Kharon Pattern Acquistor

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Jesus...its like a cruel joke of an offspring made from a pillbug fucking a fish...(or a vehicle version of Dune's Sandworm)

Oh boy, the Kharon Pattern Acquistor (Or Shai-Hulud Rape Van as some like to call it) is possibly the weirdest designed and most unique looking vehicle ever made from the Imperium which is saying something. It looks like something out from Warmachine then it does with WH40K, and in a strange level of coincidence, it just so happens to be the primary transport for the Sisters of Silence.

As mentioned, the Kharon Pattern Acquistor (Let's just call it the Kharon for ease' sakes) is one of a number of unique and highly specialized vehicles utilized by the Silent Sisterhood, the Kharon is in truth a paramilitary rather than battlefield design meant for the execution of the great psyker cull of the burgeoning Imperium's worlds.

The Kharon is also called the 'babysnatcher', as its main role is not as a military transport, but as a mobile prison where those with psychic talent are locked up while they are transported from their homes to the shuttles that will take them up to the Black Ships. In Greek mythology, Kharon or Charon is the ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron into the afterlife.

Built to incorporate numerous systems to approach its targets silently and with utmost stealth, it is also made quite deliberately to be a thing of mystery and terror when its presence is unveiled, to cow potential resistance through fear as much as the threat of force present.

When that force is required, the Kharon can release a hail of murderous weapons fire to annihilate any resistance in the form of heavy stubber rounds, which are more than effective enough against any interfering civilian or militia targets encountered. Against sterner opposition, various payloads of missiles can be employed such as frag, krak and psyk-out missiles. It also includes sophisticated anti-psyker warheads where rogue psykers are encountered. For further anti-infantry firepower, it can be equipped with the Hellion Pattern Heavy Cannon Array which is a turret-mounted array of cogitator-slaved short-barrelled autocannons, used to lay down a hail of suppressive fire as the Kharon arrives in the target area.


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