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The Judiciar is an absolutely badass unit for the Primaris Space Marines who is judge, jury and executioner for the entire Adeptus Astartes. They are like the Judge Dredd of Space Marines and are charged with keeping Space Marines in line and carry out the will of their Chapter Masters; so they are akin to Chaplains, but they make Chaplains look like pushovers. Indeed, they take ceremonial vows of silence so they can become creepy edgelords in comparison to the Chaplains' bombastic firebrands (Although in the novel Indomitus, the Judicar is described as a Chaplain in training, and is anything but silent.)

The Judiciar is armed with an Executioner Blade specially designed for lopping off heads – and there’s a lot of ‘judicating’ to be done. Notably GW did not make these up, Executioner's swords were a thing that existed, hence why it lacks a sharpened tip: its only job is to slice people's heads off.

The timeglass looking device they're holding in their left hand has been revealed to be a form of esoteric wargear. It's called the tempormortis and like the name suggests it is apparently able to MANIPULATE TIME! How? Well, crunchwise it forces a specific enemy unit to fight last in combat (and likely messes with rules that demand enemies go first), which they can use to guarantee their big blade makes its swings before the enemy can even react. If we use some logic to think of what this does in lore, it most likely ensures that even if you resist, your head will be removed from your shoulders quite literally before you can do anything. Like the time devices of the Mentors Legion but on steroids.


The big scary beatstick introduced in Indomitus. The heavy relic blade is like the best part of all the power weapons: S+3, AP-3 and D2 with both a 4+ invuln against melee and a bonus mortal wound on a nat 6 to wound.

Then there's the Tempormortis, that creepy hourglass. It gives the judiciar the ability to inflict Always Strikes Last on one enemy unit within 3" each Fight phase, which makes him very powerful defensively, as he can force a charging unit to fight after getting murdered by whatever it charged - and, of course, if he's close enough, he can even Heroically Intervene in to help out. Also, if you're running a gun line and you want someone to silence unworthy foes who dare assault your line, this is the guy to do it.


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