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The Judged are a group of 30 Space Marine Chapters who were judged as impure by the false Saint Basillius the Elder and sentenced to undertake the Abyssal Crusade, a redemptive crusade into the very heart of the Eye of Terror. Of the thirty who went in, only one escaped with its purity intact, the others paying the ultimate price for their transgressions into the center of Chaos' power. All of them have really cool names, too. Dammit, GW! Although, their Warband names are pretty awesome, too.

The thirty Chapters known as the Judged, and their ultimate fates, are as follows:

Vorpal Swords: Escaped alive and untainted from the depths of the Eye, bearing vital information that allowed them to topple the false Saint Basillius and exact some measure of vengeance for his corruption. The only Judged chapter that survived uncorrupted.

Blades Eternal: Designation is marked as "Pending"; presumably, it's still unclear whether they have perished, fallen to Chaos or may even be continuing to fight their doomed Crusade.

Fists of Olchis: Designation is marked as "Perditas". Note that they are references in IA:2 second edition: the Red Talons apparently nearly completely purged them when they were called Fists of Olchis, so not yet fallen apparently, along with the Argent Hammers - they were known as "Outcast Chapters".

Chorus of Eltain: Sacrificed their existence to the last, remaining loyal to the Imperium, earning the designation "Martyr Extremis".

Prophets of Mercury: Sacrificed their existence to the last, remaining loyal to the Imperium, earning the designation "Martyr Extremis".

Iron Drakes: Invaded the Nurgle Daemon World of Anathrax, where the combination of the resident toxic fungus-forests and an ambush by resident Plague Marines saw half of the Chapter consumed by the foul spores and twisted into a grotesque living death, dismaying the survivors to the point where they threw down their arms and pledged their souls to the Plague-Father. The Nurglite Renegade Marines are now designated the Grey Death.

Sentinels: Invaded the Slaanesh Daemon World of Oliensis, which devoured them -- literally, for it was a planet of living flesh and bone. When Oliensis regurgitated them, they have been twisted into the deranged, cannibalistic Slaanesh-worshiping Renegades known as the Corpus Brethren.

Knights Excelsior: Led a doomed invasion of the mechanical Daemon World of Temporia, residence of the Warpsmith Valdrak of the Magma Hounds and his armies of Daemon Engines. Those Knights Excelsior who were captured alive were forcibly reindoctrinated into Valdrak's band of renegades, doubling the heretic forces.

Brothers of the Anvil: During their scouring of the Crone World of Belial IV, this Chapter was captured by Dark Eldar and dragged into Commorragh to be fodder for the arenas. A year later, the survivors fought their way back into realspace, so deranged and shattered that they have since done nothing more than kill anything and everything they encounter, earning the name of Deathmongers. You should probably ignore this completely no matter what canon says, though, as there is no way in Hell (lol!) Dark Eldar could capture an entire Chapter without a ridiculously huge fleet (capture, not kill, though killing a Chapter and its fleet would also require a much larger fleet than the Marines had). Especially supported by the Chapter's entire fleet. Besides that, they would never be at a Crone World with sufficient forces for fighting the Chapter. In fact, given the issues Dark Eldar have with the Warp, they wouldn't have been in the Eye of Terror in the first place. This warband would go on to fight the Angels Revenant during the Orphean War of Faith.

Lectors of Ixis: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Oracles of Change.

Invictors: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Unhallowed.

Lionguard: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Death Shadows.

Graven Fists: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Twisted Blades.

Lances of Pteros: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Lords of Decay. One of the most dangerous warbands that would plague the Imperium in the millenia to come.

Sigilites: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Malefactors. Not to confused with Malcador, his title has two L's ("Sigillite").

Viridian Consuls: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Broken.

Altar Brethren: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Iconclasts.

Vengeance Chapter: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Flylords.

Tempest Legion: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Revelation of Gore.

Bronze Gorgons: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Crystal Wyverns.

Argent Hammers: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Talons of Anathrax. Note that they are references in IA:2 second edition: the Red Talons apparently nearly completely purged them when they were called Argent Hammers, so not yet fallen apparently, along with the Fists of Olchis - they were known as "Outcast Chapters".

Illustrians: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Black Psalm.

Doom Legion: Fell to Chaos, albeit entire companies of this chapter did not take part in the crusade and remained loyal. The fallen members of the chapter became the Vectors of Pox.

Serpents of Light: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Predator Legion.

Spears of Olympus: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Bloodlords.

Clerics of Steel: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Invocators. Have become since them a rag-tag of minor warbands who specialize in summoning Demons. Their color scheme and symbol are sick tho.

Star Gryphons: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Sons of Midnight.

Justicars: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Fractured.

Sanctors of Terra: Fell to Chaos, now renamed The Blighted Claw.

Crusaders of Dorn: Fell to Chaos, now renamed Brotherhood of Lethe.

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