King of Dragon Pass

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King of Dragon Pass is a video game. It is notable because it is set in the fantasy realm of Glorantha, which was used for some of the earliest tabletop RPGs. It is a solo, realm management game. You take the role of the ruler of a tribe in Dragon Pass and attempt to lead your people to mastery over the other tribes. Your abilities are limited by which tribesmen you appoint to your Council. There's a lot of customization. The artwork is on par with Heroes Of Might And Magic 1, and with other management games of the early 90's.

The game was published by a company that normally produced office software, and when they decided they couldn't support it, the game went out of print, causing its price to soar to a thousand dollars on ebay. Then the abandonware vendor Galaxy Of Games picked it up, it is now available for free on Android, and for cheap on your computing device.

The game tends to bring weal or woe right after you end your turn using a random roll. This can be defeated by saving the game just before you end your turn, ending it, reloading if you don't like the results, and repeating these steps until satisfied.

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