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The Kish are a race of people native to the gas giant Nejeor VI, they are the sub-species of a once empire founding race known as the Kishalee. The Kishalee empire founded their most important colony at Nejeor VI as it has a near endless supply of resources and they built wonderful floating cities on top of the clouds. As with all great space empires the Kishalee inevitably got into conflict with the Sivvs and used the resources of Nejeor VI to finance it. Eventually realizing they were going to war with a enemy in no short supply of manpower or resources, the Sivvs built a super weapon known as the Stellar Degenerator to kill the stars of Kishalee controlled systems, fortunately for the Kishalee, their commandos managed to capture it before it could be used and simultaneously ended the war because building said super weapon bankrupted the Sivvs and caused them to fall into anarchy. Eventually the Kishalee empire deteriorated and the colonist at Nejeor became isolated and cut off from the rest of their people. This however made them hardy, and although they are far far less advanced than those that came before them, they carry on in the hope that reverence of their Kishalee ancestors will bring them boons of strength, wealth, and answers about their place in the universe.

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Starfinder PC stats[edit]

Ability Adjustments +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Int

Hit Points: 5

RACIAL TRAITS Size and Type Kish are Medium humanoids with the kish subtype.

Bonus Feat Kish select one extra feat at 1st level.

Darkvision Kish have darkvision with a range of 60 feet.

Survivalist Kish have a +2 racial bonus to Survival checks and can take 20 on Survival checks to endure severe weather and predict weather.

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