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He even looks like a scumbag, with his scuzzy top knot and beach pants made of skin. He should really just stay in his freaky skull chamber and, like, eat ALL the shit.

Kheradruakh the Decapitator is a Dark Eldar special character Mandrake, and just a creepy fucking asshole. Kheradruakh isn't his real name, but a title that means "He Who Hunts Heads" or "Decapitator" in the Evil dialect of Eldarese, meaning that "Kheradruakh the Decapitator" translates to "Decapitator the decapitator"; for a more generous translation, it can also be "he who hunts heads and cuts them off". He has eyes of pure darkness and appears to be half-shadow--all mandrakes are rumored to be the descendants of true Eldar and some kind of quasi-daemonic beings that live in the space between the Warp and the Materium. He also paid a Haemonculus to attach a second pair of arms to him just to look more like a cross between a meth head and a trapdoor spider. Or maybe so he can jerk off while murdering people. Just, fuck, I don't even like looking at him.

Tl;dr, he is the king of Murderhobos in an entire realm of Murderhobos.

Overview of Murderhobo Supreme[edit]

Kheradruakh doesn't speak, he simply giggles like the creepy fuck he is. Like the other two Dark Eldar HQ choices who barely communicate (Lelith Hesperax and Drazhar), he probably puts the various warriors and wyches under their command in a tight spot when they need orders. But unlike Lelith and Drazhar, who can at least lead by badass example (and Lelith does speak, it's just most of the time she chooses not to), Kheradruakh wanders off on his own, GOING MARBO by teleporting in through fucking shadows because he's GODDAMN MAGIC (Level 4 Wizard: Lore of Shadow). His M.O. is then going to cut off a particular target's head, and just leaves the same way he came in. Which is a fucking area that simply doesn't have light bouncing off of it at the moment. He doesn't even go through the Warp or some in-universe plausible thing like that. He's just one of those slasher film villains that seems to teleport between jump-cuts. So he just chops a head off and pisses off, leaving all the Kabalite warriors leaderless and all the Wyches shivering and ready to take a shower. In the game rules, he's so solitary that he lacks independent character and can't even join a unit of other mandrakes. Ugh, Christ, fuck this guy.

He stopped dressing like an S&M demon and somehow got freakier looking.

He gets paid an Archon's ransom to do this (old lore put it at the price of two hundred thousand souls for him to kill one guy of his payer's choosing... even his fee is ridiculous), even though I'm not quite sure how people get ahold of him. Does he have an agent? A LinkedIn profile? No, he can't, because he doesn't fucking talk and Comorragh still uses Xanga. The only explanation is that he's always watching you. From any and every shadow.

The worst thing is, he collects the heads he takes and brings them back to his lair like they're Beanie Babies. He flays them with his bare hands, and examines them. With his tongue. While almost certainly not washing his hands afterwards. And he's really fucking anal about it, like one of those people who can't bear to see a single smudge on the mint-condition packaging of their Yak Face action figure. He usually throws away all but one in a decade of killing (leaving them lying on the floor and sometimes in pieces too, what a slob) and puts that lucky son of a bitch on display in a little cubby hole. Despite his incredibly high standards, his enormous chamber is almost full, making him a cross between a trading card collector, a trap door spider, and THE FUCKING HOLOCAUST. And all these skulls are staring at a single point in the center of his lair. And holy shit, that psychic pressure is boring a hole straight through the reality of Commorragh into some realm of primal darkness - and remember, the Dark City is already in nowhere-land, halfway between reality and hyperspace hell. His disciples believe that when whatever is down there breaks through everyone but his children/followers, the Mandrakes, are S.O.L. Everyone in Commorragh will drown in a tide of crazy warlock shit out of fucking nowhere, and then possibly beyond Commorragh.

But man, really people, Kheradruakh is just the worst. Fuck that guy. As of the 2014 Codex Kheradruakh is no longer a playable unit. In addition, his fluff was downgraded to a single paragraph as a legendary mandrake. Hurray!

However, the asshole has returned! That's right, as of Gathering Storm, part 2, he managed to obtain the last skull he needed (that of Vect's enforcer - and Phil Kelly OC - Valossian Sythrac) to open a way into the Mandrake dimension and spread the shadow realm across dozens of miles of Comorragh, becoming the Mandrake King. With his shadow army, he sealed off the breach in Khaine's Gate, preventing a load of daemons from flooding into Comorragh. Whether this is a good thing is yet to be seen, but it does effectively mean he went from being the least important Dark Eldar character to actually being the most important since he's now the head honcho of Comorragh.

Kheradruakh also played a minor role in the Great Crusade. It turned out that he and his Mandrakes had been the Eldar preying on Nocturne and he and Vulkan in particular had a grudge stemming from Vulkan being the only quarry to ever escape Kheradruakh (since all Xenos need some human to lose to - although the switch makes a bit more sense; there's not much that a medieval tech society could have done against a race that has guns that shoot dark matter or hypersonic crystals of solid poison from high-speed aircraft, even with a Primarch). They would clash again briefly when Vulkan returned to Aelindrach seeking a way to Terra, where Kheradruakh took some shots at Vulkan till the Primarch made a bright light and struck the King of Mandrakes once, sending him fleeing for his life. During the fight Vulkan was pushed to his limits by the Mandrake King, who struck killing blow after killing blow, forcing the Primarch to utilize every bit of his strength and skill to avoid being decapitated and taken away for creepy sexy time in the Aelindrach. Kheradruakh was driven away, wounded but very much alive, making him one of the few "mortal" characters who has shown the ability to duel a Primarch one on one; this makes him arguably the most powerful warrior the Dark Eldar have ever produced. Although he did have a total home field advantage, too.

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