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Khuresh or the Hinterlands of Khuresh is the Warhammer Fantasy version of Vietnam and South East Asia, it's got a few High Elf outposts there and its overrun with human sacrificing snake creatures ruled by "Blood Naga" queens, whose appetites reportedly shame even Neferata. These creatures are rather mysterious and are either Beastmen or, more likely, Chaos mutated Lizardmen from an abandoned Old One City shown on the map. Snakemen had miniatures back in Third Edition (but with no rules to play) and were even in Blood Bowl, but nowadays the only thing we definitely have in canon that is linked to those serpents is a White Sistrum, a magic rattle-drum that brings madness to any listener.

Interestingly, the High Elves 6th & 7th edition army books reversed Cathay's and Khuresh's positions, with Cathay being in the south and Khuresh being in the north near the Eastern Steppes.

Known locations of interest include:

  • Lost City of the Old Ones - Fuck if we know what's in there, but considering Khuresh's proximity to the Southern Chaos Wastes, it's likely a corrupted temple city.
  • Warpstone Deposit - A large deposit of Warpstone, someways south of the Lost City.
  • Forest Goblin Tribes - The northern jungles and forests of Khuresh are infested with a large number of the little bastards, presumably LARPing as vietcong.
  • Northern Gate of Calith - The Northern half of the two Gates of Calith, a fortified High Elf outpost built on the southermost peninsula of Khuresh across from its sister outpost on the northernmost peninsula of the Southern Chaos Wastes. Basically a High Elf analogue to the Rock of Gibraltar. It's current status is unknown, as two years before one of two great fuck-fucks happened, a multi-clan Skaven task force under Clan Eshin nearly destroyed it, only barely being beaten back by the elves. Later that same year, their Mage Lord Torinubar was assassinated by an Eshin ninja-rat.

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