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He's also very funky.
Wants to be Holt's lover.

Also, leader of a badass terrorist organization called The Brotherhood of Nod. But no one on /tg/ cares about that ;_;





Are all acceptable memes to shout at random times, or if anyone ever mentions anything with the phonetic sound "Cane" in it, "blank lived, lives" etc., and any mention of peace or power.

In original C&C fluff, Kane was speculated by the Brotherhood to be the original murderer from Cain and Abel, cursed by God with immortality to wander the world forever. He named his Illuminati-esque organization, the Brotherhood of Nod, after the curse by God to "wander the Land of NOD forever." Throughout his long life he enjoys plotting way ahead of time (plan came to fruition in 200x, started plotting circa the dawn of time), advising Soviets, and posing crucified before Ion Cannon beams. Kane's origins are deliberately kept mysterious with a lot of contradictory stories and theories in universe that all seem incomplete in their own way. His deep familiarity with extraterrestrial and even extragalactic technology hint at otherworldly origins while his heavy usage of Abrahamic religious trappings allude to a possible supernatural origin. He was one of those characters you could make just about any theory regarding his origins and his apparent immortality and you'd have about as much evidence as anyone else.

He has started about three world wars now, and a number of other fights against GDI. After every war he seems to die, but always comes back with a lucky roll. He doesn't seem impervious to damage, as taking the Ion Cannon to the face forced him to put on some cybernetic implants, but he's quite clearly ageless (something apparently shared by his actor Joe Kucan who doesn't seem to have visually aged in the twenty-one years since the first game) and can most definitely recover from injuries that should not just kill but completely obliterate a human body. He's incredibly manipulative, not just to his enemies in GDI or the mutant Forgotten but also to his own Brotherhood of Nod who are quite often as much in the dark regarding their messiah's plans as anyone else and not even aliens from beyond the Galaxy are safe; as seen in the third game where he played the Scrin like a fiddle. He's considered one of the greatest video game villains of all time, certainly one of the greatest to appear in multiple games instead of being a one off and is essentially the poster boy for devious messianic figures.

Command and Conquer 4 sees a new side of Kane. Kane is a lot like that swell guy Kharn, having a deeper prophetic and well-meaning side that is rarely revealed when he's leading the Brotherhood in global conquest to prepare for his ascension. The fact that he takes his loyal followers with him when he ascends (and wipes Earth clean of Tiberium, and shows regret for not being able to save the player character) probably testifies to the fact that had there been other ways to achieve his goals without killing so many eco-friendly GDI mind-slaves, he probably would have chosen the preferable alternative. But then there would be no C&C games, and to be fair, it contradicts the side of him Westwood and EA had spent the previous fifteen years, real-time, building up.

But, Electronic Arts produced Command and Conquer 4, and like usual, they screwed the pooch, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Like, say, they retconned his biblical origin with a poor Ancient-Aliens background where he was a fucking alien. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Though to be fair, the mystery around Kane that had built up over fifteen years had gotten to the point where there was no possible revelation you could make about his origins that wouldn't disappoint much of the fanbase with as many hints to him being extraterrestrial as there were to him being supernatural, all meant to fuel further speculation. Which of course means it would have been better to keep his origins mysterious to begin with.

Many (only partially jokingly) also think that Kane is in fact, the God Emperor of Mankind in Warhammer 40,000 given both love extremely long term plans, have an obsession with human ascension, a tendency to hide things from even their most trusted followers, their immortal natures and probably Middle Eastern/western Asian origins, and their possible extensive behind-the-scenes role in human history. Though it is worth noting that the two had entirely differing views towards religion, Kane constructing a religion to form the very heart of his cult with himself as the Messiah (i.e more or less the second coming of Christ/the next Buddha/the eighth prophet of Islam), while the Emperor sought to destroy religion especially those revolving around him. But of course, with some 28,000 years between Command & Conquer and Warhammer, one could change their worldview on a lot of things in that time span. It might explain the Emperor's love of giant walkers, power armor, lasers, flamethrowers, cyborgs, impractical supertanks, and utterly unaerodynamic flying bricks.