Kabalite Trueborn

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You thought the regular Eldar was snooty? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Trueborn is a term among Dark Eldar that refers to those who were not grown from a vat, but came out the good old fashioned way out of their mothers.

Essentially these jerks are pampered and spoiled brats that have great privileges in Dark Eldar society, as well the rights to get their hands on some truly special equipment (like blasters or shredders) because they came out the proper twat unlike the very large majority of their brethren. Also unlike their vatborn fellows, a Trueborn apparently does not suffer the pain-hunger thing as much, implying that there's some sort of space magic fuckery going around either for the vatborns or the trueborns.

However, despite being a bunch of posh jackasses, Trueborn are highly skilled in combat and are vital for Dark Eldar society as their 'purity' and noble upbringing means that they form the majority of Commorragh's aristocracy. And what is a society without a rich, ruling upper class? Even Orks understand this principle. Due to their special nature, Trueborn form their own special clique and tend not to mix around with the comparatively scummy Kabalite Warriors.

Bunch of aloof twats.


A Dracon is the commander for a regiment of soldiers in a Dark Eldar Kabal and is often what happens when a Trueborn gets promoted either due to complex schemes, coups, assassinations, or all of the above. They are frequently seen leading their forces in large-scale raids, or joining up with a raid currently in progress upon receiving word that considerable resistance has been met. They often dress in flamboyant outfits although not to the scale of an Archon lest he/she wants to feel the latter's wrath of someone usurping them in the fabulous department.


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