Jon-Frederic Aristide

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Jon-Frederic Aristide

Stallion of the Imperium, L'enfant Stellaire, Warmaster

Discovered (world)

Thiepval Prime

Discovered (period)



Emperor's Dragoons

Great Crusade Command

Primarch, 45th Expeditionary fleet



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This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.

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Primarch Origin[edit]

After conquering the warring tribes of Terra during the Unification Wars, the Emperor of Mankind set out to reconnect all the lost colonies of mankind, which had been lost during the Age of Strife. To this end, the Emperor began work on the Primarch project; 21 gene-sons that would serve as his generals in the Great Crusade. Before he could finish the project however, his sons would be snatched away by the Dark Gods of Chaos and scattered across the stars. The Primarch of the XIVth legion, who would come to be known as Frederíc Aristide, landed upon the world of Thiepval Primaris.

Thiepval Primaris was situated in a small but prosperous system, Rhedon 42, on the eastern fringe of Segmentum Solar, amongst first colonized by humanity during the Golden Age of Expansion. Thiepval Primaris’s climate was perfect for humanity; similar to Terra, but unkempt, lush and a thing of primal beauty. The crown jewel of the Rhedon system, Thiepval Primaris was the economic, governmental, and cultural center, trading with nearby worlds to sustain itself. Unlike Terra however, Thiepval was not nearly as dependant on trade for food and resources. As humanity crumbled about itself during the Age of Strife, the system, though cut off, remained relatively unscathed, though not completely. STC libraries were lost wholesale, and the means to produce, maintain, and repair ancient technology withered and died.

Because of this, after several centuries, society on Thiepval had managed to stabilize and recover from much of the damage dealt to it by the Age of Strife. A lot of technological prowess would remain lost, however. As centuries turned to millennia, Thiepval became divided across countless nation states.

The infant sixteenth Primarch crash landed on Thiepval Primaris in its darkest era, the once prosperous world stricken with poverty, war, and harsh class divides the world over. The nobility and governments of the planet played wars of fancy with each other, expending lives for games of court and diplomacy. Thiepval's premier empire, and general instigator of the near constant conflict, was the Rayeux Sovereignty, a massive and brutal monarchy that retained a great deal of ancient technology, lobotomizing the Royal Guard and arming them with advanced arms and armour to keep their lands tame, while the rest of their military and subjects suffered by on bolt action rifles and petroleum based vehicles. The babe’s loose gestation pod crash-landed in a field in the large principality of Bordeois, where he was found by failed farmers, and disgraced nobility, Jeanine and Grigón Aristide. These exiled nobles, cast from court and exiled to the very lands they used to own, decided that their child, borne from heaven, was an omen. So they abandoned their failing farmhold and moved to the city of Saileux. His mother worked as a seamstress, a courtly diversion serving as a valuable skill. His father was denied many chances of employment, the commoners seeing a chance to strike back at the upper class, even if that was the case no longer. The most bitter irony being that his claims to land and noble titles were seized by the throne for his demands for better treatment of the rural peasantry that fed their war machine. Resigned, his father became a street sweeper. Their boy, the Star Child, grew more and more everyday, his mother overjoyed at the boys miraculous nature. His father, betrayed by court and the commoners he sought to protect, became embittered and jealous, and was often given to drink and would become abusive. It was when the babe was the size of a young man, his mother tried to defend the quiet youth from his father's ravings, wherein she was struck by her husband for the first and last time. Frederíc broke his father's legs with his bare hands. His father crippled, albeit accidentally, by his adopted son, Frederíc was forced to abandon the safety of his home and seek real work to feed the family. His mother's homeschooling and the boy's work as a clerk in a local bakery gave the boy a keen mind, and his reputation as a hyper intelligent giant eventually made the crueler commoners give his family a wide, but respectful birth. Frederíc was not some silent golem, how ever, and would often spend nights transcribing books to pass to illiterate commoners in a bid to increase literacy. He would gather the neighborhood to clean and repair the city streets, broken gas lamps, and over crowded apartments. Here he worked a variety of menial professions, with a greater proficiency than his fellows allowing him to work at a breakneck pace and thus take more paying work. Fellow labourers first began to loathe the giant young man, but the sheer myriad of work he adopted saw that most crews did not see him long enough to feel outclassed, felt his absence long enough to miss his impact, and enjoyed his return to their labours. Frederíc made few friends during his time supporting his family, keeping to himself and his family. His chair ridden father at the mercy of his son and improving in sobriety and disposition, his mother so proud of her miracle son. It was merely existence for young Aristide, nearly six years of monotonous work simply keeping his parents fed.

The Great Crusade[edit]


Fate & Legacy[edit]