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Kadum's symbol.jpg
A bloody heart, or a cracked or broken mountain peak
Divine Rank Titan
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Monsters
Domains None
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (The Maw of Glory, Scarn)
Worshippers Blood Sea creatures, druids, foamer slitherin, giants, hydras, minotaurs, pisceans, tainted merfolk

"Puny ones, even mountains fall! How can you think to endure beyond your miserable span of years? One thing survives, and one thing only–Kadum!"

– The titan, as he destroyed the city of Ul

Kadum, also called Mountainshaker, Father of Monsters, Great Beast, and Bleeding One, is the titan of monsters in Scarn. He's the father of Corean. He's also the reason Golthain got crippled.


Before the Divine War, Kadum was engaged in a rivalry with Thulkas, and when he joined Chern and Lethene to sire Vangal, Kadum mated with Denev to sire Corean to be the opposite of Thulkas' child. He spent much of his time fashioning new monster from his flesh, creating the giants and other monsters based on what he considered virtues. He also destroyed many cities, bearing a special enmity for them as he saw them as creations of beings who didn't know their proper place. When Hedrada came to complain of this to the other titans, they told him to get bent.

During the Divine war's height, the gods hatched a plan to rid the world of the Mountainshaker. They had gathered that Kadum's power came from his heart, and he was invincible so long as it beat. Belsameth planned and prepared to confront Kadum for a month, and under the full moon, she took the guise of Kadum and managed to confuse the titan. Taking advantage of this, she plunged a knife into his chest and tore his still-beating heart out. Feeling his power wane, he attempted to attack Belsameth, only find Corean's mithril golem holding him still by his tail, with Chardun and Vangal appearing from the waters and earth respectively. Kadum attempted to free himself from the golems grip, crushing its shoulder in process, but was bound to a great rock by Chardun's magical chains, and Vangal, with a host of fire giants, hacked his body to pieces before throwing him to the ocean east of Ghelspad.

Of course, the sloppy manner of disposal caused the creation of the Blood Sea, as the titans remains mixed with the seawater, creating a red ocean full of all kinds of nasty monsters.


There are few people outside of the Blood Sea's reach that worship Kadum, as they gain strength and sustenance from his blood. His worshippers are divided to three groups, with each hating the other groups. The most well-known group of worshippers of Kadum are the pisceans, who claim Kadum's body as a sacred relic that showed them their true destiny on Scarn. They undertake pilgrimages to the body in order to partake in its holiness, though these have decreased due to the other groups. The second group is that of Queen Ran and her Krewe of Woes, who see Kadum's body as a source of great power, collecting the blood to sell as ingredients. The last group is that of the flayed giants, the oldest group formed from giants who sought Kadum's body after his defeat. They simply wish to keep others from coming near the body, regarding it as sacrilege.

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