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Why Play Goblins[edit]

You like horde armies, but don't want to play undead or rats. Your favourite colour is green.

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • Utterly Spineless: All units in this army have Yellow Bellied unless otherwise noted, meaning you need to roll a D6 any time you want to charge the front of an enemy unit. On a roll of 1 the charge fails. Fun times.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Biggit: Inspiring goblin with a bow. He can also be mounted on a fleabag for more mobility. For 20 more points than a flaggit you get a much better melee value, a ranged attack, 2 extra attacks, and 1 point better in nerve.
  • Flaggit: The cheaper version of a biggit. It can also be mounted on a fleabag. Not very good and terrible in melee, but it is 20 points cheaper for a source of Inspiring.
  • King: Essentially a better version of a biggit. For 30 points more you get 2 more attacks and nerve. Not a very good trade up.
  • King on Chariot:
  • Magwa & Jo’os:
  • Slasher:
  • Troll Bruiser:
  • Wiz: Your caster choice. Comes standard with Lightning Bolt (3), but can be upgraded to have Bane Chant (2), Fireball (6), and/or Wind Blast (5). Cheap at 45 points and versatile with the different options. It can also be mounted on a fleabag to become cavalry like many goblin heroes.


  • Mawbeasts Pack:
  • Rabble: Dirt cheap goblin infantry. Nothing special about them, other then Yellow Bellied I suppose, but they are your cheapest unit. They are likely to form the core of your force as you are a cheap, horde based army and this is your cheap, horde unit.
  • Sharpsticks: Slightly more expensive then a rabble to gain some attacks and Phalanx. Usually you're probably going to want to stick with the rabble, but if you face a lot of Thunderous Charge units they might be worth their points if your chaff is always getting charged. Generally though you'll probably want to save the points for something else and will want to stick to the rabble.
  • Spitters: Your goblin shooters. They come in 2 sizes; regiment and horde. Unexciting perhaps, but a solid choice for your army. Keep them protected and use them to harass your enemies with shots.

Large Infantry[edit]

  • Trolls: Your non-Yellow Bellied beaters. They're very expensive, but come with Crushing Strength (2) and Regeneration (5+). They're alright as far as large infantry go, but they're not really what you should be looking for in a goblin army. They also are way too expensive for what you get.


  • Fleabag Riders: Your basic goblin cavalry. They come with Nimble and Thunderous Charge (1). Good for rushing out and redirecting opponent's units, just like their cousins over at Games Workshop. Good if used to screen and redirect, but don't expect them to take a lot of damage and hold the line for long.
  • Fleabag Rider Sniffs: For the same price as regular riders you trade out Thunderous Charge (1) for Bows. Not terrible, but probably not ideal in most cases. If you want cavalry, take fleabag riders. If you want shooters, take spitters. This unit is something of a hybrid between the two, making it a really situational choice.

Large Cavalry[edit]

  • Fleabag Chariots: Goblins on chariots? While that does sound cool, these are much like your trolls in that they are too expensive for what you get. Cheaper then trolls for Bows and Thunderous Charge (2) vice Crushing Strength (2) and Regeneration (5+). They're still too expensive though for a horde army. If you want some cheap shooting, just take spitters instead.


  • Giant: Amazing for forcing a unit to just stop. 17/19 nerve with fury, defense 5, all on a 50mm base means it can reliably tank almost anything and will punish the enemy for daring to fight him. Best use as anvils as they don't have the number of attacks to be hammers unless charging in the flank.
  • Mincer: It slices and dices. Comes with Big Shield, Brutal, and Thunderous Charge (3), which is all pretty good. Only getting damaged on a 6 from the front is nice, although a 4+ will damage it in any other arc. You want this thing to be charging into your foes with protection on either side to keep it alive. It gets D6+6 attacks each melee, so it can vary wildly in how much damage it is doing, but Thunderous Charge (3) is generally ensuring you're always hitting. Offensively the mincer does the same amount of damage as a giant if it still has it's TC so its a cheap unit your opponent has to deal with. Not bad at 80 points.

War Engines[edit]

  • Big Rocks Thrower:
  • Sharpstick Thrower:
  • War-Trombone: Musical war machine with a breath attack; like a fantasy version of Noise Marines. Nah, sadly it's basically just a giant blunderbuss. It can't strike in melee, but gets 12 attacks with Breath Attack that have Piercing (1). Tons of potential for unit conversions for this bad boy.


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