Kabal of the last word

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The kabal of the last word was a Dark Eldar kabal made by the collective efforts of /tg/ and the kabal creation table.

History of the kabal[edit]

You wish you looked this good.

Davad Bowae is the archon of the kabal, a flamboyant, hedonistic and wholly fabulous individual who's history is as much a mystery as Vects. As a pre-fall noble he was a harlequin, generally making a nuisance of himself until eventually, either as a joke with a punchline long forgotten or because no-one could stand his antics, he was frozen in stasis. After the fall the stasis pod was discovered by an ambitious youth named Asdrubael Vect who unfroze the occupant to help him seize power, before promptly realizing why he was sealed away and re-froze him again. After an indeterminable amount of time he was unfrozen again by two bored kabalites who became the first members of the kabal. Finding an abandoned homunculus lab infested with mandrakes Davad decided that this would be his territory and set to building a respectable kabal. By most accounts in the dark city he has yet to succeed.

Fast-forward to the 41st millennium and The kabal of the last word has become one of the most insane examples of dark eldar society, known for their seemingly illogical motives and focus on style above all else, the kabal has expanded to become a major player in the politics of Commorragh, known for their disregard for logic and hordes of 'tame' mandrakes the kabal is not an enemy to be crossed.

Our most fabulous archon and his cast of backup dancers[edit]

  • Davad Bowae - The archon of the kabal of the last word, to the masses he is known for his demeanor more suited for the harlequins and breaking out into song and dance seemingly at random, not the most pressing threat to their kabals. To those that know him however he is dangerously cunning and fatalistic, knowing that the end is coming and seemingly accepting it. He is a known associate of trazyn the infinite and they often trade pieces from their collections, knowing that their intrests rarely overlap and having a friendly rivalry with each other on the rare occasions that they do. Davad collects the finest pieces of art from across the galaxy to store in his last galleria, a non-euclidian structure built by a tzeenchian sorcerer who's too scared to stop building, ensuring that there is always more room for the art Davad collects. The last galleria is davads answer to the black library, a place where the greatest works of art, including davad of course, can wait out the end of the universe and come out into the next one. Davad also suffers from multiple personality disorder, beliving himself on occasion to be a member of his own retine.
  • Ricky - One of Davad's bodyguards, Ricky is a mandrake that guards Davad at all times after Davad removed his shadow to create the perfect hiding place for a mandrake. If you're at one of the last words parties and you can't see Davad's shadow, just hope it isn't you he's after.
  • The thin white duke - Davad's long-suffering incubus bodyguard, the duke is a klaivex dressed all in white, it is noted that occasionally Davad will wear the dukes armor when the mood takes him, fully believing himself to be the duke.
  • Inquisitor Adelina- An inquisitor captured from the world Urntorine IV she now serves as one of the Archons "Ambassadors" for his dealings with Realspace Human groups. As well as making her a part time court Jester for laughs.
  • Lazarus - A farseer from an unknown craftworld and potential decendent of one of Davads pre-fall friends, was kidnapped by Davad to narrate his life including things that havnt happened yet. Burned out his eyes to prevent him from veiwing the last galleria in an attempt to spite Davad, however he can still see future and past works of art in the galleria. Wears clothes covered in eyes, both real and fake.