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Warlock Master Klawmunkast of Clan Skryre is a historical skaven character created for the 6th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, only released on Games Workshop's website for their "Warpstone: A Skaven Civil War Scenario" net-article. Sadly, that awesomeness has been lost to history, but 1d4chan's got you covered!

Skaven Civil War Scenario: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_z_warpstone.html

Klamunkast Stats: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_s_klawmunkast.html

Rat Tank Stats: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_s_rattank.html

Infamous Skaven
Deathmaster Snikch - Ghoritch - Ikit Claw - Klawmunkast - Lord Skrolk
Morbus Sanguis - Queek Head-Taker - Skreet Verminkin - Skweel Gnawtooth
Thanquol - Throt the Unclean - Tretch Craventail