battered body. "J-Jim!" she yelled out as he opened his eyes and smiled. "Glad you're back." he said with a attempted grin. Blue lowered her head once again and dug her head into the side of Jim's chest. "I'm sorry Jim! I didn't mean to-". Jim shushed her by brushing the hair on the back of her head. "Its alright Blue, lets just go inside..".

The peasants of Artin fearfully stepped to the side as the Duke and his guards marched down the streets. They turned into a alleyway towards the slums of Artin. Mercenaries, thugs, prostitutes, everyone ran into hiding as the Duke made his trek, until they came across a rather small hut, smoke billowed from the chimney proving that someone was home, The Duke didn't waste time to knock and simply barged into the home. A man covered in a hooded robe and wearing a wide-brimmed black hat close to the head. He turned his head. He slowly turned his head, revealing the metallic mask in shape of a beak. The man was dressed as a plague doctor, but was not part of this profession. He stood up from his crouch in front of the fire place. "What do you want?" he asked in a low raspy voice. The duke stepped forward, dropping a scroll onto the table. "I am here to hire you assassin.." he said before readjusting his cuffs. This man...This James Jarrington, has insulted me. I will pay you one thousand gold and five hundred more for any heads of his acquaintances.". The assassin picked up the scroll from his table, reading it thoroughly. "The neutral zone..". The nodded. "Is that a problem?" "No...I shall end him.."

Jim eyes opened slowly as the sun hit his face. He sat up, feeling the part of his chest that Blue's claws struck. The wounds have fully healed. He noticed Blue crouched over, leaning over his bed and snoring. He grinned as he got up. Carefully, he lifted Blue from her position and place her on his bed, where she curled up, still snoring. Quietly, Jim moved down his stairs, intending to make breakfast, only to realize that he was short on fire wood. With a sigh he grabbed his axe from the wall and made his way outside, humming and dancing around as he did so.

It didn't take long for Jim to cut through a few logs, as he whistled he began to stack the wood up in a neat pile, preparing to bring them in. Jim paused for a moment, catching something in the corner of his eye. A shorter man, hunched over and walking with a cane approached him. Garbed in dark robes, he was wearing a hat and a strange bird-like mask. "Oh, hello there!" Jim yelled out as he waved at the man. "I don't get a lot of humans out here, are you lost?". The man stopped just a few yards away, remaining completely silent. Jim scratched his head, confused at the situation. "Would you like to come in for some te-." "James Jarrington?.." Jim looked even more confused now. "That's my name, but uh, you can call me Jim..". The masked man remained silent for a few more moments before he let out a long raspy breath. "Prepare to die...". Before Jim could even respond, the masked man raised one of his hands into the air, the ground began to shake as large roots began to spring from the snow. Without second thought Jim raised both his arms in front of his face, having them take the brute of the force as he is sent whirling into the woods.

The masked man jabbed his cane into the ground, allowing him to use both his hands to control the roots from the ground. At first raising them into the air, carrying Jim above the tree lines. He began to whirl them around repeatedly, creating a tornado of roots. And with one last motion, he brought both his hands down, smashing Jim into the ground below. Jim stumbled back to his feet at the surprise of his attacker. Cracking his arm "Aw man, not two days in a row." he muttered as he stretched, multiple joints cracking in the progress. The masked man's head perked up in surprise, a small raspy chuckle escaping his mouth. "You...You drank the milk..". Jim chuckled as he did some leg stretches, preparing for the fight. "So you know it isn't poison?". "I know many, many things that I shouldn't know." The roots sprang up again, this time, the ready Jim charged forward, punching through the wall of roots advancing towards him.

As Jim got in range for a good punch, the masked man raised his arms to each side, covering them in roots. The snow on the ground blew away as their fists collided, revealing the wet grass. Jim laughed in surprise. "I gotta say, you're fairly tough for a little guy.". Jim span in mid air for a kick, only to be smashed in the stomach by the masked mans rooted fist, sending him hurling through many trees and into a boulder. The masked man took one step forward, only to be attacked by Blue from behind. She yelped as roots wrapped around her body, rendering her immobile. "A Pathetic attempt..." remarked the masked man. Jim scrambled to his feet and charged him once more. "BLUE!". Before he could get any closer, roots began to cover the right side of his body up to his shoulder, forming a large tree and keeping Jim from advancing.

The masked man raised his hand, slowly beginning to tighten it into a fist. The roots around Blue began to tighten as well, causing her to scream in pain. Jim began to pull away from the tree, but his efforts were fruitless. "LET HER GO!" he yelled out in frustration. But the man continued to tighten his grip. "And I suppose you're going to stop me?" Taunted the man as he began to laugh. Blues screams of pain slowly began to fade away as the air was pushed out of her. "I'll tell you what, James...I'll stop when her eyes pop out of her skull..." Jim began to clench his teeth, pulling harder and harder at his right arm. His own helplessness getting to his head. His mind began to race, trying to find a way out of the tree. When suddenly Jim froze. A memory flowed back into his conscious. A Mouse named Megan, Jim being smashed into a wall, listening to her screams as the men killed her. Blood began to trickle down Jim's mouth as his teeth are pushed into his gums, his pupils began to close in as frustration turned to rage. With last pull, The tree splintered and broke apart as he charged forward, unleashing a unearthly battle cry.

