Khazrak The One-Eye

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"Powerful was its stature, tall and curving were its horns, and filled with hatred and cunning were its eyes, glowing in the night. It lashed about with a barbed whip, the touch of which cut and tore. With a roar, it pointed, and a pack of nightmare dog-beasts turned their feral attention towards me. Alas, I wished to stand and fight, yet my cowardly steed ran, and I was carried away, borne unwillingly upon its back. Could this fell Beast have been the one behind the constant raids? I know not."

– Markus Renkler, Empire pistolier

"I’m a MASSIVE IDIOT! Everyone hates me and my army sucks! Blah blah blah, I like to fuck animals!"

Boris "Toddy" Todbringer, cleverly disguised as Khazrak One-Eye

A chaos beastman warlord, Khazrak the One-Eye rose to prominence after a successful raid; while his warherd's celebration was at its height, Khazrak challenged his Beastlord, Graktar, for leadership of the herd. After an intense battle that could have gone either way, Khazrak gored Gracktar upon his horns, tore off his (Graktar's) horns and sent him into exile with his tail between his legs, seizing the mantle and control of the warherd.

He is the sworn nemesis of FUCKING TODDY, Grand Duke of Middenland. It all started when Khazrak was dicking around raiding villages like beastmen are meant to do, when Todbringer decided he had enough of Khazrak's bullshit and started campaigning against him. Once Boris managed to trap the Beastman near the village of Elsterweld against impossible odds. Khazrak lost his eye to the Count's Runefang in the ensuing battle, escaping when his favorite Chaos hound, Redmaw, attacked Toddy's horse, distracting him. Khazrak still escaped the slaughter with a handful of his herds still intact.

Khazrak's eye never truly healed, and continually wept blood and pus. Such a handicap would usually prove fatal in the brutal culture of the Beastmen (especially in conjuction with his defeat in that battle) but Khazrak's wound has actually made him all the more fearsome. For many months afterwards he plotted and schemed in his hidden lair, and only when the perfect opportunity presented itself did he put his plan into action.

With a series of daring ambushes, he lured the Count and his army into a cunning trap. Khazrak confronted the Elector Count and threw him from his horse, pinning him to the ground. With slow deliberation, Khazrak gouged out one of the Count's eyes with the tip of a horn. In an act uncharacteristic of Beastmen, Khazrak allowed his foe to live. After a couple of battles where Toddy and Khazrak alternated victories, Kharzak started taking a liking to old Toddy and the two have developed a relationship not unlike the one between Yarrick and Ghazghkull.

Anyway, he is not a badass Chaos Viking, nor a Daemon; so as far as Chaos goes, he is rather insignificant. This is something of a shame since anyone who can successfully apply even the rudimentary tactics he uses to a bunch of drunken idiots is kind of a genius, not to mention a miracle-worker. Hell, look what he has to work with. "Stay still and shut up", "kill this one first" or "only kill this one" is fucking Creed to these guys.

He was killed by Toddy in the end time, before his Beastmen avenged him by tearing Toddy to pieces. This may seem like an epic fail, but what Kazarak had done was to bait Toddy out and have him abandon Middenheim to its defense while Archaon and the rest of the lads besieged the city.