Kings and Legends

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Kings and Legends was the first supplement for Kings of War. Released in August 2013, this 48-page book was for the first edition of the game and added 2 new armies and 22 living legends to the game.

New Forces[edit]

The big thing added by the supplement were the army lists for the ogre and goblin armies. This also came with some background fluff on these two heroes. Goblins were noted to be of a mysterious origin, although rumors were that they were created by Garkhan the Black with "whatever was left over" when he finished creating the orcs. There list contained many of the same units it does in second edition.

The ogres, meanwhile, were noted to rarely form into larger war bands, but were known to be adventurers who often were found in the employ of the Successor Kingdoms and in dungeon crawling parties. Previously the ogres had been unit options in the Kingdoms of Men army list. The ogre army added several new units, notably the Berserker Braves and their various monsters, but Kingdoms of Men were still allowed to take ogres as unit choices. This option was removed from the Kingdoms of Men army list in second edition.

In addition the rules for the first 22 living legends for the game were released with this supplement. These were spread across the 9 army lists available at that time. Most of these heroes were dropped in second edition sadly. The heroes for each army were as follows:

  • Abyssal Dwarfs: Ba’su’su the Vile, Brakki Barka, and Gehenna.
  • Dwarfs: Garrek Heavyhand, Herneas the Hunter, J’Zik Gearlund, and Kernow.
  • Elves: Argus Rodinar, El'rik Nisleen and the Green Lady.
  • Goblins: Leo & the Iron Goblin and Magwa & Jo’os.
  • Kingdoms of Men: Berosos and the Captain.
  • Ogres: Grokagamok.
  • Orcs: Gakamak the Smasher and Wip the Half-Cast.
  • Twilight Kindred: Atlak Nakh and Mikayel.
  • Undead: Lady Ilona, Lord Malak, and Mhorgoth the Faceless.