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Warlock Master Klawmunkast of Clan Skryre is a historical skaven character created for the 6th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, only released on Games Workshop's website for their "Warpstone: A Skaven Civil War Scenario" net-article. Sadly, that awesomeness has been lost to history, but 1d4chan's got you covered!

Skaven Civil War Scenario: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_z_warpstone.html

Klamunkast Stats: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_s_klawmunkast.html

Rat Tank Stats: http://redelf.narod.ru/w6/w6_s_rattank.html

For those not wanting to go poking around the internet, we'll break it down for you. During the fourth century of the 2nd Skaven civil war, Klawmunkast was the Clan Skryre engineer in charge of a rich warpstone mine known as Putrid Pit, which suited him nicely because he needed a constant stream of the stuff to fuel his own experiments. However, his mine came under the envious gaze of a Clan Pestilens Plague Priest known as Morbus Sanguis, who attacked Putrid Pit in an effort to seize its warpstoner for himself. During this battle, canonically, Klawmunkast fielded his most ingenious weapon yet; the Rat Tank, a Skaven parody of the Imperial Steam Tank... unfortunately, in a typical display of Skaven engineering, it cost him the battle by blowing up, and he was defeated.

Later on he was killed by Apophas in the End Times, although his death got Ikit Claw the precious time he needed to trap Apophas in one of Skavenblight's lower levels, and shooting it into the Realm of Chaos.

In Game[edit]

Stats-wise, Klawmunkast is a Warlock Master who has Movement 5, Weapon Skill 4, Ballistic Skill 3, Strength 3, Toughness 4, Woudns 3, Initiative 5, Attacks 2 and Leadership 8. He's armed with a Sword, a Warplock Pistol, a set of Warpblades, an Upgraded Warp-Energy Condenser, a Supercharged Warp-Power Accumulator, and the unique magical item known as the Eye of Skraw. He costs 225 points, and must be the army's general in his associated scenario.

Because he's based on the 6th edition rules, we'll just explain how that gear works for you youngsters reading this article. In 6e, Skyre Warlocks and Warlock Masters can't cast spells, per se. Instead, the Warp Blades they carry (which also grant +1 Strength) allow them to cast the spell "Warp Lightning" - as a Warlock Master, Klawmunkast counts as a Level 3 Wizard to determine his power dice and dispel dice. He's also able to cast Warp Lightning on either a 5+ (d6 Strength 5 hits), 9+ (2d6 Strength 5 hits) or 11+ (3d6 Strength 5 hits). His Upgraded Warp-Energy Condenser lets him add +1 power dice above the normal limit when casting Warp Lightning, and his Supercharged Warp-Power Accumulator grants the Skaven player a bonus Magic Power Dice during the Magic phase.

As for the Eye of Skraw, well, we'll quote from the page:

Eye of Skraw - Whilst training under Grey Seer Skraw, Klawmunkast lost his left eye in a warpstone explosion in his master's lab. When Skraw was killed during an attack on the Empire town of Wissenberg, Klawmunkast recovered the old Skaven's body, extracting the warpstone charm that Skraw had in place of his own right eye and placing it inside his own empty socket. The Eye is a potent talisman and radiates disharmony and hostility, as well as projecting a baleful gaze.
The Eye of Skraw confers to its wearer a 4+ Ward save. In addition, Klawmunkast may choose to cast his warping gaze upon an adversary as long is he has line of sight to that opponent. The Eye's gaze acts in the same way as the Storm Daemon magic item.
Roll a D6 every time it is used. On a 1, the Eye of Skraw runs out of power and cannot be used for the rest of the battle.

The "Storm Daemon magic item" lets you cast Warp Lightning as a 5+ spell without needing to spend any Power Dice once per Magic Phase, for the unaware.

Klawmunkast has a single unique special rule: Rodent Genius. As a result, all Clan Skryre warmachines must re-roll their Misfire results on their Artillery dice... however, if the second result is also a Misfire, then not only does it stand, but add +1 to the dice roll on the Misfire chart. This doesn't apply to the Rat Tank, however; it's too new for Klawmunkast to have worked out any of the bugs!

Also, Klawmunkast's forces may field a single unit of Warpstone Mutants; these are Skavenslaves with +1 Strength, +1 Toughness and +2 Leadership, at the cost of 4 points per model.

And what about the Rat Tank? Well...

Klawmunkast's Rat Tank is the most audacious and warped weapon of war he has created to date. In appearance it is similar to an Imperial Steam Tank, only it has been constructed from brass and planks of mouldering wood, while it moves around on a system of tracks, driven by rats racing around inside the machine.
This rat-race is also instrumental in powering the tank's impressive array of weapons through its warpstone generator. These weapons - the warpfire cannon, the warplock jezzail and the warp-lighting projector - are all mounted on the tank's exterior.

The Rat Tank is a 0-1 Rare choice that can only be fielded in an army led by Klawmunkast. It costs 325 points, has a Weaspon Skill 1, a Ballistic Skill of 3, Strength 6, Initiative 0, Attacks 0, and Leadership 10. The Tank itself mounts a Warpfire Thrower and a Warp-Lightning Cannon, whilst the Warlock Engineer driving it is armed with a Warplock Pistol.

Its special rules are: It's a Steam Tank! - For all intents and purposes the Rat Tank acts and uses the same rules as the famed Empire Steam Tank, which can be found in the Warhammer Annual 2002. The Rat Tank has 25 Hull Points.

Warpfire Thrower - In the Shooting phase, the Warpfire Thrower may be used, and it shoots in the same manner as the Warpfire Thrower as described on p28 of the Warhammer Armies: Skaven book. It costs 1 Steam Point to fire the Warpfire Thrower. If a misfire is rolled on the artillery dice, then instead of consulting the Warpfire Thrower Misfire Table, roll once on the Steam Tank Misfire Chart. If a 1 is rolled, in addition to the damage done to the Tank itself, the Warpfire Thrower is destroyed and cannot shoot for the remainder of the battle.

Warp-Lightning Cannon - In the Shooting phase, the cannon can unleash a bolt of green warp-lighting, which shoots in the same manner as the Warp-Lightning Cannon as described on p28-29 of the Warhammer Armies: Skaven book. It costs 2 Steam Points to fire the Warp-Lightning Cannon. If a misfire is rolled on the artillery dice, then instead on consulting the Warp-Lighting Cannon Misfire Table, roll twice on the Steam Tank Misfire Chart. Any roll of 1, and in addition to the damage done to the Tank itself, the Warp-Lightning Cannon is destroyed and cannot shoot for the remainder of the battle.

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