Kobolds Ate My Baby!

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Kobolds Ate My Baby! is a beer & pretzels indie RPG by 9th Level Games. The title is of course referring to this.

The PCs get to be wimpy cannon fodder kobolds who are, by default, on a quest to get delicious baby to King Torg, (All hail King Torg!) failing to do so pretty much from the first turn. The stats for kobolds are often horrible, weapons deal a fixed amount of laughable damage -that is, if they even hit.

Still, the game is pretty awesome, mostly because it's meant to be played drunk -in fact, the game's system is even called the BEER Engine!- and with a lot of metagaming. The game actively encourages you to make a complete ass out of yourself. You get some bonus for howling like a kobold and the next player has to be louder than you to get the bonus. Failing to shout "All hail King Torg" at the mention of King Torg (All hail King Torg!) means a Kobold Horrible Death Check™.

In fact, the Random Horrible Death Charts are probably the best part of the game. Everyone wants to be the GM.