The masked man was completely caught off by surprise, before he could even defend himself Jim's fist connected with the mans mask. The masked man crumpled to the ground as his mask smashed into his face, Jim wasn't long to follow as he leaped on top of the downed man, punching him repeatedly in the face.The roots around Blue loosened before falling back into the ground. She fell to her knees, coughing and catching her breath. As she turned her head to thank Jim, she saw him standing over the mans corpse, his head turned completely into paste and shards of metal. "J-Jim?" she asked in a stutter, frightened by Jim's uncharacteristic action. He turned his head, his eyes widened as he ran towards her,embracing her. "Blue, are you alright?" he asked worryingly. She looked up at him, surprised by his action. "Y-yeah...I'm fine.". Jim sighed in relief, looking down at the now smiling blue. "Come on." said Blue with her new smile. "Lets go home."

A few days passed since the Masked mans attack. Jim decided to give the man a proper burial before they moved on with their lives. It was around noon when Jim decided to go for a walk, while Blue simply got comfortable at the fire place. Jim changed back to his normal attitude, waltzing and singing to himself through the woods while looking for something new. But something was off, Jim stopped in place, looking left and right, trying to tune in on the sound. But it was already too late as Jim felt something strike the back of his head before everything went dark. Jim woke up some time later, closing one eye in a attempt to numb the pain in the back of his head. He tried to reach his hand back to rub his bruise, only to be halted by constraints. As Jim examined his surroundings further, he realized he was tied to a bed. The door in front of him opened, and in came a familiar looking woman. Her silver hair stretched to the back of her legs. She had a mischievous grin as she moved seductively towards Jim. Jim recognized her right away, the Amazon from a few weeks ago. "Uh oh."

Jim stuttered as the amazon stood at the end of the bed. "Oh, hay, g-glad to see you here, could you untie me before whatever tied me up comes ba- Oh hey, you're naked..". Jim just realized that, her tanned body seemed to gleam from candle light. She bit her lower lip in anticipation as she crawled onto the bed and on top of Jim. "I've been watching you for awhile." said the amazon in a soft voice. Jim looked up at her with wide eyes before looking around the room. "That's...Very nice,thoughtful, and not creepy of you.". She giggled before lowering her head, kissing his neck. "I've been wanting to do this for awhile....". Jim tried to move his head away but to no avail, he jutted his eyes around once more, trying to make up a excuse. "That's very thoughtful of you, but uh, I don't really want to get killed due to "Death by soul sucked out of urethra.".

The Amazon looked into Jim's eyes, rubbing her lower body against his. "I don't have to take your soul if I don't want to.". Jim looked up at her, not exactly knowing how to respond for that. The amazon lowered her head only a few inches away from his face. "What is it going to take for you to like me?" she asked seductively. "Well Uh, I really don't know what you are implying, but uh, thanks for the offer! But Uh, I'm pretty sure I left the stove on and should really head back and turn it of-". Before Jim could finish his sentenced, the Amazon locked her lips with his, as she pulled away, she pushed her hand down his pants. "Woah-hey there." said Jim nervously. The amazon giggled. "Shut up Jim, you talk too much."

It was just then, when half a dozen other amazons decided to barge through the front door. "HEY, CAILINA, WE HEARD YOU HAVE A MAN!" "I WANT HIM!" "NO, HE'S MINE!" As the amazons began to fight, Jim took the advantage, tearing away from the ropes and leaping out the window behind the bed. "Hey, he's getting away!" yelled out one of them. Jim turned back for a quick second. "ImsorryIonlylikeyouasafriendbutthanksfortheofferBYEEEE!" And with that, he was off, with a entire village of Amazons in hot pursuit. Jim leaped out of the rain forest, with the hundreds of amazons not far behind. It was then when he realized two mouse ears perk up from the bushes, when the head rose he suddenly realized that it was Miya. "Oh, hey Jim, whats up!" she asked as he ran towards her. She squeaked as he lifted her from the ground, tucking her between his arm. "RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!" he yelled out as he leaped over a fallen log. "I WANT HIM!" "NO WAY, BITCH! HE'S MINE!" The yells never seemed to cease as Jim ran tirelessly through the woods with Miya holding on for dear life.

Jim managed to leap down a hill and hug the wall, clamping down on Miya's mouth so neither make a noise. The Amazons jumped right over their hiding spot. "He couldn't have gone far!" yelled out one as they ran past. When Jim decided that it was safe, he took his hand away from Miya's mouth. As he put her down she leaned against the wall. "What the hell was that all about?". Jim darted his eyes back and forth, making sure everyone was gone. Miya looked down at Jim's pants, and pointed "did you pee yourself?". Jim looked at Miya confused until he noticed the large wet mark on the front of his pants, he rubbed three fingers against it and smelled it, reeling back as he did. "AWWWW, It smells like fish!"

The day went on as usual. Blue stayed at the cabin, soaking in the rays from the fire place as Jim went out for his usual waltz, but something was strange about today. As Jim skipped along happily, the snow crunching with each step, he noticed something odd, was it getting warmer? Before Jim knew it, the crunching under his boots ceased, as he looked down he was greeted by sand. Jim scratched his head, wondering how this was even possible, it only took him ten seconds to accept it with a "oh well!" before going on his merry way, deeper into the desert, dropping his jacket on his way. It wasn't a long of a waltz until Jim discovered a group of ancient ruins strewn out in front of him. In the center of these old pillars was a crypt that led underground, for anyone else this would mean certain danger, but for Jim it was just another adventure!

