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A volcano
Aliases The Furious Inferno, Maiden of Disputes, Mistress of Heat, the Raging Volcano, the Shrew
Alignment True Neutral (Neutral Good tendencies)
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Oerth
Portfolio Fire, Volcanoes, Wrath, Anger, Quarrels
Domains Destruction, Fire, War
Home Plane Travels between Bytopia & Elysium
Worshippers Speakers, Diplomats, Politicians
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff

Joramy (also called the Raging Volcano and The Shrew) is the Greyhawk goddess of fire, volcanoes, wrath and anger. Strangely enough she is not any kind of evil: she is neutral, and even tending towards Neutral Good. Her holy symbol is a stylized volcano or pillar of flame.

She has quite a hot temper but is of a good nature. She looks like an average looking woman with fiery hair, which is sort of a requirement for female fire users. Joramy loves to argue: she'll argue for the sake of arguing, using all sorts of rational arguments before grasping for emotional arguments when those fail.

She gets along with her fellow nonevil gods who don't mind her temper, but she doesn't really like the less emotional gods like Delleb and Rao. Whether this is because such emotional distance caused estrangement between her and her former lover Zodal or because they estranged Joramy blames the emotional distance.

Mordenkainen believes she has worked on the artifact called Queen Ehlissa's Marvelous Nightingale alongside Xagy, a greatuncle of Zagyg. Whether or not this is true is unknown.


Joramy holds dominion over fire volcanoes, anger, passion and hot tempers. Her rage is just, but often causes a lot of colatteral damage. Those who oppose her are met with strong opposition in kind: with words, weapons or a lot of fire. Her opinion on the god Pyremius is unknown: the two are both fire gods (she neutral/good, he evil) and of different regions (he is a Suloise, she is a common goddess), but they have never interacted.

Joramy holds great emnity for Erythnul, and her faithful are to kill his followers on sight. This is likely based on Erythnul's jealousy. She is also the enemy of Beltar, the goddess of caves whose followers have been sacrificing Joramy's, bringing the two close to a full-scale conflict.


Joramy has no fixed realm. While the goddess is Neutral she does not hang out on the Outlands, instead preferring to travel the layers of Bytopia and Elysium. These layers are not exactly known for their volcanic activity like some planes like Gehenna are. It is unknown why she picked these planes: unless Shurrock has a couple of volcanoes on it or Belierin's mists are the result of fires or volcanic activity.


Clerics of the fire goddess are passionate and argumentative individuals, willing to defend their ideals to the death. They are potent motivational speakers and politicians, whipping their followers into a frenzy to defend their ideals. They are often found as diplomats for aggressive (in words or deeds) nations to make them appear stronger than they are. Though they would rather argue than fight, a slighted cleric of Joramy is a powerful opponent indeed.

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