Jiralhanae Guns

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This article is about the Halo weapons.

Blunt, primitive, crude but effective; these are what makes up the guns and weaponry of the Jiralhanae. Traditional Jiralhanae design combines firepower (albeit of lower range and accuracy) with tough melee capabilities that delight Orks for their "Choppyness" and "Shootyness". Because of this, within months after the Covenant first came to this universe, pretty much every Ork within their vicinity was sporting Jiralhanae weapons, making local Imperial Xenologists nervous at this frightening development of the Ork and Covenant relationship.


This shotgun-esque pistol from the Jiralhanae was inspired by Imperial Shotguns that they looted on unguarded Imperial worlds. While the range is almost pitifully short, it makes up for it with its immensely powerful shock wave and firepower so powerful a normal human discharging it would have their entire arm ripped out of the socket. Like all Jiralhanae weapons, knives are a standard issue on this weapon. Because of the loud bang and shock wave of this supposed "small firearm" and the three-inch carbon-fiber steel knife attached at the bottom, they are a favorite among Ork Stormboyz and a "Trusty Slugga" for higher Ork Nobs and Warbosses.


The standard issue firearm for a Jiralhanae, although they use it more like a SMG. These nasty-looking weapons with two four-inch long knife bayonets are considered a popular choice for these brutes. Accurate, quick to reload, loud, and easy to create, this crude weapon does have a few flaws: one of them is the frequent jamming and over-heating due to the sheer rate of fire and the other is the pitiful range and apparent low muzzle velocity-- sometimes even Flak armor could survive glancing shots. However the spiker's ammo are four-inched long, super-heated metal shards that could bisect an entire human with ease, negating those flaws if fired correctly. When the Imperium first met these weapons, they wondered how could a two-foot long assault rifle could contain over thirty, four-inch long spikes in its magazine. As demonstrated by the local Tech-priests, it turned that the magazine actually contain small metal ball bearings, that are stretched and superheated by the weapons primitive railgun schematics. The Spiker is incredibly difficult for a human to fire, even two-handed, due to the (relatively) high and unpredictable amount of recoil, though the Brutes themselves can easily wield it in a single hand.

Brute Shot[edit]

Considered the "Captains' cannon" by the local Imperial Guardsmen, these heavy weapons are mentioned as the prime favorite for Jiralhanae captains. These brutish Grenade Launchers fire out 40-60mm high explosive, armor-piercing, deuterium-core rounds. These rounds are analogous to grenades, but hey are capable of bypassing lighter types of armor and cracking open even Ceramite. Like the Spiker, the Brute Shot uses primitive railgun schematics as their base of firing; and like tradition before them, are equipped with one huge massive bayonet at the back of the gun, which the Jiralhanae would happily use as a makeshift axe. Like other Jiralhanae weapons, Ork Nobs and Warbosses covet these dangerous weapons as they are considered both "Choppy" and "Shooty" and therefore a symbol of status, power, and privilege other Orkboyz envy.

35mm Autocannon[edit]

The primary offensive weapon of the Brute Choppers. On each Brute Chopper, it is mounted with four linked forward-firing 35mm auto cannons. This cannon is incredibly powerful, and its ammunition appears to be a larger form of the Spiker round according to local Xenologists; such cannons fire out massive shells that can penetrate, maim and seriously rip apart vehicles and infantry alike. This makes the Brute Chopper notorious among the Imperial Guard for its mass vehicle casualty rates, leaving wrecked and mutilated Imperial vehicles strewn across the battlefields.