"HALT! INTRUDER!" Jim froze in his waltz, looking in each direction to see if there was anyone named "intruder." in his area. A shadowy figure leaped out from the top of the crypt, when it landed onto the hot desert sand, Jim squinted to make out its figure. It was a monster, he could tell right away. She was wearing a black top, two cat like ears sat on top of her head, a pair of paws replaced what would be hands, and she had a tail jutting out from her rear with a ring around it. Hieroglyphic like tattoos were pasted all over her body and her bright blue cat eyes almost seemed to look into Jim's soul. Jim studied her curiously before a bright smile etched across his face. "Hi there! My name is James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III, but you can call me Jim! And by all the yelling I guess you must be "Intruder!". Hey, you know someone's looking for you, right?". The sphinx gave him a confused stare before standing up right. She cleared her throat and marched forward. "I have chosen you for a game!" she said loudly. Jim rubbed his hands together excitedly "Oh boy! I love games!". The Sphinx giggled menacingly before she seemingly formed a bright orb out of thin air. "I will ask you a question! If you answer correctly, you may enter the tomb, but if you fail, then you must be my slave!". Jim pondered on it for a moment before nodding in agreement. "I don't know, I'm pretty smart!"

The sphinx giggled once more "he'll never get this one..". She cleared her throat and raised her left paw in front of her. "Ahem! The average distance from our planet to the moon is on average 384403 km far. How many pieces of string would it take to reach the moon from the earth?". The Sphinx's cocky grin never left her face as Jim pondered on the question, crossing his arms and closing his eyes to think. It took around thirty seconds before Jim opened his eyes, grinning as he answered. "One...If it was really really really really long.". The orb of light became even brighter as it flew towards the Sphinx, flying into her chest and sending her reeling to the ground. She screamed out as she smashed into the sand. Jim curiously approached her to see what just happened. The Sphinx managed to pull herself to all fours, her entire body shivered and pulsed with every movement, the Sphinx's charm backfired, and her skin had became incredibly sensitive. "Ahhnn..I-I-ahn, I can't believe I lost!" she said with heavy sighs. With his hands in his pocket, Jim raised his foot and pushed it lightly against her rear, causing her to go even more crazy. She looked up at him with lustful eyes before presenting herself. "You...Won.. T-aaah-Take your reward...". Jim blinked once before grinning again "Alright!" he replied cheerfully as he waltzed towards the crypt. The Sphinx turned her head to watch him leave. "W-WAIT! YOU CA-ahhhnnnnnn- CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! COME BACK!".

The Crypts doors gave Jim no trouble as he pushed them open. He examined the entrance, enough to Jim's surprise the torches on the walls were lit, and relatively new. Taking one off the wall, Jim began his descent into the dark tomb, the sounds of the Sphinx's plea for sex becoming dimmer and dimmer as he went down the steps. The ancient steps led to a narrow hall way. Jim moved down the hall way, his normal waltzed replaced with a careful walk as his curiousness took over, each step could reveal a new secret. The hall way went on for what felt like forever. Jim took a few more steps before his foot felt as though it sunk in a plate under him. He heard a loud "Fwoom!" before a large spear flew at him. Stopping in mid air as it made contact.

Jim stood slightly crouched over, the torch on the floor now, and a look of victory on his face. The spear met its mark, but did no damage, The front end of the spear was now cracked as Jim teeth bore down on it, catching it before it could sever the top of his head from his jaw. With one loud "GRR" he bit down, shattering the spears head into pieces. He spit out the chunks from his mouth, reaching down to pick up his torch, he continued his exploration. The hallway suddenly spread out into a large room, a few feet from the entrance was a empty ballista, the shot wasted on Jim. He moved into the center of the room, a large pot filled with oil rested in the very middle. With a shrug, Jim dropped the torch into the pot, lighting the fuel ablaze, sending flames to the ceiling which lit candle rope all around the room, lighting it up beautifully. Jim examined his surroundings, noticing dozens of sarcophagus's spread all around the room. Jim cleared his throat and did a few stretches before yelling out "HELLO!". The greeting echoed throughout the crypt. And too Jim's surprise, the sarcophagus's all began to open simultaneously.

As the heavy tops of the coffins slipped and smashed into the sand, elegant figures began to rise from inside. They stepped out and stood straight, all staring at Jim hungrily. Their slender form, moved forward, their loose bandages flowing with each step, many would consider them beautiful, these mummies if it where not for their attire. Jim chuckled nervously and raised his hands. "Ladies, Ladies. Sorry for disturbing you, I'll just be on my way and I'll leave you all to what you where doing.". They ignored his words, advancing forward. "A man.." one of them whispered as she stroked her own cheek with her hand. Jim took a step back before being stopped. A pair of breasts pressing against his back as arms came over his shoulders. The mummies surrounded Jim, pressing themselves against him, their hands brushing all over his body. Jim began to move his arms around, attempting to push some of them aside. It wasn't long until one of his hands managed to find their way into one of the mummies bandages, touching her bare skin. She moaned out as her body froze.Shivering for a moment before falling to her knees. A brilliant look came across Jim's face. "A HAH!"

