Karak Eight-Peaks

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Of all the dwarves’ kingdoms, only one could be considered an equal to Karaz-A-Karak. Karak Eight-Peaks, also known at the Queen of the Silver Depths and Vala-Azrilungol, was built in an amphitheater surrounded by eight snow covered mountains (Karag Lhune, Karag Mhonar, Karag Rhyn, Karag Yar, Karag Ziflin, Karagril, Karak Nar, and Kvinn-Wyr), and was famed for its beauty, prestige, and defenses that not even other dwarves could hope to penetrate. It was ruled by the Clan Angrund for generations and everything was great.

Too bad the universe decided to give the collective middle finger to the Eight-Peaks.


Trouble started shortly after the War of Vengeance, the dwarves returned home, battle weary and weakened by their conflict with the elgi. Nature was the first to attack when volcanic activity shook the entirety of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Earthquakes and lava flows wrecked the numerous holds and tunnels the dwarves called home, though they mostly stayed within the confines of their homes. These natural disasters would go on to cause more problems; rampaging hordes of Greenskins barreled into the Mountains from the Badlands. They sensed weakness from the dwarves and began throwing themselves at the holds in a mad attempt to wipe the stunties off the map. Things got worse when the opportunistic Skaven rose from the dark mountainous depths to attack the dwarves from below. Despite being surrounded on all sides by a sea of enemies, Karak Eight-Peaks remained strong.

Then the Skaven did what they did best and hatched a scheme that would ensure their control of the Karak. First they convinced the local Greenskin tribes to stop fighting one another and make a unified push against the dwarves’ upper levels. Meanwhile the Skaven coordinated their own attacks on the lower reaches of the hold. Once they were deep enough into the Karak, the ratkin began the next phase of their plan. They poisoned the dwarves’ water supply with warpstone shards, further weakening their grasp on the hold. Additionally, new weapons like the Warp-Fire Thrower proved to be the perfect tool in melting away the famed dorf shield walls. When the unrelenting raids from Skaven and Greenskins, and choking on their own water, proved to be too much, the reigning King Lunn made his final decree to seal off the vaults of the Karak and gave the order to abandon ship.

Greenskins now controlled the upper and surface levels of Karak Eight-Peaks, while the Skaven controlled the lower depths. Predictably the Skaven turned on their former allies, hellbent on claiming the whole mountain for themselves. During one of their attacks, Clan Mors was able to collapse one of the upper levels, blocking the way down for the Greenskins to retaliate. The Council of Thirteen then rewarded Clan Mors by allowing them to take the fallen Karak as their new home, which they would rename to the City of Pillars.

Things weren’t looking well for the Greenskins, especially when the Night Goblins of the Crooked Moon tribe were cut in half following Mors’ ascension. Then along came an unusually cunning and charismatic gobbo who unified the rowdy Greenskins and regained a solid foothold in the Karak. That goblin would later gain a proper name, Warlord Skarsnik, and his name would become infamous amongst all who’d call the Eight-Peaks home. Equally fearsome would be the new skaven warlord placed in charge of the Pillar City, Queek Head-Taker. Skarsnik and Queek would clash many times under the mountains, but soon a third party joined the fray. Belegar Ironhammer, last descendant of King Lunn, leads a throng of dwarves into the mountains to reclaim his ancestral home. So far they’ve managed to claim a sizable portion of the Karak’s upper levels, though they face stiff resistance from goblins and skaven alike.

Such is life in Karak Eight-Peaks.

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