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Whip with red and yellow stripes
Aliases The Overseer
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank Lesser god
Pantheon Goblin
Portfolio Morale, oppression, slavery
Domains Domination, Evil, Inquisition, Law, Protection, Tyranny
Home Plane Clangor (Acheron)
Worshippers Goblins
Favoured Weapon Whip

Khurgorbaeyag (how the fuck is that pronounced) is the goblin god of morale, oppression, and slavery, and post-Maglubiyet, the patron god of their race. As you might expect, the goblins aren't exactly fond of this situation, but they have little choice in the matter. Khurgorbaeyag's power is unassailable, and he herds the goblins like little pointy-eared sheep to get them roughly where Maglubiyet wants them to be. Khurgorbaeyag dominates every part of goblin society, commanding them to conquer and enslave non-goblinoids, lest they themselves be enslaved.

Khurgorbaeyag is one of Maglubiyet's lieutenants, and has a long-standing rivalry with the Hobgoblin god Nomog-Gaeya, with Khurgorbaeyag seeing Nomog-Gaeya as lazy and Nomog-Gaeya seeing Khurgorbaeyag as unreliable. He aspires to one day betray Maglubiyet and take over, but his fear of the greater god keeps him from acting until he concocts a foolproof plan- which remains a pipe dream for the foreseeable future.


All goblins revere Khurgorbaeyag if they know what's good for them, and his priests keep a tight hold on goblin tribes. Notably, there are few Clerics amongst them, as Khurgorbaeyag dislikes sharing his power. The closest analogue goblins have to clerics are Whips, goblins who Kurgorbaeyag has gifted with the power to mentally dominate a few of their fellows.