The Mummies dropped in pairs as Jim's hands brushed against their soft skin. It was not long before all of them where on the ground, Their hands between their legs as their fluids seeped to the ground. Jim let out one last good bye wave before advancing deeper into the crypt. The entrance sealed itself behind him as Jim moved inside. The room was already lit rather brightly, and much much larger than the tomb. Jim took a few more curious steps before a loud booming voice filled his head. "Who dares trespass on my domain?" demanded the voice as it echoed through the room. Jim looked around before speaking out. "Hi! I'm James Jerald Joswald Jarrington III, But you can call me Jim!". The Voice did not answer at first, apparently surprised at Jim's calmness of the situation. "Well then...Jim." it boomed out as a rift appeared a few feet from where Jim was standing. A woman stepped out of the rift, With long, well kept, black hair, two jackal-like ears protruding from her head, a curved tail and two rather nimble paws. The woman's red eyes examined Jim head to toe, she was holding onto a golden staff and a sword rested at her side, her clothing also didn't leave much for the imagination. Jim recognized right away as the legendary Anubis. "Well, Jim..You are trespassing on ancient grounds...And for that you must pay.". Jim tilted his head, staring at her confusingly. "How much?"

Without another word, the Anubis lunged forward, drawing her sword with lightning quickness. She swung her sword for his head, but only cut air as Jim leaned back. With another movement, Jim flipped over onto his feet before the Anubis could swing again. She let out a grunt of anger as she cranked her sword arm back and stabbed forward, only for Jim to dance around it. As he moved behind her he reached his arm forward. grabbing her wrist and waist. The Anubis looked at him in confusion as he danced around the room with her. "I always found balls to be so bully!" he claimed in a Victorian accent. She managed to pull a way and deliver a kick to Jim's chest, sending him skidding a few meters across the sand. With a battle cry she charged forward, her sword swinging masterfully and rapidly at Jim, who simply danced around it some more, with his hands behind his back. With one last desperate stab, The Anubis was stuck in place as Jim's hands slapped around the sword, prying it away from her grip and sending it into the ceiling.

The Anubis dashed backwards, gritting her teeth in frustration. "I never thought I would have to use magic against a human." she said grudgingly as she lifted off from the ground, ascended in mid air. As she raised her hand above her head, sand from every direction flew towards her, forming into a giant ball, floating just above her hand. With a flick of two fingers the ball of sand erupted furiously in a giant ball of fire and brimstone. The awesome sight could only be described as a meteor. "NOW!" she yelled out in a terrifying voice. "WITNESS THE TRUE POWER OF ANUBIS!". Without another word, she pushed her hand forward, the large ball of hell fire not long to follow, the descended upon Jim with furious speeds. With no place left to run, Jim stood in place as the attack smashed down on him, burrowing into the ground.

The Anubis remained ascended victoriously in mid air, staring down as the large rock continued to bore into the ground. She closed her eyes for a moment, almost regretting her action. But as she looked back at the meteor, her eyes widened in shock and horror. The rock stopped borrowing into the earth, suddenly it simply froze in place before it began to ascend out of the ground...As if it was being lifted. The Rock began to push forward, out of the crater it had made. The Anubis looked on in terrified disbelief as Jim came walking out of the crater with the burning boulder on his back. His shirt was completely blown away. His muscles bulging and pulsing as he took his final steps out of the crater. He looked up at her, his face stuck in a insane and horrifying grin as he pushed the rock from his back and over his head. "IS THAT IT?" he called out as his fingers bore into the rock. "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?" he yelled out furiously as he tore the meteor in half, sending both sides smashing into the sand beside him. The Anubis fell from the sky, falling onto her back into the sand. Her face stuck in pure terror as Jim grabbed one piece of the now two boulders and flung it into the ceiling, sending into the bright blue sky and out of sight. The sun beamed into the ruined halls, breathing new life into his surroundings. Jim looked up, keeping his hand above his eyes to block out the beams of light. Apparently back to his old self he looked back at the Anubis with a grin. "I thought there was going to be treasure here...Oh well!". The Anubis gulped, completely speechless at the feat that Jim had performed, she examined his shirtless body and blushed. Jim climbed out into the desert and began his trek home with his hands in his pocket, humming a familiar tune to himself.

The hallways echoed with the sound of foot steps. The silver walls and pillars were dabbed in paintings of holy paladins, victorious from many crusades, and scriptures of old verses from a long forgotten book. The Baron gulped down the lump in his throat, for a man from the Kingdom, walking down the halls of the Orders holiest stronghold was truly a terrifying experience, were the smallest misstep could lead to a horrible execution. He halted his march in front of two large doors and gave it three long knocks. "Enter.". Demanded a loud booming voice. The doors opened slowly on their own. The Baron walked in cautiously, greeted by the sight of a elderly man. he was adorned from head to toe in white robes. His face covered by a steel mask that resembled a angry old man. "What brings you to the feet of the patriarch?" asked the old man. The Baron bowed and stuttered before he could speak. "M-my lord...It has come to my attention, that the holy and righteous order has been in search of someone titled as the...Demon child..". The Patriarch rubbed the chin of his mask before nodding. "Ah yes...James Jarrington...Do you have any info of his whereabouts?". The Baron nodded. "Yes...But..He is different..He is much stronger, strong enough to defeat the plague bearer..". The Patriarch froze, clearly startled by the news of the defeated plague bearer. He looked upon the Baron and chuckled softly. "Do not loose hope, Baron...The Demon child may have been able to defeat the Plague bearer...But we shall see his might tested against a dragon...".

