King of Hearts: 'Suicide King 2 - The Cost'

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The whiskey helps, but not much.

They say in the darkness of a mans soul it is eternally three AM.

They are bastards and don't ken the real of it.

The voices never stop now. Even in the thunder and peal of slinging, I can hear each voice added to the chorus.

It seemed like such a simple choice. The old 'slinger had tried to tell me as he lay bleeding.

"Sure it's power boy, but oh Gods the cost."

I knew it's reputation and knew how to deal with him it rode.

Do you know how to out draw a gun that moves so fast the eye can't see it?

You don't.

You wait the old fuck out while he is drinking and unload two barrels of buckshot into his back when he staggers to his room.

As he lay their coughing and gasping I reloaded and approached.

There was the draw.

Draw, heh.

As if you can call something so magnificent a draw.

I never even saw him move. He simply was laying on the ground, then he wasn't.

There is no way to describe it.

The speed, none can begin to comprehend until they have seen it, and by then you are already dead.

He had me dead to rights, his hand never wavered, I'll give the old bastard that. He was tough. His back was a mess of ground meat but his aim held true.

Then his gaze changed, I wouldn't say softened, because there was nothing soft about the old man.

It was almost, pity? Yes pity in his eyes.

The gun shifted. there was no movement. It was pointed at me, then it wasn't.

The Lawman held the grip to me and asked. "You got the stones to hold my gun boy?" He coughed, his hand imperceptibly lowered. "You want power, fame, riches? Well, he can give them to you. Sure it's power boy, but oh Gods the cost."

The old man died there in the hallway of that nameless saloon in some god forsaken shithole on the llano.

As I approached I swore I could here people screaming. Not the whores who had heard me fire, but a ghostly sound, not quite real, seeming to come from behind the world if that makes sense.

There it was, the Suicide King. I swear as I reached to pick it up I saw the Stamp's eyes glowed, if just for a moment.

My fingers brushed the grip and I heard the old man's voice screaming in pain.

You want to know the cost of the fastest Draw, the ability to move like lightning and shoot like the Devil himself?

Do you know why it is called the Suicide King?

Every life that you end. Every time you shoot down a man like a dog in the streets you will remember. Not with the mind of a man who has lived too much and has nothing but guilt left, but with the true regret of someone who has to hear the screams of all those he killed.

There is no sleep for the man that wears Old King Heart. There is just the endless screams through the night.

I know someday I will put Heart to my mouth and add my own voice to the chorus.

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