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Kiri-Jolith Symbol.jpg
Bison's Horn or Horned Battle-Axe
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Light)
Portfolio War, Courage, Honor
Domains 3E: Good, Strength, War
5E: War
Home Plane 2E: Heart of Justice (Bytopia)
3E: The Dome of Creation
Worshippers Fighters, Knights of the Sword
Favoured Weapon Sacred Defender (Longsword)

Kiri-Jolith is the Krynnish God of Glory, Honor, Obedience, Justice and Righteous Warfare. Whilst his father Paladine is based on the Dungeons & Dragons deity Bahamut, it is Kiri-Jolith who embodies Bahamut's aspect as a benevolent warrior-god.

Patron of the Knights of Solamnia, and in particular the Order of the Sword, Kiri-Jolith's warrior-clerics seek out evil and tyranny in pursuit of their defeat. In this, they often work closely with the followers of Kiri-Jolith's mother, Mishakal, and frequently clash with Sargonnas, the Dark God of Tyranny, Conquest and Vengeance, who is Kiri-Jolith's bitterest rival.


Good is its own reward. Honor and courage are life. Cowardice is reviled. Fight is the cause is just; never retreat while evil opponents remain on the battlefield.

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