Jim's eyes were still closed when he heard what sounded like exhausting meowing. He yawned and rubbed his eyes open, only to be greeted by a familiar sight. The Sphinx from earlier had somehow managed to follow Jim all the way back to his home. She was looking up at him, blushing and biting her lower lip desperately as she rubbed herself against his leg. "Can I help you?" he asked, looking down at her. She sat up and put her hands on her face, covering her eyes. "You're so cruel!" she said in between her meows. "Leaving me out there with this curse!". Jim sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes, his leg drenched in her fluids. She burrowed his head in Jim's chest. "You can't leave me like this!". Jim sighed and shrugged. "Alright..If it'll lift the cur-.". Before Jim could finish his sentence, Blue opened the door, staring at the scene in front of her. "Uhm..J-Jim...A minotaurus named Mara is at the door..". Jim blinked and then grinned, looking back at the sphinx. "Would you like to meet my friend, Mara?". - Blue sat on the ground near the fire place, her ears perked downwards. She tried her best to tune out the sounds from Jim's room. She looked at Jim, who was sitting in the chair next to her. "How long do you think it'll take?" Asked Blue. Jim flipped the page in his book, apparently tuning out the sounds perfectly. "Until they're done."

Blue looked on in confusion as Jim dragged a large tree into the house. It took him three or four tries to pull the hulking thing into his living room, and even longer to keep it standing up. "Jim?". She looked on at him as he began to decorate the tree with colored glass balls, stars, and other tiny little figures. "What are you doing?" she asked him as she approached the decorated tree. Jim looked at her and grinned, "You don't know about the night of the saints?". Blue shook her head, which caused Jim to sigh. "Its a holiday that humans celebrate this time each year. I uh..I can't really remember the cause behind it, but I know that its really important, we celebrate good-will and give gifts to others that are close to us.". Jim's head jerked up as he acknowledged his last sentence. "That reminds me! I didn't get you anything yet!". Jim began to scurry around his kitchen cupboard until he came across a dusty bag filled with old golden coins. Blues ears perked downwards. "Oh..You don't need to get me any-". Before Blue could even finish, Jim was out the door and running north towards the kingdom, humming a holiday tune.

The Town of Accia, Central Kingdom.

Jim remembered this place from when he was a kid, every time the night of the saints was coming. Accia was the spearhead for gifts during this time of the year. He strolled down the market streets, people trying to sell their wooden toys and other trinkets. But Blue was a werewolf, and would rather have something useful rather than something that just looks good. "Excuse me, sir." said Jim to a random passerby. "Do you know anyone that sells clothing?". "Well certainly, stranger. Logan sells sweaters and other stuff down at his shop, but he's on the other side of town.". "Oh..Well, do you know any shortcuts?" The Villager hesitated at first, but pointed towards a rather shady looking alley, Jim thanked the man and went on his way.

Jim made his way down the alley, scratching his head in thought. "What's so bad about this alley." he said to himself as he stepped over a tipped trash can. It was that moment when something leaped from the shadows, the attacker wrapped its legs around Jim's waste and its arms around his neck, clinging onto him. "GOTCHA!" said a females voice. Jim looked around. "I thought I just heard a voice.." said Jim as he looked around, the irritated attacker groaned in frustration, jumping onto Jim's shoulders, she leaped forward in front of him and made a battle-ready pose. It was a female alright. The woman was only slightly shorter than Jim, With two feline ears and a long slender tail, her hands and tail were both cat-like, with the eyes of a cat staring down on Jim. "I got you right where I want'ya!" she said confidently. "Now gimme all you got!". Jim looked at his attacker in curiosity, before simply shrugging with a smile "Alright." he said as took a step to the left and kept walking. The were-cat let out a surprised meow before leaping to the left to cut him off. "Hey!" she said in a demanding voice. "I told you to gimme all you got!". Jim closes his eyes and puts a finger up as if to lecture her. "Gimme gimme never gets, don't you know your manners yet?". The were-cat gritted her teeth in anger before lunging forward, claws out, but made a surprised squeak as Jim simply ducked, causing the feline to fly straight into a large formation of Garbage cans.

"Ewww." complained the would-be mugger, pulling a banana peel from her hair. "Its so gross...", Jim approached the cat and crouched down, he wiped a smudge from her cheek "Maybe you should find a new career." said Jim with a grin. With that, he turned away from the were-cat, waltzing towards the store the man spoke of. The werecat stood up and shook the rest of the garbage off her body. She gritted her teeth once more and decided to follow Jim silently. A few hours had passed since the little incident. Jim was now sitting by the fire place in his lodge with Blue, who was fiddling with the boxed present that Jim had brought back with him. She looked up a Jim before opening the box, her eyes lit up as she drew a sweater from the box. Eagerly, Blue made her way into the sweater, it was a white knitted sweater with a turtle neck, made of sheep wool. "I don't know what to say." she said with a smile. "Well." said Jim, obviously smug about his magnificent purchase. "I thought you would want to be able to go outside in the snow without freezing.". Blue nodded and stood up, she moved over to Jim and gave him a peck on the cheek making her way up stairs.

