Kill puppies for satan

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kill puppies for satan (intentionally not capitalized) is an indie role-playing game designed by D. Vincent Baker and published by lumpley games (also intentionally not capitalized). Players portray horrible people who do horrible things (such as killing puppies) so that Satan will give them supernatural powers. In other words, themselves.

First created in 2001, the game was more the creator's tangent against the state of the role-playing industry at the time, thus it was not play-tested, as he intended to make a statement rather than create a playable game. After it gained some notoriety Baker wrote a supplement called cockroach souffle to attempt to make the game more playable, and began selling the product as a PDF. A printed version was briefly available for sale at Gen Con in 2003, however it is now only available online, and as part of a collection of other lumpley games PDFs.

The game's manual is flippant, full of vulgarity, and bereft of both capitalization and art. Character generation only takes about two minutes. Characters have four primary statistics: Cold, Fucked-Up, Mean and Relentless, and also includes scores such as how evil you are and how many people hate your character. Rolling is done with a d6. The manual suggests a way to begin play that avoids the storyteller having to come up with a creative way to force the players to cooperate by beginning the play session like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for people who "kill puppies for Satan."

The author received much hate mail for the game and posted all of it on his website, which is archived here.

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