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Goodnight sweet prince.

Kalyssia was the last ditch attempt of That Guy, called Onyx to create a Magical Realm full of Furries for his RP forum sandbox.

The Populus[edit]

Seven intrepid valian/tg/uardsmen attempted to brave onyx's strange new worlds, whilst most in the original thread were rightly put off by the fucking furr races.

  • Donovan - A creepy old dude who told stories in an inn called the swatted gull, which became our local.
  • Gannt - Rogue Trader, mechanical savant, shapeshifter, and tree thief.
  • Ijortr - Fistcuffs McGee with magical light powers.
  • Iskra - Sexy Snakelady Indiana Jones
  • Manus - Fistycuffs McGee 2: Electric Skeleton Boogaloo
  • Sonnet - Gannt's plucky shota magical boy minstrel companion.
  • And a bunch of people's alts.

Magic system[edit]

Fanboyishly based off of brandon sanderson's mistborn books, but with nowhere near the ability of the author, it consisted of every human having one of 9 forms of magic, which could only be cast if they had access to expensive Woods.

  • Photomancy - Onyx had a major boner for this one, shit tier magic at low levels but way op at max, letting people travel at lightspeed and make hardlight objects.
  • Novomancy - Water into wine, but not sand into "holy substances" like gold or more Wood
  • Aeromancy - yup
  • Hydromancy - double yup
  • Pyromancy - triple yup
  • Geomancy - full on avatar shit
  • Animancy - mind control shit
  • Viviomancy - the only cool magic, shapeshifting to any known form
  • Necromancy - onyx had another boner for this one, basing half of his religion off of this fucking skill

Also his scaley race got their own grimdark version of magic based on ritual sacrifice.

All of the human magics had the ability to focus their magic for "cool shit", when they were touching a "holy metal", yeah you guessed it, gold was fucking one of them.

What happened?[edit]

Onyx slowly became more distressed saying that his real life commitments were more intense than his previous estimate, and fair play to him. But once we had gotten about 200 posts deep, he nuked the site. Luckily we had already set up #kalyssia on freenode and had our bombshelter ready, before long we were settin up a google doc for a new world without any fucking furries.

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