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An hourglass, or a water clock
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Hierarch Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Diplomacy, flow of time, history, patience, wisdom
Domains Time, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Oracle, Persuasion
Worshippers Sages, diplomats, historians
Favoured Weapon Scythe

Khoronus, also called Father Time, is the current Supreme Hierarch of the Sphere of Time.


Khoronus was one of the founders of the city of Blackmoor, and worked as an advisor for the city's rulers. He was concerned in their decision making, as they never considered the consequences of their actions, so using the technology available he constructed a time machine, and saw the Great Rain of Fire that would come in the future. Realizing that he couldn't change his countrymens attitude, he decided to preserve his culture and bloodline.

He travelled a 100 years into the future and convinced a number of his decendants to come to another planet, where they created a new culture, based on that of Blackmoor, and Khoronus designed their new city. He then used his time machine to ensure the colony's survival, in the process of which, he found a new and better time machine. With the colony's future secured, Khoronus sent the time machines to the distant future, so that no-one would abuse them, and finally died in peace... Or at least that's how he thought.

He awakened as an Immortal, having unknowingly completed the Path of the Dynast. He rose in power and wisdom as millenias passed, and taught other the lessons of time and patience, eventually becoming the Supreme Hierarch of his sphere. It was recently that he recontructed his old time machine, improving it with his new powers, but accidently pushed a button that sent it to the past. And a moment later it returned with his original time machine, making him wonder if he was unwittingly his own sponsor.


Khoronus appears as a tall and stately old man with a long, white hair and beard, wearing a simple white tunic, and carrying a hourglass on his hand.


Khoronus is old and thoughtful, intent on examining every option before taking any action, and when he does, he's completely devoted to doing what he considers right. He's also capable of very human emotions, having fallen in love with the Immortal Djaea and the two have been a couple since. He has no real allies, despite sponsoring many others to Immortality, and he opposes Valerias, though it's due to ideological differences between the two rather than personal ones.

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