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Kingdom Death is basically what would have happened if a fucking Slaanesh Saturday Party takes place in a weeaboo world without man. The basic plot is a fight between Good and Evil, or more precisely a fight between Boobs and Dicks. about a narcissistic god(Golden Entity) who fondles with the threads of creation, begets eldritchian animals and creates a self-appeasing cycle of sacrifice to itself. Even that is up to speculation. Aside from that, the world is spread up into 5 known biomes thus far-

Abyssal Woods: The Abyssal Woods exists on the precipice of obliteration, its heavy limbs pulled inexorably towards black hole at its center. The seemingly inscrutable acts of the Flower Witch and her disciples prevent the total obliteration of the forest, but also make the forest much more dangerous for travelers. This is where the Flower Knight and Spidercules hang.

Holy Lands: This is pretty much the Golden Entity's main hang out, not too much is known except things are advanced to a medieval-renaissance level and this is where most of the penis-tit(Wet Nurse, Forge God) monsters come from. It is still up to more speculation if the Great City is in the Holy Lands.

Great City: Renaissance level shit, families that have political intrigue with an avatar of the Golden Entity watching from behind the scenes. The Great Houses hunt monsters for fun, bringing to bear their advanced (by the setting's standards) technology and retinues of servants and slaves.

Plane of Faces: This is where Kingdom Death: Monster takes place. A vast plane of stone faces with little vegetation or substance. This is where most humans end up "waking up" just to become meals for the various beings. White Lions, Screaming Antelopes, Phoenixes and your occasional cold blooded wandering psychopathic killer are just the beginning of the fauna that roam the planes. Human settlements here tend to congregate around giant hoards of lanterns, the only reliable sources of illumination in this dark environment.

Inverted Mountain: An upside down mountain surrounded by swamps infested with Frogdogs atop their puppy piles, Oblivion Mosquito who steal the faces of their victims and the Red Witches stalking prey. The Nightmare ram also has its gardens in the area. The black Knight protects a ruined mansion served by a hidden group of survivors. The mountain itself is home to the Pariah, Mountain man and the Trapdoor men.

Kingdom Death: Monster[edit]

A hybrid of a boardgame-RPG-card game where 1-6 players take the role of a settlement of human survivors trying to stay alive in the eternal darkness of the Kingdom Death world. While each survivor has their own name, life, and story, the world is very deadly, and focus should be given to the settlement rather than a single character. To put it short, you die A LOT.

How does it play?

A KD:M campaign consists of 20-30+ "Lantern Years" (can be extended), each taking about 1-3 hours to play. Each year is divided to three phases:

1. Settlement Phase - Events occur as you exploit your limited resources to develop the settlement and craft gear.

2. Hunt Phase - Go out to hunt a monster so your settlement doesn't starve. The many dangers of the KD world await along the path(in the form of RNG)

3. Showdown Phase - The main focus of the game. Battle a monster in a difficult and deadly fight that plays like a cross between Dark Souls, Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy Tactics.

What happens when those years are up? Well, that would be telling... but if you were expecting a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5[edit]

(It's fuckin here, man)

The 1.5 update includes replacement cards, additional equip cards which never made 1.0, updated settlement cards, revised hard bound rules, a new final boss who looks like he ate one too many survivor and a change in "metaplot" via game events.


2nd Wave (Released, Reprinted occasionally)[edit]

Gorm - Giant Anatomically correct Baby/Angler fish/Elephant crossover with a gaping wound of a mouth.

Spidicules - Giant Cave Spider ball thing, you can hack its legs off and roll it home to farm for silk.

Flower Knight - Lives in a forest. Beware its addictive flowers!

Lion Knight - "I like art, Hope you don't mind dying for it."

Dung Beetle Knight - Kamen Rider, but with god poop. He's pretty baller.

Dragon King - Radioactive Attack-On-Titan Darth Sidious

Sunstalker - Rainbow power!

Manhunter - Bloodborne meets the Undertaker.

Slenderman - Uh... Urban legend finds a place in Kingdom death.

