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The planet of Kandam is the only habitable planet in the Rejak System of the Segmentum Obscurus. It is a planet covered in water, with massive hive cities sitting on the ocean floor while Adeptus Mechanicus Forges churn out weapons and ammo, as well as serve as the home for the Titan Legion Cancer.

Planetary History[edit]

The history of Kandam is one marked with Dark Eldar raids every few years and an odd additon of augmentions. For the most part raids of a small scale, the raid that created a need for an Imperial Guard unit was one of massive proportions. During the raid itself the Forgemoons were under siege along with the many ocean cities covering the ocean floor of Kandam.

During the siege of Kandam itself, several hives were overwhelmed but for the most part held onto control due to no small part of the augmentations that the forgemoons saw fit to give the workers and servitors on the planet. After the few advances started to stall the xenos turned to vile trickery with attacks against the smokestacks vital to the life of the ocean cities. While the siege was at its most climactic hour an artifact from the Ruinous Powers slipped into the dark depths of the ocean, twisting the native creatures into monsters of size and scope never before seen. The sea monsters rose from the oceans and attacked the Forges and Hives, dealing mass devastation along with mass casualties. But, thankfully the determination of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the people of Kandam survived long enough for Space Marines of the Defenestrators Chapter to arrive, and with their glorious windows killed many of the vile beasts and drove off the Dark Eldar.

With the damage done and the forgemoons pushing back, the Dark Eldar withdrew back to the vile space that they call home, but they left something that to this day harms Kandam. The forgemoons themselves rebuilding after the raid, the task of defeating these monsters was placed upon the lacking planetary defense forces.

Present Day[edit]

Currently the world is secured, thanks in part to the Legion and the Crabhunters pushing back the Dark Elder raiders out of the system. However, the Chaos relic remains in a ocean trench, creating monsters of the deep that to this day plague the people of Kandam.

Armed Forces[edit]

Seeing the need to enhance the local defense and the vital Adamantium that seeps from the core of the planet; the Administratum saw fit to create a new tithe in the form of an Imperial Guard Regiment out of the aged survivors of the raid. With the experiences of the raid passed down to each new generation of Guardsman, the idea was further entrenched that through augmentations and superior firepower was assured victory. To keep the recruitment process fair the planet instituted a lottery system. Those who were lucky enough to win would be drafted into the ranks.

Notable Regiments of the Kandam Crabhunters[edit]

477th Kandamii Airborne Regiment: known as the "SkyFrogs" by their comrades, the 477th has served in recent campaigns as a local replacement to Elysian Drop Troops. They specialize in Lightning assaults and use Unorthodox tactics to secure victory.