A few days have passed since the night of the saints. The neutral zone was completely covered in in the lunar glow of the moon. Jim was lying in bed, he seemed oddly peaceful at night, not the usual loud snore that he usually lets out. He wasn't alone though, Blue stood over him, rubbing the fabric of the sweater that he gave to her on the night of the saints. She reached out with her free hand, brushing it over Jim's face. "Such a tragedy..That boy." Blues ears perked up and she swung around, being greeted by a robed Centaur like creature. She was wearing dark robes and wielding a large golden scythe. She took a few steps forward before Blue prepared for a fight. The creature looked at her, in a almost bored expression. "Calm yourself, wolf. I do not wish to harm him.". Blue took a breath before relaxing her pose, stepping to the side as the nightmare approached the side of Jim's bed. "You were thinking of leaving.." said the nightmare as she brushed Jim's hair. Blue gulped and rubbed her arm. "I feel like I'm imposing on him if I stay..". The nightmare let out a soft, whisper-like chuckle, turning her head to face Blue with a sympathetic smile. "You may not believe me..But I have known Jim for a very long time. I watched him grow, I witnessed the cruelty the other humans imposed on him. I was there when his mother died... He needs you, Blue.". The last comment surprised Blue greatly. "He has grown dependent on you.. Someone that needs his care, someone he can protect...". The nightmare took one last look at blue before simply vanishing into a shadow. "Stay with him Blue, do it for him.." were the last words to echo, before the room went silent.

Hildenfield Edge of the neutral zone.

Blue reached up, picking a fresh apple from a tree and dropping it into a basket. Hildenfield was a strange field, The apples of the trees grew all year no matter the condition, not only was it convenient, it was a major food supply for most of the herbivorous and omnivorous monsters in the neutral zone, apple pie was also Jim's favorite dessert. Jim had climbed the tree next to Blue's, saying that "The best apples are in the middle.". Every other monster harvesting apples seemed to know Jim, greeting him warmly as they walked passed the tree. As one last apple fell into the last basket out of the four tied to the long staff, Jim flipped out of the tree, rubbing his hands together before picking up the staff. "Are we ready to go?" he asked Blue as he approached her, she dropped one last apple into her one basket before lifting it happily. "Sure am!"

"Do you think he's here?". The Baron stood on top of a cliff, observing the apple trees. beside him stood a cloaked man with a large greatsword strapped to his back. The cloaked man looked over to the Baron, most of his face shielded by the cloak. "I'm sure of it." "Very well." Said the Baron before fixing his suit. "Call him out.."

"DEMON CHILD!" roared the cloaked man in a booming voice. "I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!". Everyone froze in the field as the voice echoed through the air. Blue looked over to Jim, her ears perked up as he looked at the man in shock and fear. "That man..." he said in a frightened whisper. "The one that killed Megan..". "LISTEN TO ME AND LISTEN WELL, DEMON CHILD!" yelled out the man once more, drawing the sword from his back and stabbing it into the ground. "You have bested the Plague doctor, easily defeated the most powerful hunters in the land, and even defeated the great Baron! But now you have met your match.". The ground began to shake as the sound of heavy crunches filled the air. "I may not be able to defeat you in battle but there is a force that can.". Large wings began to make themselves visible from behind the cliff, the monsters of the fields began to gasp or scream in fear as the demons head rose. It was covered in red scales, with large spikes protruding from its spine. Its maw was long and its mouth filled with razor sharp fangs. "NOW DEMON CHILD! FACE THE MIGHT OF TERRANGARD, THE DRAGON OF THE ORDER!". The Dragon rose above the cloaked man, standing taller than any castle or fortress. It let out a fearsome roar, shooting fire into the air, turning the very sky red. The cloaked man let out a long laugh before staring into the field, practically eyeing out Jim. "You have one day to surrender..."

"426...427....428..." A few hours have passed since the incident at the fields. Jim was perched upside down in his living room, doing push ups while keeping his body perfectly in the air. Blue sat in the arm chair beside him, her leg jutting up and down nervously. "Aren't you scared?", asked Blue, a lump forming in her throat. "Scared of what?" asked Jim as he fell down to his feet, brushing off his pants as he stood up. "Aren't you afraid to die?" she asked him, standing up in the progress. Jim put his hands to his sides, thinking for a moment before shaking his head. "...No not really.". Jim took a step forward, her ears perked downwards. "So that's it, huh? You're just gonna go and get yourself killed? How can you be so selfish!?". Jim looked at Blue in surprise, tears began to roll down her cheeks, sniffing as she rubbed her eyes on her sleeve. "Are you that selfish?" she asked in between breaths. "You're just going to leave me alone?". Jim continued to stare at her before taking a step forward, "Blue..". Blue leaped forward, wrapping her arms around his stomach and burying her face into his chest. "I don't want to be alone anymore.." she said before her sobbing became heavier. Jim smiled and places his hands on each of her cheeks, raising her face to his. "You don't have much faith in me, Blue..". He wipes her tears away with his thumbs. "If I don't do anything about the dragon, who knows what will happen to everyone else..". He arched his face closer to hers. "Nothing will happen to me.." he whispered to her. "I promise..". With his last words, he pulled her face forward, pressing her lips against his. Her eyes widened for a moment before she accepted him, closing her eyes.

The dragon stood in the fields, fire spewing from its nostrils as it waits. The cloaked man and several order soldiers stood behind it. The cloaked man nudged one of the soldiers. "I think we'll have to draw him out...Grab the bait." The Soldier nodded and beat his chest with his left hand before nodding to his men. Two soldiers stepped to the side before another walked in between them, dragging a Large Mouse behind him. The cloaked man lifted the Mouse by her shirt. examining her. "He knows this one.." he said with a hint of disgust. The large mouse was none other than Mia, whimpering in fear as the cloaked man handed her back to the soldier who began to pull her towards the dragon. She squeaked as the soldier threw her away, but before she could get up and run, a large claw surrounded her, picking her up by her tail. She screamed in terror as the Dragon examined her, kicking and flailing in a attempt to get away. The dragon snorted before opening its large gaping jaw. Mia covered her face in fear, not wanting to see her own demise. "JIM TREE JAVELIN!". Before the dragon could throw Mia into its mouth. A large tree smashed into the side of its face. It roared in pain and anger, dropping Mia to nurse its face. She screamed as she plummeted to the ground, only to be caught by Jim. Jim slid across the ground, dragging up grass and dirt, he put Mia onto her feet, looking down on her. "Run." he ordered, Mia nodded, taking one last look at the dragon before scurrying into the woods, she looked around to find that hundreds of other monsters stood in the woods, including Blue and Mara, their fate to be decided on this battle. Jim grinned, cracking his knuckles and stretching out. "You want to dance, you giant lizard? alright, lets dance!"

