Kill Rig

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The Weirdboy Tower's more modern and less retarded cousin.

The Kill Rig is an Awesome and new Ork War Carriage showcased in July 2021 as part of the new Beast Snagga line. Unlike say, the Space Wolves' Stormrider which looked fucking retarded and out of place even for the Corgi Marines, the Kill Rig looked thematically sound and in-character for the Orks.


Towed by a mountainous Tramplasquig and home to a wide-eyed Wurrboy, the Kill Rig is a true engine of destruction that ploughs through infantry and vehicles alike. By amplifying the psyker’s Waaagh! energy through a contraption known as the wurrtower, its Beast Snagga drivers can blast lances of pure Orky power at their foes. In a nutshell, it is a modern and up-to-date version of the classic Weirdboy Tower.

It also boasts several armaments, chief among them is a frontal 'Eavy Lobba canon and a side sponson Stikka Kannon. It also comes with two Saw Blades to slice any would-be boarder trying to derail the vehicle.


30 points more than the Hunta Rig slaps a big ol' Wurrboy Tower on there, eating up some transport slots (10 spaces instead of 15) and turning this wagon into a Character. On top of the two Beasthead powers you now get, you also get a special cannon that auto-hits with a ferocious S9 AP-3 but is hamstrung by being Dd6 - meaning that it could just dent a monster instead of outright blasting it to bits.

Hunta Rig[edit]

When you wanna play Warhammer Fantasy in 40k.

Hey! Feeling too squeamish over Perils of the Warp? Ain't feeling confident about a Psyker potentially ruining your entire ride? Don't worry, we got a vehicle for you!

Ladies and Orkmen, we introduce to you the Hunta Squig. A more...traditional form of Kill Rig that functions more like a Squig-drawn IFV.


Despite their reverence for the oracular nature of the Wurrboys, certain Beast Snaggas are loath to have such a volatile creature riding with them. Instead, they fit extra decks and grab handles to transport hollering mobs of their clanmates into battle, transforming their vehicle into a Hunta Rig.

A Hunter Rig has a similar weapons layout to the Kill Rig, the only main difference is that the wurrtower was removed and the weapons were simply re-arranged around the superstructure. In turn, both the side sponson Stikka Kannon and the frontal 'Eavy Lobba become fully articulated turrets and the front of the Rig now has enough space to carry even more Boyz to the battlefield.


Kill Rigs are the only Heavy Support option available to a "pure" Beast Snagga force. The Rig gives you both a giant artillery platform and a wagon to carry your Beast Snaggas (and NOTHING ELSE), all in a giant squig-powered chariot. Its chief weapons are the 'Eavy Lobba to smash hordes, even from behind any LOS-blocking terrain, and the Stikka Kannon which gives you something specially tailored to harpoon favoured prey and stop them from running away. The Rig is also very formidable in melee, as it not only has the squig itself fighting, but also a bunch of boyz to hack away. Its most dangerous weapons are the saws, but they're also the most affected as the rig decays in health.


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