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Be sure to note the Thopters, you'll be seeing a lot of them here.

Kaladesh is the home plane of Chandra and as such was one of the 10 planes featured in the set Magic Origins. It is also the setting for the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 expansion block of the same name.

Not a great place for a pyromancer to be born, considering fire magic is illegal and punishable by death. Instead of magic being used in a way more common to other planes, artifice is used. These magic devices are fueled by aether. It's kind of steam punk, but instead of the usual Victorian England, it's more based off India, without the colonization (again, no England). Also no pollution and all around prettier than typical steampunk. Using aether as fuel doesn't put soot and shit in the air.

As of the release of Aether Revolt, Chandra's mum lead a revolution which overthrew an oppressive, aether-flow-controlling government, Tezzeret escaped after the destruction of a Planar Portal he kidnapped a ton of inventors in order to build, and our noble heroes decided to set forth for the home plane of Nicol Bolas; Amonkhet.


Energy: A new resource for players to spend in order to activate the abilities of certain cards.

Vehicles: Artifacts that become creatures only when they are crewed by tapping creatures.

Fabricate: Either place +1/+1 counters on a creature or create 1/1 tokens.

Revolt: Abilities get powered up if a permanent was removed from the field this turn.

Notable Cards[edit]

Fatal Push[edit]

Fatal Push

This card is a staple in modern. Black is supposed to be the color with the best creature spot removal, and in modern, that wasn't the case until this card got printed.


These cards have gotten B& in at least one format.

Felidar Guardian[edit]

Felidar Guardian.png

1/2 of an instant win combo with Saheeli Rai.

Aetherworks Marvel[edit]

Aetherworks Marvel.png If you didn't hit your win condition (New Emmy or New Ula) you would likely at least hit an energy producer which might allow you to spin again next turn. You might even hit another Marvel. If you do and you choose the Marvel, Marvel comes in, legend rule sends one of them to the graveyard (you choose to send the tapped one to the graveyard) and you gain 2 energy. If you now have 6 energy, you get to spin a marvel again right away.

Attune with Aether[edit]

It may look innocuous card, and that's why I didn't bother to put up the picture. This was a ban intended to hose the energy decks, but not cripple them. If you don't get why this card matters at all, think of this card as an evolving wilds that gives you 2 energy.

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