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Aliases The Brawler
Alignment Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise), Dawn War
Portfolio Strength, Athletics, Sports, Brawling, Courage
Domains 3E: Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength
5E: Tempest, War
Home Plane Great Wheel: Hall of the Valiant (Ysgard)
World Axis: Celestia
Worshippers Barbarians, Fighters, Rogues, Athletes, the swole
Favoured Weapon Kelmar (Greatsword), his 24" pythons

In the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, Kord is a chaotic good deity of sports, strength, and brawling who popped up first in the setting of World of Greyhawk. He is part of the Suel pantheon. He has existed from 1st edition AD&D onwards, but as of 4th edition he is listed as unaligned. He would most likely be into watching NFL or rugby and running the annual triathlon... simultaneously. His activities are so athletic that most neckbeards have a heart attack if they even think about it. He is called "Kord the Brawler," so this makes him a bit more kickass and appeals to fighters or clerics who want to punch things, eat meat, and generally act like Ron Perlman. Also notable is Kord's large, luxurious beard - not relegated simply to his neck - that makes him somewhat resemble a Dorf. For his personality, think mid-80's Hulk Hogan: bombastic do-gooder eager to be a good role model for the kids but willing to punch evil in the face.

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