Kingdoms of Ind

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The Warhammer Fantasy version of India which is split up between multiple local rulers.

They have spices, jade, slaves, fancy swords called Tulwar, blood steel, magic candles, and ivory.
They trade the above stuff via the Silk Road.
The Elves have an outpost in the land which the Everqueen passes through every ten years on her way to the tower of the sun.
They have a thousand local gods none of whom are of plot significance.
They have to deal with tiger beastmen, six-armed monkeys, and flying lions.
The Dark Elf Corsair Lokhir Fellheart stole a statue made of Indan bloodsteel to make his signature weapons, The Red Blades.

Totally plot irrelevant otherwise, especially after it was destroyed in the End Times. The Skaven of Clan Pestilens had isolated the individual kingdoms the same way they did in Tilea and sent out the Blackclaws - a top-trained special unit of gutter runners to DOUBLE ensure its destruction. The Skaven were not the main benefactor for its destruction however, for the forces of Chaos also showed up and further wreck the place into irrelevance. In details, there were Beastmen attacking from the jungles, Dechala leading an uprising of Indic pleasure cults in the southern kingdoms, and Arbaal the Undefeated and Wulfrik the Wanderer came to claim the skulls of its thousands of local gods, and Galrauch was there too.

With the third Total War: WARHAMMER game taking place in the Far East of the Warhammer world, there might be room for Ind to get a proper expansion and official army list. Probably not at launch though, and it will definitely be occupied by a placeholder faction until then.



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