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Crossed hammer and chisel
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Eternal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Matter)
Portfolio Arts, crafts, construction, dwarves, forging, metalworking
Domains Matter, Earth, Crafts, Metal
Worshippers Artisans, builders, crafters, dwarves, blacksmiths
Favoured Weapon Warhammer

Kagyar, also called Ka-Gar, The Artisan, Flasheyes, Ptahr, or Belsamas, is the patron Immortal of arts and crafts, and the creator of the modern dwarves.


Born as Ka-Gar to a tribe of brutemen, Mystaran neanderthals, around the time the first humans started appearing. He was a cave painter and a icon carver, before heading to seek Immortality, eventually ascending to the Sphere of Matter with the sponsorship of Ka the Preserver. After the Great Rain of Fire, Kagyar eventually took note of how the Kogolor dwarves had been affected by the event. He then split the race in half, one half being sent to the Hollow World, and the other he reshaped. He made them resistant to magic and non-magical radiation, gave them a love for safe homes underground, and finally the desire to express themselves with durable materials, and thus he created the modern dwarves and placed them where the kogolor once lived, and gave them false memories.


Kagyar often appears as a hairy, bearded, and gnarled bruteman with beady, deep-set eyes, wearing plain, grey robes and a hood, and carrying a hammer and a chisel. As Ptahr, he appears as a tall, hunched figure clad in a grey, linen robe and a face concealing turban, carrying a gnarled staff. He has narrow eyes, a tight and a stiff beard associated with nobility in Nithia, and carries a crystal pendant in the shape of his symbol on his neck.


Kagyar has little interest beyond promoting the arts. He ignores non-creative types, and occasionally aids those artists with potential. He rarely thinks beyond his interest, and thus is distant to his worshippers. Though he's sponsore many to Immortality, his only ally is Garal Glitterlode. His main enemy is Jammudaru, whose followers often destroy works of art and craftsmanship, infuriating him greatly.

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