The Dragon let out one last roar, a furious and angry roar that shook the very earth. It charged forward to get Jim into range, pushing its neck forward, it opened its mouth, fire spewed from its mouth as it roared, covered the earth in front of it. Jim barely had time to react, he leaped backwards, to avoid to the flame, grinding across the ground on his feet and his right arm digging into the dirt, he stood straight, looking over to his shoulder to realize that his shirt was on fire. With a "Guh!" noise, he patted it out. "The lizards faster than I thought..", he said to himself before dashing forward, leaping up into the air. Jim landed between the dragons eyes, grabbing onto what ever flesh he could, he balled up his free hand, dropping it down and smashing it into the dragon repeatedly. It flailed around in pain after each of Jim's punches, crying out before charging its head into the ground below. Still holding onto the Dragons face, Jim dug both hands into it, pushing his feet towards the ground below. He grimaced in pain as his body smashed into the ground below, dragging his feet across the ground. The earth below cratered around him as the dragon added more force, charging down the field. At the last second, Jim lost his footing and his grip, falling backwards as the Dragon gored him into the ground. It rose its head from the dirt, examining the large crater it left before itself. Jim was nowhere in sight, The dragon moved its head closer to the crater, to examine for any kinds of remains, but before it could react, Jim came exploding out of the ground with his fist up in the air, a shock waved coursed through the air as his fist made contact with the Dragons chin , forcing it off two of its legs and falling backwards, creating a small earthquake as it smashed into the grass.

Jim landed on his feet and charged at the Dragon in a attempt to refuse it a chance to counter attack. Still on its back, the dragon expected Jim's sudden continuation of the assault, it swayed its tail to the left, and than swung it furiously to the right, smashing into Jim's side. He coughed up in pain as he was sent hurling through the air into the ground below. Jim managed to rise to a knee before the Dragons claw smashed into his back, picking him up and smashing into the cliff that the orders soldiers were standing on. The soldiers stumbled around as Jim's body cratered the side of the cliff. The Dragon pushed its claw against Jim's body mercilessly, crushing him under the weight. "JIM!" cried out blue as she tried to run towards the fight, only to be stopped by Mara. "Stop.." she ordered blue, holding onto her arm. Blue looked at her in shock, "But Jim is getting killed!". Mara nodded towards the fight. "Just watch..".

The Dragon continued to push for a little while longer before it paused suddenly. "Why is it stopping?" asked the cloaked man before coming to the realization. The Dragons claw began to be forced back, Jim, with his hands against the stone and his feet against the claw, pushed it away from him. In a roar of frustration, the Dragon scooped up Jim and tossed him high into the sky. As Jim began to descend, he pointed his body downwards, gaining more speed and force as he plummeted back to the earth. The Dragon perked its head upwards and fired three enormous balls of fire towards Jim. As two flew passed Jim, the third hit dead on, but instead of burning him up, the fire seemed to bend around him. The fire swarmed around Jim like a aura as flipped over, pointing both feet towards the Dragon. "FIRE IS THE MANS SOUL, BURNING CHARIOT ATTAACCK!" he yelled out as he smashed into the Dragons face, the fire becoming more fierce as his feet made contact. The dragons head smashed into the ground, exploding the very earth around them, and shooting a mushroom cloud into the air.

As the dust settled, the dragon lied motionless in the ground, its mouth gaped open. Jim lied face down in the dirt, digging his fingers into the dirt and pushing himself to his knee's. "I guess." he said as he took a deep breath. "I guess I kind of over did it..". He chuckled weakly as he stumbled to his feet, taking one last look to the dragon before stumbling towards the forest. Blue came running out, leaping into Jim's arms. "Jim, that was amazing!" she told him, her tail wagging in excitement. "Yeah, I guess." he said with a weak grin. She smiled, looking behind him to see the slain dragon, her face froze in fear as she noticed that it wasn't down anymore, in fact, it was gone. The dragon came flying from the sky and into the ground behind Jim. It Gave out one last roar before spinning around, swinging its tail towards him. "JIM, LOOK OUT!" she yelled as she grabbed him, spinning both of them around. It seemed like the entire world around Jim froze as he witnessed the dragons tail smash into Blues back, sending them both spiraling. Jim's back smashed into a the ground, Blue still in his arms as he grinded across the earth. As he stopped, he looked down in horror at Blue."Blue!" he yelled out as he shook her seemingly lifeless body. Jim's held Blue closely. "I promised you I wouldn't leave you..Why didn't you do the same?...". Getting up from the ground, Jim gently placed Blue's head on the grass. Looking back at the dragon, he roared out in pure rage, the earth around him and the dragon shattering from the force.

