Knights of the Raven

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Knights of the Raven
Knights Of The Raven Livery.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding late 38th millenium
Successors of Raven Guard
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Corvus Corax
Homeworld Coralax
Strength Unknown
Specialty Being mysterious
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Silver with black markings

The Knights of the Raven are a Space Marine chapter that's assumed to be a Raven Guard successor due to similar iconography and titles. They are a mysterious bunch, with most organizations knowing little about them, and they avoid communicating with other imperial forces unless necessary. Their notable thing is having their own language they use to communicate with other members, and that they're feuding with the Aurora Chapter.

Known Engagements[edit]

  • Jeghan Revolt (early 41st millenium): Knights of the Raven crushed a revolt.
  • Redemption Rebellion (744.M41): Fought alongside the Aurora chapter against the Alpha Legion, with them blaming the Aurora Chapter for their losses, starting the feud between them.
    • Some time later, the Aurora Chapter blamed their chaplain for spreading superstition and fanaticism on their homeworld, resulting in Papa Smurf having to come by and use wardian bullshit powers tell them to shut the fuck up, and as penance Knights of the Raven are forced to do hit-and-run attacks on Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • Achilus Crusade (777.M41): They send a small task force to aid in the Jericho Reach... That promptly fucks off after three years, though some stay and join Deathwatch.
  • Zeist Campaign (999.M41): They deploy three companies at the request of Papa Smurf.
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