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"Kislev is land, land is Kislev."

– Kislevan proverb


– Sabaton


– Archaon, in response to the line immediately above

Kislev is the northenmost civilized state in the Old world, and the first line of defense against the hordes of Chaos that regularly spill out of Norsca to the far north.

Historically, Kislev is the result of the inter-mingling of main tribal confederations; the native Ungols of the north, the Gospodars in the south, and the long dead Roppsmenn tribes. The former two are in fact the off-shoots of the Kurgan tribes of the northeast. To this day, the Ungols maintain good relationship with those Chaos marauders, who have such wonderfully well thought out names such as "Dolgan", "Khazag" and "Kul".

In case you can't tell, Kislev is like Tsarist Russia. But only in the weak, decadent south. In the strong, manly north, it actually turns into Mongolia, Poland and the Turkic countries (Khazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc). And the Kurgans who dwell east of the Norsemen are basically Siberians.

In essence, Kislev is a fantasy version of Russia with dollops of every other Eastern European country because normies can't tell the difference. It's also named after Kievan Rus, as in the old Russian kingdom and the current capital city of Ukraine, all GW did was tack on two letters in the middle of Kiev. In the 1980s when Kislev was created there was no country called Ukraine, it was all just "Russia" or rather 'Soviet Union" to almost the whole world (not entirely true, as Russia and Ukraine were both republics within the USSR).

Also, Kislev is no more according to the whole return of Nagash thing GW had planned. At last, Archaon has done that which Napoleon, Hitler, the USA and the EU could only dream of -- the annihilation of Russia.

History of Kislev[edit]


– The extent of Kislevite diplomacy

The Ungol people have populated the land of Kislev since the empire was founded and even helped support Sigmar in his first days of being the Emperor which created a bond between the empire and Kislev that lasts to to this day. They promise each other to help each other if one or the other was invaded.

Kislev as it is known now got started about 1500 IC when the Gospodar Tribe fled the encroaching Chaos wastes. The native Ungol people where not match for the wealth, arms, and magic of the Gospodar Tribe (the Empire at this time was going through a civil war and could not help the Ungols). The settlement of Praag grew in size as the Gospodars used the Lynsk to launch incursions into Ungol territory, eventually forcing the Ungol to accept Gospodar rule (who were now beginning to be called Kislevites after their capital city). Eventually the Ungols settled on the northern border of modern day Kislev where their people still reside mainly as the first line of defense against Chaos marauders. The south of Kislev is considered more civilized and even has some influence from the Empire.

Over the past 750 years the two people have basically intermingled so that now almost everyone sees themselves as people of Kislev.

The Gospodar people have virtually all the power in the nation with the Tzars all being descended from the first Gospodar emperor and almost all the nobles are Gospodar. This is changing lately because Tzarina Katrarin has been uplifting more and more Ungol men into leadership roles to further tighten her grip on the nation.

According to 2nd ED Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, their military consist of: Kossars, the axemen-archer infantry of the standing army of Kislev recruited from any who can pass fitness and correspondingly has an excellent reputation on the field of battle along with a terrible one off of it. Streltsi, an elite infantry subset of the Kossars first formed after a Kislev noble viewed the gunpowder portion of the Empire trifecta put a Chaos horde to rout and decided to ape their halberds and handgunners, Streltsi are literally just the real Russian Streltsy but with more brotherhood and loving their guns so much that it's said they might find someone sleeping with their wife to be less offensive than shooting their handgun without their permission. Ungol Horse Archers, auxiliaries from the northern tribes which are basically Huns or Mongols in their natural state for battle. Winged Lancers, which are totally the Polish Winged Hussars but based from their settlements rather than part of the standing army and wear wings on their back with the explanation of them causing an unnerving sound as they ride being adapted from a common theory to the real Winged Hussars. And finally the Gryphon Company, the most prominent and heaviest company of Winged Lancers ever which is comprised of noblemen who fletch their wings with Griffon feathers and commonly act as mercenaries while not defending Kislev from Chaos invasion. They come downright close to an actual Imperial Knight order. Also, at least one example of bear cavalry is canon according to WFRP, with the prior-to-current Tzar Boris Bokha riding into battle on a bear that was tamed after they defended one another from a wolf pack attacking them while Boris had tried to break and tame the bear more conventionally.

In order for the Warriors of Chaos to get to the Empire on foot they have to go through Kislev. So the horde that shows up in the empire is actually a hell of a lot smaller than when they marched out. Kislev has been on the forefront of the chaos wastes since its inception and not once has the nation fallen. That basically means these guys have balls of steel on par with the Imperial Guard. At least thats how it was until the end times. In current fluff, Archaon has finally destroyed Kislev and only one city still stands. And then the world ended.

Religion in Kislev[edit]

Like the Empire to the south the people of Kislev have multiple deities but the main one is the Cult of Ursun the Father of Bears. Other common gods in Kislev are Dazh, Tor, Taal, and Ulric.

Remote settlements in the extreme north like Tungask worship the Kislevite pantheon plus some gods who may or may not be facsimiles of the Chaos Gods, as a result of Norse and Kurgan influence that far north.

THE RETURN!!!!![edit]

Kislev is returning in Warhammer: The Old World as one of the playable factions. They will be getting a new model line, along with a new unit called The Ice Guard, a unit of magical warrior women who serve as the bodyguard of the Tzarina. Kislev fans, grab your vodka and mount your bears, cause we're coming back!

The Ice Guard, the new bodyguard of the Tzarina.

Collecting Kislev[edit]

In Warmaster, Kislev used to have both an official army list and a nice line of miniatures. In WHFB, things are a little more complicated. While there is no official army book for them, aside their supplements in the 4th and 6º edition, there is also the warhammer fantasy roleplay book "Realm of the Ice Queen". There are good fan made ones which do include Bear Cavalry which in turn makes all other human armies seem pathetic (except for the Warriors of Chaos, who are motherfucking Vikings). (Honestly that's easily debatable. These manly fuckers fight giant chaos monsters with a bow, rocks, and an axe. And you think they ask for help?) There are even a few official models made for them and a small White Dwarf list for them but that is out of date. Additionally, the Privateer Press line of Khador models for Warmachine give off the nice fantasy/russian look, if going only for infantry, with the Doom Reavers, Kossite Woodsmen, and Greylord models. If you need bears, you can grab their Brun and Lug set. Actual Winged Hussars models are also hardly rare from other historically-based games.


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