Jim charged forward once more, every steps force shaking the ground. The Dragon too charged forward, spinning around to smash its tail into Jim once more. Grabbing onto the tail, Jim slid around the ground before digging his fingers into it. The dragon cried out in pain as Jim's fingers dug into its flesh, sending blood gushing into the air. Digging his feet into the ground, Jim stopped the Dragon dead it its tracks, with the motion of his torso, the dragons body began to slide across the ground. The hulking beast flailed desperately to regain its footing but it was too late, with a few might turns, Jim began to swing the dragon around in a circle. After fifty swings at almost sonic speeds, Jim let go, sending the dragon whirling into the cliff about a mile away now, shattering it like glass and sending the soldiers and the cloaked man into the soon to be rubble below. The Dragon attempted to get back to all four but cried out once more as Jim came spiraling down, smashing into the creatures back, Wrapping his arms around its left wing and seemingly breaking it, he let out another roar as he tore the wing from the beasts body, blood firing into the air like a fountain. Throwing the wing away, Jim marched up the Dragons back, lifting his left foot and pounding it down on the top of the creatures head, forcing its face into the dirt. The dragon laid on the ground motionless, its spine shattered completely. With his foot still on its head, Jim reached for its right horn, snapping it from its body. turning it up side down, Jim let out one last roar before plunging the long horn into the beasts skull, ending its life.

The cloaked man stood up from the rubble, bleeding from his forehead. He looked forward to see Jim walk away from the Dragons corpse. He gritted his teeth and drew his sword from his back. "You think you have won, Demon child? You think you can just walk away!?". With those words, the man charged forward, swinging his blade downwards. Before he could finish his swing, Jim was already passed the sword, his right hand grasping the mans neck. Dropping his blade, the man grabbed onto Jim's wrist with both his hands, attempting to pry it off, gasping desperately for air. Jim looked straight into the mans frightened eyes, his face frozen in a grim, enraged look. "You prey on the weak, imposing your power over those who can't fight back...Innocent people have died because of you..Tell me...Why did Megan deserve to die?". The man continued to attempt to pry away, gasping heavily. "I see..You have no reason...You just wanted to kill her..And you had your little lizard kill Blue too...For that, you lost the right to live..". With one final squeeze, the mans life escaped his body as Jim's hand crushed his wind up and spine, dropping his lifeless body to the ground, Jim continued he march towards the forest and Blues body.

Jim fell to his knees in front of Blues body, picking her up and holding her in his arms, tears flowing from his eyes. "You didn't deserve this.." he whispered. "Blue...Please come back...". As the other monsters watched on, some even crying at the sight. The air remained silent until the sound of galloping filled the air. "You poor child.." a whispered voice said, approaching the broken Jim. "Everyone you love seems to leave you when you need them the most..". Jim recognized the creature, the same one that spoke to him when his mother died. The nightmare shook her head, a smile finally appearing on her face. "But this one need not go..It is not her time..". With those words, the Nightmare turned to the left, and galloped into the forest, disappearing once more. "Jim?..". Jim looked down, to his surprise, Blue was awake, her eyes half opened. Jim wiped away his tears and smiled "I promised you I wouldn't die.." he said as Blue placed her hand on his cheek. She smiled and buried herself in his chest. "I'm tired..Can we go home?".

papers flew through the air of the chamber as the Baron desperately attempted to hide and burn his documents. He raced madly after the news of the Dragons defeat spread to him. Shouting and a struggle could be heard from outside his chambers as threw more and more papers into the fire. But before he could discard of everything, the large doors to his chambers swung open. A older man, clad in plated armor and wearing a full helm with the kingdoms insignia across his chest marched into the room, he had three claw scars down his cheek and a look that would scare the devil. "Baron Marcus." he said in a booming voice. "By order of the king, you are under arrest for delving with the Knights of the Holy order, if you resist than your sentence is death.". The Baron gulped down the lump in his throat, he looked at the man once more before hanging his head, raising his hands in front of him, awaiting the restraints.

The Neutral Zone, a few years later.

The sound of struggle filled the air in the southern neutral zone. "Come on!" said the boy as he attempted in vain to pull his leg from under the tree. His mother told him not to venture into the neutral zone, but he didn't listen, It was only a matter of time before a monster finds him and claims him for herself. He was on the verge of crying as he continued to pull but to no avail. He heard what sounded like humming from somewhere around him, in a hope that it was a traveler he yelled out. "Help, please help me!". The humming stopped and what sounded like foot steps approached him, the boy gulped in panic, he was not aware that monsters knew music. He gritted his teeth as he covered his eyes, awaiting his faith. The sound of wood cracking filled the air as the weight became lighter on his leg. He managed to pry his hands away from his face, to get a look at his Savior. It was a little girl, about his age. She effortlessly threw the tree to the side, she looked at him curiously. It didn't take long to notice the pair of wolf ears and the tail on the girls body. After a few moments of staring at him, she grinned. "Hi!" she said enthusiastically. "Um...Hi.." said the boy, still sitting down. The werewolf pointed her thumb at herself proudly. "My name is Gwendolyn Guinevere Gwenny Jarrington the first! Whats your name?". The boy looked at her, confused at the werewolf's uncharacteristic friendliness. "Phillip Tobbins.." he said as she helped him to his feet. "Well Phillip!" she said with the grin never leaving her face. "Would you like to come over? My dad makes really good pancakes!". "Your...dad?" he asked in disbelief. "Yeah! Come on!" she said as she took both his hands in hers, leading him to a lodge, on the south side of the neutral zone...