Lonely Tree - its a tree. no really.

Lion God - Spelunking for fun and profit (But mostly death)

Green Knight Armor - Best armor in the game. Good luck finding the bits

3rd Wave (Due 2020)[edit]

Instead of smaller individual expansions, these are two huge ones.

Campaigns of Death Expansion[edit]

Tons of Advanced rules, updates and alternate ways to play Wave 1&2 expansions. While also including...

Ancient Butcher - Hack city, Hack country, Hack world.

Dung Beetle Baron - Like if all the hardest bosses in Hollow Knight were mashed together

Verdant Lord - If a monster wore the Green Knight Armor and kicked your ass with it.

Infant Sunstalker - *sunpuke*

Vocal Spidicules - Literally rolling a legless Spidicules home

Gambler Chest Expansion[edit]

Even more Advanced rules and scenarios.

The Gambler - casino settlement location incoming

Atnas the Child-Eater - Evil Anti Santa Krampus with some Japanese grandpa thrown in

Crimson Crocodile - goof troop

Bone Eaters - giant calcified statues, bones

Smog Stalkers - titty mist

The King - fashionably late to the party

4th Wave (Due 2022)[edit]

First Hero - Nice settlement you have there, mind if we take it?

Frog Dog - Starts as a Dog. Turns into a Frog. Has and i quote 'THIS ELECTRIFIED ACID FART BOMB CHASES YOU DOWN'

Oblivion Mosquito - I see you have a face. Give it to me and become a drone

Black Knight - Best Dog

Destiny Moth - According to Poots "The Best Bug"

Pariah - Last of the Male White speakers

Red Witches - Hunting the Last of the male White speakers

Nightmare Ram - Vegetable dungeon extreme

Gryphon - Uh.. Its a Gryphon. With mind control. And a face dick tail thing

Inverted Mountain Campaign - ALL OF THE ABOVE + THE MOUNTAIN MAN (and his trapdoor men thralls). Guest starring the giant tree from Hunter x Hunter.


Death Armour - Ultimate bone armor

Honeycomb Weaver - Chick with Dick that has a beehive on it. Original concept had no behive. Inspired by Ninja Scroll maybe?

Ivory Dragon - It's actually Satan. No really it is Satans true form. Adds another 5 years beyond Smoke Knight

Death Chicken - A god pretending to be a different thing, apparently a goblin. Or a Sparrow or something. Anyway un-struck out name is death chicken. Abyssal woods campaign - Actually only way to get the above but Death Chicken really needed its own line entry.

Kickstarter 1 Exclusives[edit]

'Survivor rewards' - Duplicates of models that you get in the base game.

Shirt (KS1) - Nothing to write home about. Would have looked amazing on paper but... Should have gone with the watchers crest

Kickstarter Exclusives 1.5[edit]

Shirts - Gamblers, Satan, Frogdog, mor other shirts, basically every limited run has its own shirt. There is a few.

Crossover Minis[edit]

Kingdom Death has a bunch of crossover minis, the result of people and companies paying to get their original character sculpted.

  • Kara Black - Sedition Wars, Studio McVey. Have stone, Will swing.
  • Candy and Cola 3rd year (KS2) - Ninja Division mascot.
  • Goth Amy (KS2) - Zombicide, Cool Mini Or Not.
  • Pathfinders of death (KS2) - Paizo Publishing. Set of 4. Including a mage/sorcerer thing.
  • Death Drifter (KS2) - Hyper light Drifter - Shitty hipsters advertising their shitty hipster game.
  • Anonymous Survivor - A drawthread pic that some waifufag with way too much money paid to get added to the Kingdom Death line. A "female" elf wearing a Belt of Gender Changing across "her" breasts. Yes, really. Legend says there was a storytime involved, but nobody gave enough of a shit to find it. Basically it's an Anon's original character that a drawfriend then drew as a Survivor, which was later shown to Poots, which he enjoyed. Poots, being a madman during kickstarters, surprised OC-owner anon with the Anonymous Survivor update, and invited him to direct the lore, gameplay content, and model's development.