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Wrong Kain and wrong game, dumbass.


Kain is a Black Legion Space Marine Aspiring Champion, and Eliphas's field commander/adjutant, who appears in Retribution. He's one of the two Chaos heroes who never speak outside of battlefield cries, probably because he doesn't require a cool voice to be awesome.

Tacitly considered to not be as much of a fuck-up as Neroth, although he does annoy Eliphas by getting downed by what appears to be a five-man Scout squad at the beginning of the campaign.

Despite not even being the Commander of his respective faction, he beats Kaptin Bluddflag in combat if well-kitted, and is reasonably similar to Apollo Diomedes in combat potential though his special abilities are nowhere near as ludicrously over the top and he cannot even begin to compare to Tarkus' dakka.

What a badass.

Kain is notable for being able to use almost all of the same power swords as Eliphas, alongside being the heavy-weapon Hero of Chaos, which makes his role equivalent of The Ancient or Sergeant Merrick, trading out mobility for hitting power in melee, and plasma cannons for a man-portable autocannon. He can alternately spec into being a poor-man's Plague Champion absolutely covered in flies, a decent melee combatant completely overshadowed by Eliphas, or a heavy weapons guy who pops all the metal boxes.

ALSO he has an ability that if made Honor Guard gives EVERY FUCKING HAVOC NO SETUP AND TEARDOWN you can have so much Dakka that can also get Laz you have a goddamn Laser, AND MAY I REMIND YOU THEY'RE NOW JUST AS MOBILE AS TACTICAL MARINES

He also has the same voice-actor as the Khorne Berserker units and Chaos Marines from Dawn of War 1.

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