Kabalite Armour

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Careful not to cut yourself with that Edge (Ha! Who are we kidding here!?).

The edgier cousin (Both figuratively and literally) of the Eldar Mesh Armour. Kabalite Armour is the main form of armoured suits worn by the sweaty pain goblin's Kabalite Warriors. They have the consistency of wet cardboard and don't do hot in heavy firefighting, but as a ultra-light protective layer? They get shit done.


Due to the Dark Eldar's desire for speed and dexterity over defensibility, their armour is a thin, light-weight flexible bodysuit, pressurised to allow Warriors to traverse the vacuum of space. Just like standard-issue Eldar suits, they respond to neural impulses from their wearer and harden on command, allowing for the Warriors to shrug off civilian-grade firepower, but requiring them to rely on their superior combat abilities and quick reflexes to survive the engagement against more challenging targets.

It is unknown whether it is made from the same material as Mesh Armour, although given its standard-issue wet tissue paper quality, Kabalite Armour holds one of the few distinctions of being just as bad as Flak Armour when it comes to overall protection. Seriously, it is arguable that even Mesh Armour is a tad bit more resistant than what the Dark Boys are strutting around in. The only thing giving Kabalite Armours an edge (Ha!), is that it is lighter than Flak Armour. The armour set is also covered in spikes, although whether the DEldar actually use those spikes in battle has yet to be seen.

Kabalite Warriors wear armour of segmented plates, and because they are such BDSM tryhards, they are often held in place by barbs. Which is kind of Derp, seeing as how a posthuman superman could quite literally rip out pieces of the armour, plate, skin and all.

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